OnePlus 4 to release in early 2017? Flagship killer to boast 4K OLED screen

#OnePlus4 #OLED – OnePlus 4 to release in early 2017? Flagship killer to boast 4K OLED screen : Although OnePlus 3 released this year, rumors are already rife about the next iteration phone. OnePlus 3 has an affordable price, but the upcoming smartphone may be the ultimate flagship killer, as it is fondly called, that will reportedly compete with Apple’s iPhone 7.

There are many rumors about the upcoming OnePlus 4. The smartphone will reportedly come with 8 GB of RAM and a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 SoC. According to WCCF Tech, the Snapdragon 830 processor will be built on the 10nm, becoming the first chipset for such innovation.

Qualcomm is improving the homegrown Kryo cores on Snapdragon 830 processor for better power consumption. On the other hand, OnePlus 4 will feature Google’s latest Android 7.0 Nougat OS.

With regard to the camera, OnePlus 4 will have more impressive camera features than its precursor, and it may even surpass the features in most phones today.

Besides the smartphone coming with 256 GB microSD capability, the OnePlus 4 will sport 23MP rear camera, which is an improvement over the OnePlus 3’s 16MP camera, according to Android Headlines. The upcoming device will also have an 8MP front camera with Sony’s sensor integration.

A feature that makes the OnePlus 4 a flagship killer is its great screen features. If rumors are to be believed, the upcoming smartphone from OnePlus may be the first handset in 2017 to sport a 4K resolution with an Optic OLED screen. The phone will reportedly have a 5.5-inch diagonal screen with an aluminum casing.

Apart from the OLED touch screen, the OnePlus 4 is rumored to use the latest 3D technology in smartphones. While the exact release date is yet to be unveiled, reports suggest that it will roll out between April and May next year.

Meanwhile, the OnePlus 4 may beat the iPhone 7, especially when it comes to pricing. iPhone 7 is going at approximately $899, but the next iteration from OnePlus will cost about $300 to $400. Source: Yibada

As a result, the manufacturer is still maintaining affordability with top-on-line features. Here is a sneak peek for further details on OnePlus 4:

Arrow Launcher update brings improved performance, less memory

#Arrow #Apps – Arrow Launcher update brings improved performance, less memory : Microsoft’s Arrow Launcher is a surprisingly good app that lets you personalize and take control of your home screen and other launch-related things for your Android smartphone.

The latest update for the app has several minor changes that when put together actually turns it into a kind of a big update. This includes better app performance, less memory consumption, better search features, and an option to hide apps that you don’t really need or use.

The important thing that this update brings which may not be obvious to the naked eye is that the app is faster as it has received a performance boost. The other good news is that it should use less memory, therefore consuming less battery as well (in theory, that is).

Changes like this aren’t always that trumpeted in changelogs, but it actually should be because better performance is a pretty important thing. The update also brings an improved search feature since you will be able to search for apps and people right from the launcher itself.

You will also now be able to hide apps, which serves well for those that have a lot of bloatware or unnecessary apps that you cannot uninstall. You will also be able to swap places of several tools by holding them down and then dragging them towards the app you want to change places with.

Of course there are the usual bug fixes and improvements which again you won’t be able to see unless you do have an eye for details like that. You can update your Arrow Launcher by going to the Google Play page. Source: androidcommunity

Microsoft Surface AIO Rumors: A New Surface Ergonomic Keyboard In Works?

#SurfaceAIO #SurfacePhone – Microsoft Surface AIO Rumors: A New Surface Ergonomic Keyboard In Works? : Although Microsoft has not yet revealed anything about its upcoming Surface AIO, there are lots of rumors about the existence of the device. Fresh reports claim that the device could have a bluetooth keyboard support.

Microsoft is working with Bluetooth Special Interest Group commonly known as Bluetooth SIG for the development of new “Surface Ergonomic Keyboard.” The details has appeared on SIG’s website.

Although there are no details about how Microsoft will use this so-called “Surface Ergonomic Keyboard, ” it is believed that this could be either for Surface Phone or Surface AIO.

It is highly likely that Microsoft would use it with Surface AIO. Microsoft is reportedly working on an all-in-one PC. There are not many details about this so-called Surface AIO.



It is believed that the company could launch the device in three display sizes including 21-inch display with Full HD resolution. The other two with 24-inch and 27-inch display sizes will have 4K resolution. This means that it will be a living room PC just like Apple’s iMac.

It is a logical option for Surface AIO as this will make it a strong contender of Apple’s iMac. Microsoft might launch Surface AIO with bluetooth keyboard to offer tough competition to Apple’s rumored iMac 2016. Apple is expected to launch the next-gen iMac in October.

Nothing is confirmed until Microsoft releases a word about its upcoming accessory. Even if Microsoft is working on this accessory for Surface AIO, it will not launch before March 2017. The company is expected to roll out a new update of Windows 10, codenamed “Redstone 2” in Spring 2017.

Concept art by Bartlomiej Tarnowski

Concept art by Bartlomiej Tarnowski

On the other hand, Microsoft could be developing this accessory for Surface Phone. As mentioned by MSPowerUser, the company has already demonstrated a bluetooth keyboard with Lumia 640. This Surface Ergonomic Keyboard could be a compact keyboard for Surface Phone. Recently, similar keyboard was revealed in a concept art of Surface Phone. Source: Thebitbag

Galaxy S8 To Have A Dual Camera, Hints Samsung Patent

#GalaxyS8 #Smartphone – Galaxy S8 To Have A Dual Camera, Hints Samsung Patent : Samsung’s next-gen flagship smartphone, likely to be called Galaxy S8, is still several months away. The rumor mill has claimed in the past that the Galaxy S8 could feature a dual-camera system. Sony and Samsung’s own subsidiary are speculated to supply sensors for the dual-camera. Now a patent filed by Samsung on September 13 in South Korea supports these rumors, according to Android Headlines.

Is Samsung planning to change its camera interface?

The 15-page patent document describes a camera interface with single-finger zoom control. Android Headlines believes that Samsung is trying to improve the digital zoom control because the S8 will sport a dual-camera on the back. A dual-camera system combines images taken from two different sensors to reduce the effects of optical distortion in a single lens, and deliver better quality images.

Apple’s latest iPhone 7 Plus comes with a dual-camera system – which consists of a wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens. Though it is nowhere close to DSLR cameras, it has significantly closed the gap between smartphone cameras and DSLRs. Samsung is said to release the Galaxy S8 earlier than the traditional Galaxy S launch window, following the Galaxy Note 7 mass recall due to battery explosions.

VR will be Galaxy S8’s secret weapon

Earlier this week, leaked documents by a Samsung executive suggested that the Galaxy S8 will be powered by Exynos 8895 processor and ARM’s ultra-powerful Mali-G71 graphics chip. Mali-G71 is said to be about twice as powerful as Mali-T880. The monstrous processing power coupled with a 4K UHD display indicates that one of the biggest highlights of the Galaxy S8 will be virtual reality.

According to a leaked image posted on Chinese microblogging site Weibo, the S8 could feature a mini projector, 5th generation Corning Gorilla Glass, wireless charging, retina scanner, and a huge 6GB RAM. The device is rumored to have an 8MP front camera. Samsung is expected to release the S8 in February next year. Source: valuewalk

Nintendo NX Release Date, Latest News & Update: What is Known About the Console So Far? Retailer Taken Down After Leaked Details

#NintendoNX #Gaming – Nintendo NX Release Date, Latest News & Update: What is Known About the Console So Far? Retailer Taken Down After Leaked Details : The Nintendo NX is one particular piece of hardware that will get fans going as soon as it emerges. That being said, some of the latest information surrounding the console may be vital for those wanting to purchase it.

Some already see the Nintendo NX as arguably one of the more prominent upcoming consoles to date. So far, Nintendo has been doing their best to make sure that the fact for the game stay hidden, but some seemingly spill little by little.

According to International Business Times, one particular British general merchandise retailer known as Tesco may have accidentally leaked some details in connection to the release date and pricing of the Nintendo NX. It was not long before the said site was taken down, disclosing the possibility of the hardware taking flight later in the year.

As per I Tech Post, Nintendo’s Andrew Collins shuts the doors immediately for any and all news that pertains to the Nintendo NX. Such leads to the conclusion that the Nintendo hardware is one of the most highly-kept secrets that the company has to offer in the near future.

Furthermore, Collins iterated that the team is not yet prepared to divulge anything more with regards to the Nintendo NX just yet. Despite thwarting the concerns aside, the Nintendo Direct is said to soon surface prior to “Animal Crossing: New Leaf” and be tackled further on.

At the moment, many gaming aficionados have concluded that the Nintendo NX will be one of the strongest contenders for the new generation of consoles to come forward. Given that no concrete design or information has emerged, only time will tell as to what fans can expect from the hardware. Source:Gamenguide

Bristol could be UFO hotspot – with 10 chilling reports of sightings in the past year

#Bristol #UFO – Bristol could be UFO hotspot – with 10 chilling reports of sightings in the past year : Bristol could be being regarded from the heavens with envious eyes, while alien species slowly and surely draw their plans against us. Or alternatively, people in the city might be spending a lot of their free time videoing frisbees.

Either way, we can report that many people each year are making reports of seeing activity in the skies that they simply can’t explain. Earlier this week we reported that a police helicopter may have caught sight of a UFO flying over the Bristol Channel.

The invisible object, which could not be seen with the normal eye, was captured by thermal cameras. But now we can reveal that the sighting may not be as unusual as you might expect.

The website UFO Stalker has had 10 different Bristol sightings reported over the city in the last year alone. Back on September 25, one anonymous user of the website reported seeing an object floating over Yate.

The report described the object as “a red light in the sky”, with the member of the public going on to describe how “the light turned white and kept flashing red and white. “It was moving up and down and then moved left slowly and then moved to the right changing its speed as it moved.”

The UFO sounds remarkably similar to an object which appears in the above video tweeted by @jakegreenwood last month. Jake reports having watched the object hovering over Bedminster. Back on September 12, another online reporter described seeing a “white saucer” over Bristol.

“I saw this white saucer on my way home (I was walking) and I saw it descending before leaving my line of sight behind some houses.”
But according to the website UFO sightings have been happening for a number of years. On June 19,2010, one man managed to capture a photograph of a UFO, pictured above.

He writes: “It was a Saturday afternoon, I was in the garden preparing some metalwork for spray-painting. I happened to look up at the clouds to gauge if there was a chance of rain and I caught a glimpse of something flying high up in the clouds, moving in and out of the clouds.

“I can’t seem to use binoculars properly so I thought I’d use my digital camera on full zoom to see if i could see anything. We get a lot of peregrine falcons around this area so to me it was a perfect chance to catch one in flight as I already have a few pictures of one in my garden feeding.

“With the camera on full optical zoom which is only 3x on a kodak md41, I only just managed to see something on the lcd screen, the sky was bright so my eyes were nearly closed and streaming because of the light, I clicked the button and took the picture.

“I let my eyes recover for a minute and then went inside to view the picture, which is when I noticed that what I had captured appeared to a metalic disc. I was very excited.

Microsoft Surface Phone news, rumored specs: Newly filed patent hints at unique fingerprint scanner

#SurfacePhone #Smartphone – Microsoft Surface Phone news, rumored specs: Newly filed patent hints at unique fingerprint scanner : Another development has been reached to further quash the rumors that the speculated Microsoft Surface Phone is just a product of various rumor mills’ heavy theorizing.

The Country Caller has revealed that Redmond-based Microsoft has filed for a patent in order to obtain a new fingerprint scanner that is designed for smartphones. This unearthed information is very assuring to fans since it inadvertently confirms that the handheld iteration is more than just a set of speculations.

On the other hand, the company itself has not confirmed the existence of the much-awaited iteration. It has been revealed further that the fingerprint scanner’s design will feature a unique take on the smartphone industry. It is pegged that the smartphone will sport a fingerprint scanner that is embedded into a transparent sheet.

Microsoft is likewise expected to release three potential variants of its rumored Microsoft Surface Phone. Apart from the obvious logic to offer more options, the company’s move is predicated by the recent disgrace that was the Microsoft’s Windows Phone, which was not well-received and was commercially weak.

Meanwhile, the newest Microsoft Surface Phone will also feature an (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED) display panel along with a much sleeker chassis.

And if rumors are to be relied upon, the upcoming smartphone is expected to be equipped with the latest and the highly anticipated Kaby Lake processor. The release date of Microsoft Surface Phone is tipped to be unveiled in the early months of next year.

This is very well-supported by the previous speculations pointing that the company is awaiting the release of the newest Kaby Lake chipset, which is set to be released on or before the end of 2016. Furthermore, this timeline will also be to the firm’s advantage as it plans to launch a massive update to Windows 10 around the same time. Source: christiandaily

Xperia XZ Gets Released Early, Is Now Up For Sale In Taiwan

#XperiaXZ #Smartphone – Xperia XZ Gets Released Early, Is Now Up For Sale In Taiwan : Sony unveiled its latest flagship device, the Xperia XZ, at IFA earlier this month along with its smaller sibling, the Xperia X Compact. While the Xperia X Compact is now already shipping out and pre-orders for the Xperia XZ are now open in the US, the Xperia XZ is now live for sale in Taiwan, making it the first country where the Xperia XZ is available for purchase, read on.

The move is little surprising as Sony originally planned to launch this device towards the end of October, but looks like the company has decided changed things around as the Xperia XZ Dual is now up for sale in Taiwan. The device is now available in Taiwan at a retail price of NT$ 22,900 ($731) and comes in a Mineral Black, Forest Blue, and Platinum color options.

Speaking of other regions, the Xperia XZ is now open for pre-order in the US and will go up for sale on October 2nd at a price of a $699 for an unlocked version, while in India, the Xperia XZ will go on sale on October 10 with pre-orders starting from October 1st, the device costs Rs. 49,990 ($750) in India.

The Xperia XZ is a successor to the Xperia X Performance – which was launched back in February this year (available since June), and bears a flagship mark. As far as specs are concerned, the Xperia XZ boasts a 5.2-inch IPS LCD display with a resolution of a 1920×1080, and comes with Sony’s Triluminos display technology.

The device is fueled by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 Quad-core 64-bit CPU and the Adreno 530 GPU. In the camera department, the device features a 23-megapixel rear facing camera with a f/2.0 aperture and an LED flash, while the 13-megapixel camera is placed on the front side of this phone.

The Xperia XZ comes with 3GB of RAM and 32/64 internal storage, and offers support for a microSD card to further expand the storage capacity. The battery on the Xperia XZ is a non-removable 2900mAh unit, and the device comes with a USB Type-C port for fast charging.

On the software side, the Xperia XZ comes running Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow out-of-the-box with Sony’s custom Xperia UI on top of it. Source:androidheadlines

Huawei Mate 9 to arrive in three variants, one more powerful with 6GB RAM

#HuaweiMate9 #Smartphone – Huawei Mate 9 to arrive in three variants, one more powerful with 6GB RAM : As the top Chinese phone manufacturer today, Huawei won’t stop announcing new devices. We’ve been waiting for the Mate 9 and expected it would be announced at the IFA 2016 but there’s nothing.

We said it’s already being prepped after all the rumors, leaks, and early listings. We know a new flagship is about to be unveiled but looks like the Huawei Mate 9 will arrive in not just two but three variants.

The premium Huawei Mate 9 smartphone is said to come with a whopping 6GB RAM and 256GB built-in storage. That seems very powerful but as you know, a high RAM doesn’t always fulfill its promise.

This 6GB RAM Huawei Mate 9 set in Black will be sold for about $700 (CNY 4,700) and will come equipped with a 6-inch screen, Kirin 960, dual-camera system, 12MP sensors, 4K recording, 8MP front-facing cam.

Two 4GB RAM models will be available in either 64GB or 12GB. The 64GB model will be out with a $480 (3,200 CNY) price tag in Gold, Graphite, or White.

The Pink or Brown 128GB variant of the HUawei Mate 9 will cost $550 (3,700 CNY) which is already expensive. We have no information on official release yet but expect to hear more about pricing and availability in the coming days. Source: androidcommunity

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Specs, Features, Release Date: Unique S Pen Stylus With Speakers In Development?

#GalaxyNote8 #Tablet – Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Specs, Features, Release Date: Unique S Pen Stylus With Speakers In Development? : The Galaxy Note 8 will be a unique addition to the phablet family of Samsung. But there are really a few things needed to make this device more exciting!

The battery performance of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has not been better and a lot can be done in this area. Still there are some new features, which can turn this phone into a great utility, and the most exciting one is the rumored redesigned S Pen Stylus with a set of crazy new features.

Samsung seems to be toying the new idea of adding a speaker to the stylus in the future. The speaker system will work variably on the different positions of the stylus.

After the S pen is docked into the stylus system, the sound will come from the bottom of the stylus. When the pen is in use, its enclosure will emit the sound,BGR reported.

This upcoming feature of speaker integration with the S pen stylus will help a lot in freeing up the space inside the Note. The extra space released from the phone can be used for the awaited battery boost or it can make more room for additional components.

Well, a lot of controversy is coming on the way and like other patents, this new speaker technology might never find a way to the commercial market. But the Samsung efforts to extend the Galaxy note features and improving the performance of this latest member in the family is really remarkable.

Th stylus has been an iconic feature of the Samsung Galaxy Note family and allows Samsung to offer a series of new software tricks to attract the phablet fans in the market.

Therefore the hope to get it on a better shape is continued. If the integrated speakers with stylus are developed successfully and launched that will surely be a great addition to the Galaxy Note features. Source: Morningnewsusa