2018 Honda Accord

2018 Honda Accord To Debut With Revolutionary Steering

#Honda #HondaAccord – 2018 Honda Accord To Debut With Revolutionary Steering : A couple of months ago, Honda revealed that they are hastening the development of the next-gen Accord and this is because of the tenth-generation Civic.

The latter came out 2 years ago and it became an instant success due to having the best balance in power and fuel economy. The Civic’s attractiveness has got many adopting the car instead of the Accord thus explaining why Honda is desperate for a new-generation model.

Well, Honda teased yesterday that the next-gen Accord will be coming out later this year and one of the new things that will feature on the car is a highly-sophisticated steering wheel.

As how you can see in the video above, the steering wheel is filled with emoticons. Pressing on them will allow the Accord to create a unique sound that will alert other drivers based on the emotion selected.

But before you get overexcited for the feature, you should know that the entire content above is nothing more than a prank being played by Honda. We fell for it the first time as we forgot it was April Fool’s day. Sorry to get you involved.

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