Pokemon Go Updated On iOS And Android

#PokemonGo #iOS – Pokemon Go Updated On iOS And Android : A new version of the popular Pokemon Go game has been released on Apple’s iOS platform and Google’s Android platform.

The latest version of Pokemon Go brings some new features to both iOS and Android and you can see what is included in the update below.

  • Trainers will be able to transfer multiple Pokémon at a time to Professor Willow. To use this function, press and hold on a Pokémon.
  • Pokémon type icons have been added to the Gym battle approach and Gym battle screen.
  • The total Candy count for your Buddy Pokémon has been added to the buddy information screen.
  • The total kilometers a buddy has walked has been added to the information screen of each Pokémon that has ever been your buddy.
  • Minor text fixes.

You can find out more details about the software update for the Pokemon Go game on Android and iOS and the link below.

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Sky Mobile allows us to roll over and store your data for three years

Roll over your data and jump price tiers mid-contract

Sky has launched its Sky Mobile to complete quad-play line-up, since joining TV, broadband and home phone services company.

The news was not surprising, since Sky announced it will launch its own network in 2016 when it signed an agreement with O2 back in January 2015, but some interesting details.

Its three 12-month contract focusing on the data, with 1GB, 3GB and 5GB plans are priced at £ 10, £ 15 and £ 20 per month respectively.

It was only for the data though, the user is then asked to choose between either a pay-as-you-use calls and texts (10p per minute and 10p per text) or unlimited calls and texts for an extra £ 10 per month


Savings for Sky customers

There’s good news for Sky customers though, as you’ll get unlimited calls and texts for free – meaning you’ll just need to pay the monthly cost of data.

Any unused each month the data is not lost either. The excess is instead rolled into a ‘piggybank’, the which users can then call upon to top up allowance Reviews their (in 1GB increments) in future months if they’re running low.

This Data is stored for up to three years, meaning there’s no rush to get through the additional data is the following month.

For families, Sky Mobile Allows you to have up to five SIMs Sky tied to the same account. The account holder can then control web security settings for each SIM card – allowing parents to turn on safe surfing for kids – Also while controlling who gets an excess of data from the piggybank.


Mix it up

If you find you’re constantly under or over your using the data allowance, you can switch between plans – with Sky Mobile allowing you to move up and down its three tiers of data.

You can change a maximum of once a month, every month. A move up the tiers sees the additional data is applied instantly to your account, while a move down will take Affect at the end of the month.

For Reviews those currently not with Sky, the offering is less attractive. Take Sky’s 3GB of data is a deal and add in unlimited calls and texts and you’re looking at £ 25 per month.

Rival MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) giffgaff for example – Also the which uses O2’s network – offers 4GB of data, the 1,000 minutes and unlimited texts for just £ 15 per month, while £ 18 sees your minutes doubled and bumped to 6GB of data.

Non-Sky customers will still benefit from the data rollover piggybank and five SIMs per family offering – but there are better offer section to be had if you’re not already tied to Sky.


17 Best Android Apps For Your Phone & Tablet in September 2016

#App #Android – 17 Best Android Apps For Your Phone & Tablet in September 2016 : This list isn’t about the apps that everyman and his dog has – the Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify and WhatsApp-type apps of the world. No, this one’s focused on the apps that might have slipped under your radar; the lesser known but equally useful applications available inside Google Play. Basically apps that make your Android handset all the more useful in everyday scenarios.

As more and more applications are added to Google Play it becomes increasingly hard to whittle out the wheat from the chaff. Flappy Bird springs to mind here: it came, it exploded and now, two weeks later, no one really cares – aside from all the developers attempting to cash in on the trend with similarly named titles and games.

There are currently around 1.6 MILLION applications inside Google Play. Deciding which app to download is often a case of opening Play and checking the Top 10 charts, and that’s great for the most part – but you do miss a lot of good stuff. And that’s why we decided to put this list together.


Slash Keyboard

[appbox googleplay com.tapslash.android.latin]


Slash is an awesome keyboard that integrates with various social media sites and messaging apps, allowing your to access virtually any content you want in any app all without leaving your keyboard. With over 20 different deep-linked integrations, Slash lets you share anything from GIFS, stickers, and songs, to cafes, contacts and more by hitting the \ button on the keyboard. After hitting it, just type in the name of the service you want to grab info from, then tap on the result and the item will be pasted right into the messaging field of whatever app you are using they keyboard in.


40 of the Best Android Games for Free Download this Month

#App #Android – 40 of the Best Android games for free Download this month : There are hundreds of fantastic games available for Android, and a lot of them are available for absolutely nothing.

To help you find just the sort of thing you’re after, we’ve grouped the games into sections. First up is racing games, then sports, followed by platformers and endless runners, then shooters and strategy and word games, next up is puzzle and match games, and finally arcade games. Phew!

If you can’t find something you like in all that lot you must already be dead.



[appbox googleplay com.namcobandaigames.ridgeracerss]

Namco’s racer sits at the midpoint between Asphalt 8’s demented arcade larks and Real Racing’s overly earnest simulation leanings. Like its coin-op ancestors, though, Ridge Racer is still all about barreling along at insane speeds, and having fun — you just have to work at success a bit more than in Asphalt.

Here, driving like a total idiot will likely mean you’ll lose a race. Instead, you should only drive like a part-time maniac, slipstreaming the opposition, drifting through bends, and boosting past rivals. It looks great, sounds suitably meaty, controls really well, and even the IAP’s subdued enough that the game won’t constantly be doing wheelspins on your bank account.

Download Ridge Racer Accelerated

Watch out for dangerous Pokemon Go apps

#pokemonGo #Games – Watch out for dangerous Pokemon Go apps : Pokemon Go is the most popular mobile game of all time, within the first 30 days of release it generated $200 million from microtransactions. The game has been officially released in a large number of countries now however, not everyone has access to this game yet.

Windows Phone users still don’t have an official release date which have forced third-party developers to create their own version of Pokemon Go for Windows 10 Mobile users. PoGo-UWP is the fan created app that allows users to play Pokemon Go on their Windows 10 mobile device; this is a great way for them to play the game and it can be downloaded from the official creator but this is still risky.

Just like with legitimate Emulators, some users modify the files of legitimate apps and software to add dangerous malware to the program; they still work as intended but they also add a virus or other malware to the device.

Always download legitimate third-party apps from the actual developer and always research the file; see if other users have had problems with that developer or their applications.

Away from Windows Phone users, there are various countries with no access to Pokemon Go just yet; there are legitimate apps that bring the game to those countries however they don’t work as there are no Pokemon in those areas yet.

Sadly, it’s not just players without official access to the game who need to worry. There are various Pokemon Go clone apps available on iOS and Android for countries with access to the game. These clone apps are either fake or harmful to the device but look almost identical to the official Pokemon Go; they are often released as being developed by companies with a similar name to Niantic.

When downloading Pokemon Go for the first time, always check the developer of the app and also the ratings; Niantic has previously released Ingress and the official Pokemon Go app usually floats around the 4* rating unless a particularly bad update has been released. Source : Neurogadget

‘Pokemon Go’ behind second fatal traffic accident in Japan, Kyodo reports

#PokemonGo #Japan – ‘Pokemon Go’ behind second fatal traffic accident in Japan, Kyodo reports : A second deadly vehicle accident in Japan has been blamed on “Pokemon Go,” Kyodo news agency has reported.

The first death was reported on Tuesday, when police said that a man playing the augmented-reality game while driving a small van had hit two pedestrians in Tokushima, killing one, a 72-year-old woman.

The second incident involving “Pokemon Go” happened in Aichi, Kyodo reported, where the victim was a Vietnamese woman in her 20s. According to Kyodo, the woman died on Thursday, just over two weeks after being hit by a car while she was riding a bicycle.

The driver told police that he was looking away from the road when he hit the woman because he was trying to charge his mobile phone battery, which was almost dead because he had been playing “Pokemon Go,” the news agency reported.

Kyodo cited National Police Agency figures that showed as of Tuesday there had been 79 bike and car accidents linked to the popular smartphone game since it was released in Japan on July 22.

“Pokemon Go,” which is part-owned by venerable Japanese gaming company Nintendo, sparked a global trend when it was first launched on July 6, with fans swarming public areas in order to catch elusive Pokemon. It also led to numerous reports of Pokemon Go-related accidents and crimes.

The Pokemon Company has repeatedly warned players to be aware of their surroundings while using the app and to play accompanied when seeking Pokemon in new or unfamiliar places. Source: cnbc

Pokemon GO Has Been Banned In Iran Over Security Concerns

#PokemonGo #Security – Pokemon GO Has Been Banned In Iran Over Security Concerns : Pokemon GO is a game that has taken the world by storm, and while the majority of players seem to love it, there are some governments that don’t, such as over in Iran where the government has banned the game. According to a report from the BBC, the country’s High Council of Virtual Spaces has banned the game citing security concerns.

Unfortunately they did not dive into any specifics as to what these security concerns are, but if we had to guess, it’s probably over the same concerns that some other countries have expressed. For example in Russia they have called the game “evil” and have cited some potential issues like people stumbling across secret sites.

This is also one of the concerns that some in China have similarly expressed, where they worry that Pokemon GO could be used to uncover secret military bases. There have been some countries where the government has banned people from playing the game, such as in Indonesia where police officers are banned from playing it on duty.

We suppose in that case it makes sense since you’re supposed to be working and not playing a game. In any case we guess players in Iran are just flat out of luck.

Source : Ubergizmo

How to fix Pokemon Go problems

#PokemonGo #Gaming – How to fix Pokemon Go problems : It’s safe to say that Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm, with millions of people playing the augmented reality mobile game from Nintendo. However, it hasnt been all plain sailing, with many Pokemon Go players experiencing problems while trying to catch Pokemon.

If youve encountered a problem while playing Pokemon Go, read on to find out how to fix the most common complaints. If we dont currently have a solution to your Pokemon Go problem, then let us know in the comments below and well get you back out there, catching em all, in no time.

I cant connect to the Pokemon Go server

The most common problem with Pokémon Go is the server going down, which means most people can’t play. This is due to the sheer popularity of Pokémon Go, and when a huge number of players connect all over the world, the Pokémon Go servers can struggle and fail.

Because this is a server issue, there’s nothing Pokémon Go players can do on their end, but you can check the Pokémon Go server status page, which will let you know how the servers are performing.

This is a new server status page that makes it easy to see which servers are up, and how reliable they have been over the past hour and day. You can also get notifications to tell you when the servers are online, though this feature is still being ironed out.

Clash of Kings is the latest Forum to be Hacked

#ClashofKings  #Hacked – Clash of Kings is the latest Forum to be Hacked : With an increase in the number of people interested in playing games on the go, mobile gaming has all but risen in the past year as more and more people fill their spare moments with everything from Pokemon to conquering castles and countries. Million of players have joined up and play Clash of Kings on a daily basis but the problem is that players have now lost their details thanks to the forum being hacked.

The hack was reported by ZDNet and contained not just email addresses of its players but also their usernames and even their IP addresses. While passwords were also hacked they were protected by hashes and salts, meaning that the passwords would be hard for anyone to get to the real values. The leaked data also included device identifiers, Facebook data and access tokens for accounts which were synced with their social media account.

Elex is the Chinese company behind Clash of Kings and has yet to respond to companies enquiries regarding the breach. Typically this information isnt abused but instead sold off to others would seek to abuse the information.

The hack supposedly happened on the 14th July and contains 1.6 million users worth of information from the games forum.

Source: Eteknix

8 Best new Android apps July 25th – 30th

#Android #Apps – 8 Best new Android apps July 25th : Check the full list out below, let us know which ones you liked, and certainly do tell if there’s an awesome new app you know of

1. Prisma

 Prisma- tangkapan layar

Price: free

Prisma is an image-enhancement app, which has been quite popular on iOS for a while now, and has finally made the jump to Android. It transforms your photos to look like hand-drawn pictures and is impressively quick about doing it. You get to choose between different styles of drawing and, after some experimentation, the result is often awesome.