Windows 10 Redstone 3 Could Bring Transparent Start Menu, Light Taskbar

#Windows10 #Redstone3 – Windows 10 Redstone 3 Could Bring Transparent Start Menu, Light Taskbar : The Windows 10 Creators Update (internally codenamed Redstone 2) is just around the corner, but all eyes already seem to be on the next OS update due in the fall as Redstone 3.

It looks like Redstone 3 will bring several visual improvements, and after seeing a bunch of universal apps getting the Project NEON treatment, it’s now the time to see how Microsoft could revamp the Start menu and the taskbar.

A screenshot published today by MSPU and allegedly coming from internal builds of Windows 10 Redstone 3 shows a facelift version of the existing Start menu that features transparent live tiles and the same blur effect that lets you see what’s behind it on the desktop.

Transparency and blue seem to be Microsoft’s next big things, and the Start menu will definitely look better with these visual effects, especially because they would create a more consistent user interface across the operating system. At this point, live tiles are solid colors, but starting with Redstone 3, Microsoft could make them all fully transparent, though it will also come down to developers to adopt this feature.

On Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft is yet to update all of its apps to feature transparent tiles, but hopefully everything would be faster in the case of PCs with Redstone 3.

Light taskbar also planned

Additionally, it looks like Microsoft might be working on a light taskbar as well, with users to be allowed to choose between dark and light, with a third version using the accent color configured in the OS.

A light taskbar has been spotted in several highly-praised concepts and it looks like Microsoft finally got the message, so the Redstone 3 update could bring it to PC users as well.

Redstone 3 is projected to launch in the fall, with early builds already being worked on behind closed doors at Microsoft. The first public builds are likely to ship to insiders shortly after the debut of the Creators Update, though it’s not yet clear if these visual improvements will be included or not..

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Windows 10 Creators Update to Launch on April 5 via Update Assistant

#Windows10 #Windows10Creators – Windows 10 Creators Update to Launch on April 5 via Update Assistant : Microsoft recently announced that the Windows 10 Creators Update would start rolling out via Windows Update on April 11, but today the company revealed that those eager to get it earlier would be allowed to download the new operating system update with the Update Assistant on April 5.

The Update Assistant has already received a beta update that paves the road for the Creators Update and launching this version allows computers running the Windows 10 Anniversary Update to install RS2 build 15063, but Microsoft will deliver the final bits starting April 5.

“For the those of you who are eager to get the Creators Update right away, you will be able to initiate the update manually, starting on April 5th, via Update Assistant. This option is intended for advanced users on devices running a licensed version of Windows 10,” Microsoft said in an announcement today.

The company hasn’t said anything about dedicated ISOs for the Creators Update, but there’s a good chance they are published on April 5 as well, as the Update Assistant uses a downloaded system image to initiate the update process.

Windows Update rollout to take several months

As for users waiting to get the new OS release via Windows Update, the rollout will start on April 11 and will take several months to complete, according to Microsoft, as the company ships the new bits in stages to computers across the world.

“Based on our experience and feedback from our customers, we believe a phased approach provides the highest quality update experience to the broadest set of customers,” Microsoft explains.

“The first phase will target newer devices, especially those we tested together with our OEM hardware partners. We will then expand the Creators Update release to additional devices based on the feedback we receive during the initial phase. We’ll iterate this process over a period of several months until all compatible devices running Windows 10 worldwide are offered the Creators Update.”

The easiest way to get the Creators Update will definitely be the Update Assistant coming April 5, and those who can’t wait anymore can try out build 15063 as part of the Windows Insider program which is said to be the RTM version.

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Windows 10 Creators Update Review: Critic Said Update Worth The Hype Despite Broken Promises

#Microsoft #Windows10 – Windows 10 Creators Update Review: Critic Said Update Worth The Hype Despite Broken Promises : The Windows 10 Creators update’s release date is getting nearer and nearer and Microsoft users can’t wait for its promised upgrades. With its promising offer on improving experience through its applications, was it able to deliver the hype?

In a review by Mark Hachman, senior editor of PC World, he said that the Windows 10 Creators update was able to bring an important upgrade in the system. He added that it is worth the upgrade and gave it four out of five stars.

With the new capabilities that Windows 10 Creators could bring like privacy tweaks, gaming boosts, Paint 3D, and Windows VR, Hachman said that PC was able to renew its commitment to its users.

The Verge has reported that the Windows 10 Creators update would bring new features like the action center, custom accent colors, themes for Windows 10 in store, and the People Bar. Other features also include full pen support for the Microsoft Word, Microsoft Edge Tabbing Browsing, and Windows Defender Update.

Hachman said that the Windows 10 Creators update on Paint 3D is “charming” and a “powerful” intro to 3D content making. Moreover, he said that the highlight of the update is the inking on photos and videos and the excellent upgrade on the Beam and Game Mode.

However, he also listed out the cons of this update that made him spare the one star for the Windows 10 Creators update. For one, the hype on 3D content making did not meet his expectations.

“There are so many features that Microsoft pledged and has yet to deliver on: apps to capture objects as 3D images, the My People experience, 3D objects in Office apps, mixed-reality devices from its partners. Windows Holographic, renamed Windows Mixed Reality, is present, Microsoft says, though available only to developers,” Hachman said about the Windows 10 Creators Update

Another reason why he did not give it a full five star is its accessibility to users who wants the upgrade to be free. If one is a new user of Windows 10 Creators, they will need to pay $120 for Windows 10 Home and $200 for Windows 10 Pro.

Other than that, Hachman believes the update is worth the wait and the hype. Windows 10 Creators update release date is on April 11.

New Windows 10 Update Preview Comes With Lock Down Option And Compact Overlay

#MicrosoftWindows #Windows10Update – New Windows 10 Update Preview Comes With Lock Down Option And Compact Overlay : Microsoft has released a preview of its new Windows 10 update for PCs.

The Windows 10 beta update otherwise known as Insider Build 15031 was released on Windows Developer Day held on Feb. 8 and includes two new impressive features – the Dynamic Lock and Compact Overlay.

Dynamic Lock

The Dynamic Lock feature allows the user to lock down his or her computer when he or she needs to leave for a while. This solves one of the biggest problems in the office – co-workers pranking others by messing with their PCs. The Dynamic Lock is actually optional but many will probably be taking advantage of this new feature.

PC World describes how Dynamic Lock works. The PC’s Windows and the user’s phone are paired through Bluetooth. Once paired, the computer can tell if the owner is no longer around and will then lock itself. The users should have the paired Bluetooth smartphone on their persons when they leave the PC. Windows will know if the phone is no longer in range and will lock the PC after 30 seconds.

Compact Overlay Window

The new Compact Overlay feature from the Windows 10 test version is a great way to converse with someone while doing other stuff on the computer. Users can have a Skype window open while a movie plays on Netflix and another window is showing the news. In other words, this is a great tool for multi-taskers.

CNET pointed out that Microsoft is focused on developing Windows as evidenced by the continuous flow of updates on both computers and mobile devices. In fact, the Windows 10 Creators Update released late last year provided 3D features and 4K video game streaming. CNET also stressed that PC sales continue to decrease which is indicative that such impressive new features like the Dynamic Lock, Compact Overlay and others brought about by previous updates are not enough to spike up interest in computers.

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WhatsApp 2.17.46 Download Available for Android with New Fixes

#WhatsApp #APKDownload – WhatsApp 2.17.46 Download Available for Android with New Fixes : The WhatsApp application has received a many new features and options since it was purchased by Facebook back in 2014. Most of the new features and options have been received very well by the users. However, the application has also received some new features and options, which made people think twice when using the WhatsApp application, as reports were suggesting that the application is not respecting the privacy of the users.

Today we will talk about the latest WhatsApp version that has been released for Android devices. Unfortunately, the new WhatsApp 2.17.46 doesn’t come with any new features or options, but instead it fixes some of the bugs and issues that the developers have found or the users have reported.

We remind you that in the previous version of WhatsApp, the developers have added a new option that allows you to share your location with a group. The idea is pretty good and we think that this feature will be used especially by small groups where there are only close friends or family members added.

Unfortunately, the developers have not mentioned something about the rumored “Video Conference” feature, which is expected to be added to the application sometime in the near future. If rumors will prove to be right, the new feature will allow you to make Video Calls on WhatsApp to two or more users at the same time.

WhatsApp 2.17.46: How To Install

The WhatsApp 2.17.46 can be installed directly from the Google Play Store, but since it is in BETA phase, you will need to become a WhatsApp Beta Tester on the official Android store. So, open the Google Play Store and tap on the “BECOME A TESTER” button. Once you do this, just open the official Android store, search for WhatsApp 2.17.46 and install it on your mobile handset.

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Windows 10 Start Menu Redesigned with Project NEON Transparency

#Windows10 #ProjectNEON – Windows 10 Start Menu Redesigned with Project NEON Transparency : A concept envisions what the Windows 10 Start menu could look like when Microsoft rolls out the Project NEON set of visual improvements scheduled for Redstone 3 OS update.

Project NEON is one of the essential visual makeovers planned for Windows 10, and according to people close to the matter, it would be specifically focused on new transition effects, animations, and transparency/blur effects for running apps the desktop.

This concept published on DeviantArt by lukeled envisions some of these improvements implemented into the Start menu, which itself could get a touch of blur with the release of Windows 10 Redstone 3 in the fall.

As you can see by zooming in the photo included in this article, the concept imagines a transparency effect for live tiles, just like the background of the Start menu itself. This seems to create more cohesion in the Start menu altogether, even though the transparency level is so subtle.

New live tiles

The concept also envisions a new size for live tiles, namely 1×3, as well as full transparency for the Weather tile. And last but not least, the Edge tile has been updated to display a website currently running in the browser, while the Start menu comes with two new icons in the hamburger menu, namely full-screen and Task Manager.

Of course, remember that this is just a concept for the time being, but it’s very clear that users and concept designers alike are very excited to see Microsoft focusing on visual improvements for Windows 10. The blur and transparency effects were part of the Aero Glass pack available back in Windows 7, and many users who upgrade to Windows 10 actually miss them a lot on the desktop.

For the moment, the Redstone 3 update due in the fall seems to be the target for all these visual improvements, but since it’s all an internal project, everything can change overnight.

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Microsoft Kills Office 365 Project Osaka, But Did Not Provide Details About Its Action

#MicrosoftOffice #Office365 – Microsoft Kills Office 365 Project Osaka, But Did Not Provide Details About Its Action : Microsoft reportedly developed this new tool, which it called Project Osaka, for its cloud-based productivity software suite, Microsoft Office 365. The new Office 365 app seems to focus on helping IT teams to organize data in tables in a more collaborative way. Unfortunately, not much information was given about this new Office 365 tool.

What is Project Osaka

There’s not much information about this mysterious tool. Project Osaka, which currently in private preview, seems to have some roots with the Microsoft Access, according to ZDnet.

According to Petri, Project Osaka is a tool that allows anyone to organize information in a smarter way and also collaborate in real time.

Other speculated that this new tool may work similar to Microsoft’s main competitor, Google Sheets, which is used to organize information and collaborate in real time.

The software giant has not provided much information about the existence of this new tool, nor for which kind of customer is it being designed. The closest the crowd can get is from the recently published works made by Twitter user WalkingCat, a well-known reliable Microsoft source.

According to WalkingCat, Project Osaka could be very well the same with CollabDB which was also in private testing for the last two years. WalkingCat said that Microsoft CollabDB was just some sort of an Office Lists App, where it focused more on creating and sharing lists with the team. Microsoft has decided to change its plans for this project after the Wunderlist acquisition in 2015.

Microsoft Drops Project Osaka With Not Much Detailed Information

Microsoft is making some big news today. The Redmond-based software company has just dropped any works about Microsoft Office 365’s Project Osaka before it ever launched in the market.

Unfortunately, the reason for this announcement was not revealed to the public. Microsoft remained tight-lipped about this matter.

Microsoft CollabDB – Create and share lists to stay in sync with your team aka Office Lists App

— WalkingCat (@h0x0d) July 17, 2015

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BBC iPlayer is dropping Windows Phone support

#BBCiPlayer #WindowsPhone – BBC iPlayer is dropping Windows Phone support : If you’re a Windows Phone user, there’s another kick in the teeth today as the BBC has announced it’s dropping support for the platform from April this year.

A specific date for when the service will stop hasn’t been announced, but the BBC has no intention of offering an alternative app for the platform.

Instead it encourages you to update to Windows 10 Mobile and watch BBC content through the Edge browser.

Downloading programs to your phone won’t be possible through Edge, so you’ll need to just grab it on the go and stream it directly to your Windows Phone device.

No more Poldark

The BBC said in a statement, “When the BBC iPlayer app was originally created it was not technically possible to playback BBC programmes via the browser.

“As it’s now possible to playback via the browser it’s no longer cost effective for the BBC to maintain a BBC iPlayer app for Windows mobile devices.”

Back in May last year, it was revealed Windows Phone’s market share dropped below 1%. With an install base so low, most companies don’t find it financially viable to create and support apps for the platform.

The BBC has never developed a BBC News app for Windows Phone, and considering Microsoft’s platform is missing apps such as Snapchat, Tinder and even Gmail it’s a difficult sell to get people on board.

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Windows 10 Build 15019 Dismays Due To Several Bugs

#MicrosoftWindows #Windows10 – Windows 10 Build 15019 Dismays Due To Several Bugs : Microsoft starts rolling out the gaming-focused Windows 10 Insider build that the company promised. Allegedly it comes with Game Mode, Beam livestreaming and other features. It is officially known as Build 15019 for the Insider Fast Ring, and apparently, it also includes a number of wide-ranging improvements, that includes a version of Edge that will read ebooks aloud.

According to windowsreport, Windows 10 build 15019 did roll with the much-expected Game Mode but it also carries substantial bugs that probably will create an impact on the gaming experience of some game users. It is also reported that a new section called Gaming can be found in the Settings app. where users can find settings for Game Mode, GameDVR, Game bar and broadcasting and streaming. Ostensibly in this Windows Insider build, not all elements of the Gaming section will be visible. Nevertheless, it is reported that Microsoft will continue to deploy various Gaming settings over time. But apparently despite the fact that there’s a long list of bug fixes in this build, it is seemingly disappointing that there are still many bugs left.

As reported by pcworld,  Microsoft warned that some unnamed popular games may experience crashes or black screens when loading. Apparently, clicking on certain elements in a Win32 game may cause the screen to be minimized and cannot be played. Accordingly, the new Game Mode will show up as OFF though it is enabled by default. Reports also warned to be aware of one download anomaly, the problem Microsoft had with its progress bar is still there, wherein the download will show 0% completed even when it is actually still downloading.

It is also rumored that according to Microsoft, while the company recognizes the agony of clients wanting to try out the gaming features and also deliberated on releasing this build to Insiders, Microsoft decided to go ahead as the company needs feedback from Insiders on other areas of the OS.

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Microsoft .NET Announces Great News, More To Come As Big .NET Event Comes Next Month

#MicrosoftNET #BingNET – Microsoft .NET Announces Great News, More To Come As Big .NET Event Comes Next Month : Microsoft is encouraging developers to update their .NET framework to take advantage of the major improvements made in the garbage collections. Microsoft made the huge announcement this week.

According to IT World, Microsoft has been encouraging developers to move to the 4.6.2 version of the Microsoft Dev tool, so that they can benefit from the enhancement made in the garbage collection side, which now provides automatic memory management.

According to the company, the newly refreshed feature will now provide automatic memory management, which has received some great improvements.

For a starter, Microsoft.NET Framework is a software framework developed by Microsoft Corporation that runs primarily on Windows-based computers.

First introduced in 2002, the Microsoft Dev tool has led to a family of application development tool targeting a range of computing platforms which include mobile computing, embedded devices, alternative operating systems and even browser plugins.

Introduced New Features, More Expected To Come Next Month

Among the big highlights is the garbage collector, which said to be more efficient now. The garbage collector allows developers to build new applications without having to free up new memory.

In addition to the collection, the new version also features more efficient and more adept at managing free space. In the previous version, it used only a first-fit approach when compacting gen1 survivors into the gen2 free list, which meant garbage collection-discarded spaces could not be used, thus leading to wasted spaces.

Fortunately, Microsoft is working hard to address the issue. The latest version introduced a new approach, a bucketed free list-style where leftover free spaces are threaded into their respective bucket.

In other Microsoft news, the Microsoft .NET framework will celebrate its 15th anniversary on February 13, according to Tech Target. So expect some big development in the coming days as the Redmond-based company announced plans to continue upgrading their framework.

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