AMD Ryzen 16-Core, 12-Core Variants To Have Multiple Chip Module Design, Intel HEDT Chips In Danger?

#AMD #Ryzen – AMD Ryzen 16-Core, 12-Core Variants To Have Multiple Chip Module Design, Intel HEDT Chips In Danger? : AMD is currently working on 16-core and 12-core Ryzen processors as a response to Intel’s HEDT chips. Aside from a few benchmark spottings, a recent report sheds some light on their design and capability.

Both chips will reportedly have a multi-chip module design, which is in line with a previous claim that it will use a larger socket. It was revealed previously that both 16-core and 12-core Ryzen chips will use a socket with 4,000 pins, Fudzilla reported. There will be twice the amount of cores as well as 58 PCIe lanes.

The AMD Ryzen 16-core variant will be two 8-core CPUs stitched together while the 8-core variant will be two 6-core CPUs. It is unknown so far how these will perform when they are out in the market, but a SiSoft Sandra benchmark test already revealed how the 12-core variant might fare against competitors. And it’s safe to say that it will do well against high-end models.

Other information revealed so far about the chips include support for a quad-channel DDR4 memory, which, at present, is the most efficient and fastest memory. This will allow AMD to face Intel directly at the top of the computing industry.

SegmentNext also reports that that the AMD Ryzen chips’ frequencies will not increase along with the clocks speeds. The 16-core model will have 180W TDP while the 12-core variant will have 140W TDP, which was noted to have a single disabled core per CCX.

The specs look promising, as fans expected no less from AMD Ryzen. The lineup is pretty competitive and is proving to be some of the today’s best CPUs yet. With the recently launched and upcoming processors, AMD may have found an Intel killer in Ryzen.

The AMD Ryzen 16-core and 12-core CPUs are expected to be formally unveiled at Computex in Taipei in June. The launch will then follow shortly after.

Windows 10 Creators Update to Launch on April 5 via Update Assistant

#Windows10 #Windows10Creators – Windows 10 Creators Update to Launch on April 5 via Update Assistant : Microsoft recently announced that the Windows 10 Creators Update would start rolling out via Windows Update on April 11, but today the company revealed that those eager to get it earlier would be allowed to download the new operating system update with the Update Assistant on April 5.

The Update Assistant has already received a beta update that paves the road for the Creators Update and launching this version allows computers running the Windows 10 Anniversary Update to install RS2 build 15063, but Microsoft will deliver the final bits starting April 5.

“For the those of you who are eager to get the Creators Update right away, you will be able to initiate the update manually, starting on April 5th, via Update Assistant. This option is intended for advanced users on devices running a licensed version of Windows 10,” Microsoft said in an announcement today.

The company hasn’t said anything about dedicated ISOs for the Creators Update, but there’s a good chance they are published on April 5 as well, as the Update Assistant uses a downloaded system image to initiate the update process.

Windows Update rollout to take several months

As for users waiting to get the new OS release via Windows Update, the rollout will start on April 11 and will take several months to complete, according to Microsoft, as the company ships the new bits in stages to computers across the world.

“Based on our experience and feedback from our customers, we believe a phased approach provides the highest quality update experience to the broadest set of customers,” Microsoft explains.

“The first phase will target newer devices, especially those we tested together with our OEM hardware partners. We will then expand the Creators Update release to additional devices based on the feedback we receive during the initial phase. We’ll iterate this process over a period of several months until all compatible devices running Windows 10 worldwide are offered the Creators Update.”

The easiest way to get the Creators Update will definitely be the Update Assistant coming April 5, and those who can’t wait anymore can try out build 15063 as part of the Windows Insider program which is said to be the RTM version.

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Refreshed 2018 Jaguar F-Type Shows Off Its New R Dynamic And Limited Edition Sport Models

#Jaguar #JaguarFType – Refreshed 2018 Jaguar F-Type Shows Off Its New R Dynamic And Limited Edition Sport Models : Jaguar is giving their F-Type line a refreshing look and adding two new variants for 2018. The all-new 2018 F-Type features new LED headlights and slightly darker taillights.

Every model except the SVR also gets some updates on the front bumpers. The most noticeable change is on the side vents, which morph from the double slots to single openings. The F-Type R’s large side vents are also bisected horizontally.

The two new F-Type versions are the R Dynamic and the limited edition 400 Sport. But the R Dynamic isn’t that exciting since its pretty much package for the entry level 340- and 380- hp. All the models are available in 19- and 20-inch wheel options, as well as gloss black-painted hood vents, side sills, rear diffuser, and splitter.

The 2018 Jaguar F-Type R-Dynamic model is equipped with a supercharged 3.0-liter V6 engine that produces either 340 or 380 hp. The engine is paired with either a six-speed manual or eight-speed Quickshift automatic transmission. In addition, the R Dynamic is also available in both coupe and convertible.

On the other hand, the 400 Sport model is powered by a V6 engine that produces up to 400 hp. But the only available transmission is the Quickshift automatic. It also comes with larger brakes, unique 20-inch dark gray wheels, and black-painted calipers. There are also performance seats included, black brushed-aluminum trim and yellow contrasting stitching.

The two other major updates for the F-Type line involve the infotainment system. Every model now comes standard with Jaguar’s Touch Pro infotainment system and its 8-inch touchscreen which the driver can interact. There is also a new cool app that the automaker developed with GoPro. It’s called ReRun, which allows the drivers to connect a GoPro camera to the vehicle, and download footage to the phone.

The new 2018 Jaguar F-Type range goes on sale in the first quarter of 2017. According to a Jaguar representative, further information such as the price will be revealed at the New York Auto Show.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Unboxed And Coming On April 21

#Samsung #GalaxyS8 – Samsung Galaxy S8 Unboxed And Coming On April 21 : The Samsung Galaxy S8 is finally here… almost. As expected, the Korean conglomerate unveiled its latest flagship smartphone at the Unpacked 2017 event held yesterday, March 29. Pre-orders for the handset will start on the 31st while the device itself will be shipped to U.S. shores come April 21. This gives fans three weeks to ponder on their decision while waiting for their orders to be delivered.

There’s little to debate about regarding the features and specifications of the Galaxy S8. On paper, the smartphone is arguably one of the best ever. Understandably, some people may be having second thoughts about purchasing the smartphone because of Samsung’s recent bad rep courtesy of recalls, arrests, and exploding batteries.

It’s undeniable, however, that the highly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S8 is a beautiful piece of machinery. The svelte look of the Galaxy S8 is both surprising and not. Despite the number of rumors and leaks showing the design of the Galaxy S8, seeing and holding the actual device still fuels awe and amazement. The Samsung Galaxy S8 combines glass and metal perfectly while giving its users more space to work on with its huge 5.8-inch screen (6.2 inches for the S8 Plus) packed in a rather lithe body. The bezels are distinctly slimmer, the sides are curved and the physical home button is gone.

Another feature that got an impressive upgrade is its front camera. The Galaxy S8 now sports an 8MP front-facing camera, up from the S7’s 5MP. The rear camera, however, remained at 12MP.

Samsung also introduced its Bixby voice assistant. The company claims that Bixby is capable of doing more as compared to other digital assistants, though, for now, it will only work with certain Samsung apps.

The biggest concern with the Galaxy S8, as CBS noted, is its battery. Samsung acknowledged the embarrassment of the Galaxy Note 7 when its executives explained that the company implemented new and better standards and procedures including an eight-point battery check for their devices starting with the Galaxy S8.

The Verge stated that Samsung did not announce a fixed price for the flagship smartphone. This is a common practice of the Korean tech company which prefers that carriers dictate the actual retail price. However, many estimate the smartphone to be available for no less than $720. While the price will depend on the carriers, what is set in stone is that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will come on April 21.

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Honda Civic Type R To Be Priced Aggressively And Competitively

#Honda #HondaCivicTypeR – Honda Civic Type R To Be Priced Aggressively And Competitively : Honda Australia has announced that it will be pricing the Honda Civic Type R competitively. The move is to get as many of the vehicles as possible out on the road as well as to highlight the brand’s return to produce high performance and quality sports cars.

Honda Civic Type R to be have aggressive and competitive price. Honda Australia executive Stephen Collins told CarAdvice at the Australian Formula One Grand Prix last week that the Civic Type R had generated a lot of interest for the company, even more than any other of its brands.

Talking about the vehicle, Collins said, “It has been enormous. I know that a couple of weeks ago, Type R was the biggest showroom hit on our website. I think it had over 10,000 individual visitors in one week, which actually superseded any other model we’ve had.” He further added, “All we had there was some pre-registration information and a lot of our dealers are holding orders, and of course we haven’t given them any indication on price or anything yet, but it think it shows the ground swell of people who had a historical interest in the car and an interest in this car coming.”

The Honda Civic Type R is powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged iVTEC 4-cylinder engine that can produce 306 horsepower at 6,500rpm and 295 pound-feet of torque at a maximum of 4,500rpm. There are no details as to how much the vehicle will exactly cost. Collins has mentioned that it will be priced in a manner that will generate a lot of buzz for the Japanese brand in the market.

“Certainly wherever we can add more sportiness to our range we would do that. In the short term its Type R and NSX, but even if we can add more sportiness – like the RS Civic is an example of that – you know it’s not an out-and-out sports car but we are trying to add more sportiness. And wherever those opportunities arise, we will certainly chase them,” the Honda Australia executive said.

Source : Autoworld 

Xbox One Beam Game Streaming And Revised Dashboard Arrive With Creators Update

#XboxOne #XboxOneBeam – Xbox One Beam Game Streaming And Revised Dashboard Arrive With Creators Update : Microsoft had a vision to unify different hardware under a single platform and little by little we’re starting to see the benefits of that. The upcoming Creators Update for Windows 10 will really set in motion what Microsoft had in mind. Not only will the Creators Update bring fancy new features and improvements to Windows 10 desktop users, but it will also benefit Xbox One owners. Some of those features are already arriving on the Xbox One, including an overhauled dashboard and Beam streaming.

“We’re excited to announce that we are shipping new features to the broader Xbox One community today. This is a big release, and includes Beam streaming, an updated Xbox experience with the new Guide, home improvements, and much more. One major goal for this release is to make streaming your Xbox gameplay even easier,” Microsoft stated in a blog post.

The first thing Xbox One owners will notice with the update is a new look for Home. Microsoft made changes to simplify the user interface and increase overall system performance. And in an effort to prioritize games, the company shrunk the game icons with options to dive deeper into the community surrounding whichever game you feel like playing or interacting with. If you don’t have a custom background already set, the Xbox One will spotlight the game you’re currently playing by using it as the background image. Pretty snazzy.

There is also a newly enhanced Guide. When pressing the Guide button on your Xbox One controller, the new Guide appears as an overlay on the left side of the screen. The first page of the Guide gives users access to Games and Apps, Home, Store, recently launched applications, the latest Games and Deals (for Xbox Live Gold members), and Pins.

Media controls will be featured here as well. If you’re playing music in the background, you can bring up the Guide to pause, rewind, and so forth. You can also capture screenshots and record video from here.

In a bid to go after streaming services like Twitch, Microsoft is bringing built-in broadcasting to the Xbox One through Beam.

“We’re committed to making great gaming experiences that unify players across the Xbox One console and PC. Beam is a key example of this unification, and is available for console gamers starting today, releasing more broadly to PC gamers on April 11. With Beam, we’re inviting Creators on Windows 10 PC and Xbox One to stream gameplay and interact with the community in near real-time using Beam’s ultra low-latency – no extra hardware or software required,” Microsoft added.

Xbox One users can start using Beam today, which is also accessible via the Guide.

This is a big update and with plenty of other features added in as well. If you own an Xbox One, check it out and let us know what you think of the updated experience

Nintendo NES Classic Edition Stocks News: Few At Amazon; Best Buy Promo Is Sold Out; Other Updates Here

Nintendo NES Classic Edition inventory update may not likely please the waiting customers. Unfortunately, stocks are depleting way too fast! Here is an updated list of inventory from major stores online.

The inventory level for the highly clamored Nintendo NES Classic Edition has been extremely erratic the past weeks. Although Nintendo has committed to continue production of the classic console, its replenishment seems to be so few it never satisfies the increasing demand.

It seems also that the anxious customers were religiously monitoring the stock level and were so quick to tick “buy” to grab their own unit of the phenomenal console. The moment an online store changes its “sold out” status to a substantial inventory level, the units seem to be gone in a snap!



Recently, BEST BUY announced its promo for the Nintendo NES Classic Edition through its official Twitter account. The store offered the classic console with the original price tag of $59.99 only. Unfortunately, the stocks flew in an instant and the link now reflects a “sold out” status.

Looking at the reactions of the anxious customers at the Twitter post of Best Buy, there were some who confirmed they were able to finally secure their own unit. However, many were still not able to grab their unit.

According to the comments, the ordering process was lagging and the customers missed their chance as stocks got depleted really fast. Others complained about the longer payment process which eventually resulted to a failed transaction due to depleted stocks.

Meanwhile, here is some good news for the anxious buyers of the Nintendo NES Classic Edition. The inventory status at AMAZON now reflects several units on hand. You may want to click this link now before stocks run out.

As of press time, Amazon notes “only 14 left in stock” from one seller of the Nintendo NES Classic Edition which sells the console for $167.00 plus shipping cost. However, buyers can still check the other sellers on the site to verify inventory as there is no stock level update provided.

Checking out the sites of the other online stores, majority are now reflecting a “sold out” status for the Nintendo NES Classic Edition.

GAMESTOP. Unfortunately, GameStop still does not have any stocks for the classic console now.

NEWEGG. There is no longer any stock of the mini console at Newegg. As per our previous report, the stock level was up, although it came with a more expensive price tag of $199.99/pc. It seems that some buyers did not mind the pricey tag as the stock level is now down to zero.

TARGET. As of press time, the site of Target still reflects zero inventory.

Moving forward, we will continue to monitor the inventory level of Nintendo NES Classic Edition. We will continue to serve you with detailed updates to help you find your own unit of the beloved gaming console. For now, you may want to rush to click the link of Amazon before the inventory gets depleted soon too.

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Microsoft Surface Studio International Release Details Revealed

#Microsoft #SurfaceStudio – Microsoft Surface Studio International Release Details Revealed : Microsoft wowed us with the Surface Studio all-in-one PC late last year and it has only been selling the computer in the United States since then. This is the first time that Microsoft has confirmed the Surface Studio international release details. The computer is initially going to be released in three additional countries outside the United States before it’s eventually made available for purchase officially in other countries across the globe.

Microsoft has confirmed that starting today, both the Surface Studio and Surface Dial are available for pre-order in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. The devices will be available for purchase in these markets on April 20th.

It’s interesting to note that no European market is included in the first international appearance of the Surface Studio. That’s not all. Microsoft is also releasing its updated Surface Book with performance base in additional markets.

It can now be pre-ordered in a handful of markets such as Austria, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. It will also be released on April 20th.

As far as a new Surface Book is concerned, recent reports suggest that one might not be coming in the near future. In fact, the hardware event Microsoft is expected to conduct in the coming weeks is said to be sans the Surface Book 2 notebook.

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Windows 10 Creators Update Review: Critic Said Update Worth The Hype Despite Broken Promises

#Microsoft #Windows10 – Windows 10 Creators Update Review: Critic Said Update Worth The Hype Despite Broken Promises : The Windows 10 Creators update’s release date is getting nearer and nearer and Microsoft users can’t wait for its promised upgrades. With its promising offer on improving experience through its applications, was it able to deliver the hype?

In a review by Mark Hachman, senior editor of PC World, he said that the Windows 10 Creators update was able to bring an important upgrade in the system. He added that it is worth the upgrade and gave it four out of five stars.

With the new capabilities that Windows 10 Creators could bring like privacy tweaks, gaming boosts, Paint 3D, and Windows VR, Hachman said that PC was able to renew its commitment to its users.

The Verge has reported that the Windows 10 Creators update would bring new features like the action center, custom accent colors, themes for Windows 10 in store, and the People Bar. Other features also include full pen support for the Microsoft Word, Microsoft Edge Tabbing Browsing, and Windows Defender Update.

Hachman said that the Windows 10 Creators update on Paint 3D is “charming” and a “powerful” intro to 3D content making. Moreover, he said that the highlight of the update is the inking on photos and videos and the excellent upgrade on the Beam and Game Mode.

However, he also listed out the cons of this update that made him spare the one star for the Windows 10 Creators update. For one, the hype on 3D content making did not meet his expectations.

“There are so many features that Microsoft pledged and has yet to deliver on: apps to capture objects as 3D images, the My People experience, 3D objects in Office apps, mixed-reality devices from its partners. Windows Holographic, renamed Windows Mixed Reality, is present, Microsoft says, though available only to developers,” Hachman said about the Windows 10 Creators Update

Another reason why he did not give it a full five star is its accessibility to users who wants the upgrade to be free. If one is a new user of Windows 10 Creators, they will need to pay $120 for Windows 10 Home and $200 for Windows 10 Pro.

Other than that, Hachman believes the update is worth the wait and the hype. Windows 10 Creators update release date is on April 11.

Microsoft Surface Phone To Come Up With A Groundbreaking Foldable Design

#Microsoft #SurfacePhone – Microsoft Surface Phone To Come Up With A Groundbreaking Foldable Design : Now that Samsung Galaxy S8 is officially released, most of its competition are now on all fours in trying to steal its thunder. And as Apple’s follow-up to its controversial iPhone 7 is months away from its launch, all eyes are now starting to turn to Microsoft’s next flagship entry in the mobile world — the Microsoft Surface Phone.

Express reported that Microsoft Surface Phone will truly be living up to its scene-stealer moniker. Accordingly, Microsoft’s upcoming flagship iteration may go with a foldable design and other expected layers. This comes after a spotted patent, indicating that the device foldable functionality will arrive with a display that is made with multiple visual offerings. In addition, the phone’s panels are described to be curving at their edges, allowing the surface to create an illusory, unified image.

On the other hand, the Microsoft Surface Phone’s purported “unified image” will also resolve the permeating issue among foldable devices — the gap. All devices that are folded in half are evidently lacking continuity, unlike other sole mobile devices. As such, these curves should do be able to do away this noticeable absence.

The report on Microsoft Surface Phone’s foldable functionality is no news for most of its hardcore fans. The same publication reported that a similar patent filing was seen back in January. The filed patent showed designs that could provide the foldable device a more fluid look and functionality. Moreover, the designs affirmed that a hybrid between a smartphone and a tablet is now entirely possible.

Microsoft Surface Phone’s hybrid offering will also showcase top-of-the-line features and specifications. These may include the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and a storage tier offering of up to 8GB of random access memory (RAM). Meanwhile, Trusted Reviews shared that the next series of devices may go for a massive 500GB of internal storage.

Microsoft Surface Phone is expected to be unveiled anytime soon. Its official launching might also come alongside with the other Surface devices Microsoft is speculated to be working on as of late.

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