Microsoft Surface Pro 5: Dramatic Changes Not Expected

#Microsoft #SurfacePro5 – Microsoft Surface Pro 5: Dramatic Changes Not Expected : The latest in the line of Microsoft’s hybrid tablet, Surface Pro 5, is not expected to have any radical changes in its hardware. It will indeed receive updates, although those will be directed towards its software.

One of the rumors surrounding the Surface Pro 5 says that it will be shipped with Intel’s Kaby Lake as its processor. It turned out to be true, as it was recently confirmed by Microsoft pundit Paul Thurrott. Furthermore, the savant’s sources told him that the upcoming device will retain the power connector its predecessor had.

This could be in line with Microsoft’s promise to Surface Pro 3 users that their accessories would still be usable on Surface Pro 3. However, The Verge pointed out this does not mean that the company will completely forego a USB-C connection. If they opted to do that, then it would be a surprising choice indeed. That is because most Windows-compatible PC producers are now switching to the new-fangled port for their latest portable computers.

Hardware aside, Forbes wrote about Microsoft’s focus on their cloud services as well as the Windows 10 operating system. This way, Surface Pro 5 developers and engineers do not have to come up with innovative ways to pull in more customers. That is because the company’s partners also sell more of the operating systems than they actually do. And like this, they can show what existing hardware is capable of with the help software innovations and cloud services in Windows 10.

Aside from those things, there are no other details forthcoming. But it might not be a long time until Microsoft release official specifications for the Surface Pro 5. Company watchers still expect them to have a special launch event for their hybrid device during their annual spring affair. At that time, the Redmond company could also announce other updates. Nevertheless, as Thurrott already said, people should not expect any dramatic change to the device because none will be forthcoming.

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Microsoft Surface Studio Confirmed To Arrive In Three Other Regions On April 20; Surface Book Pre-order Now Available In Other Markets

#MicrosoftSurface #SurfaceStudio – Microsoft Surface Studio Confirmed To Arrive In Three Other Regions On April 20; Surface Book Pre-order Now Available In Other Markets  : Microsoft really wanted to reach other markets as its all-in-one PC; Microsoft Surface Studio will become available on three other regions on April 20. Meanwhile, this device is already available for pre-orders in other countries.

According to Ubergizmo, this will be the first time that Redmond-based tech giant has revealed the Microsoft Surface Studio international launch details. The said all-in-one PC is originally reported to be released in three other regions outside the United States before it is finally made accessible for purchase in the other countries around the world.

Microsoft Corporation has confirmed that starting march 29; both the Surface Studio and Surface Dial are obtainable for pre-order in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. These devices can be purchased in these markets beginning April 20.

It is worth mentioning that there is no European market included in the first international appearance of the Microsoft Surface Studio. Nevertheless, that is not all as the Microsoft will also make the updated Microsoft Surface Book with performance base available in other market shelves.

As a matter of fact, The Verge has learned that the Microsoft Surface Book with performance base is now can be pre-ordered in a bit of market. The list includes; Austria, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. This device is also scheduled to be released on April 20.

With the Microsoft Surface Book extension, it may indicate that the fans of the Redmond-based company won’t see a new Surface Book 2 as of this moment. Reports already claimed earlier last month that the next Surface Book might have clamshell laptop design. Nevertheless, recent news is recommending that Microsoft will hold a Surface hardware event in the spring lacking the Surface Book 2.

Since the Microsoft Surface Studio will become available in other three regions it appears that the tech company would want to reach out other markets. In addition, there is also a sign that Surface Book 2 will not yet become available as of this moment.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release date, specs and features update: New hybrid device arriving in April?

#MicrosoftSurface #SurfacePro5 – Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release date, specs and features update: New hybrid device arriving in April? : Tech world is abuzz with rumors suggesting an early release date for the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 packed with exciting specs and features. Reports say the 2-in-1 device will come with significant upgrades from its predecessor.

Surface Pro 5 is expected to have a lightweight aluminum body and a 12.3-inch screen. The successor to Surface Pro 4 can be used like PC, thanks to the new feature Continuum that debuts in Windows 10.

As far as Microsoft Surface Pro 5 specs are concerned, the device is expected to be powered by the Intel Kaby Lake processor. This new chipset will not only improve overall performance, will also help save battery life of the device. The battery life of the Surface Pro 4 was not impressive, and many users had complained about it.

The new hybrid device could get a 16GB RAM and 512GB internal storage.

The Surface Pro 5 is said to come with the Surface Dial that Microsoft introduced for the Surface Studio, according to a report in The Christian Post.

In the new two-in-one device, the Surface Dial would be placed on the screen, allowing users to access shortcuts and controls – volume for music apps – as well as other menus and tools.

As per Microsoft, the Surface Dial is “a completely new way to interact with technology that allows users to store, customize, access, navigate, and reimagine physical tools in the digital world from concept to creation.”

There are also murmurs that the upcoming Surface Pro will get a rechargeable Surface Pen. The accessory is said to come with improvement in functionality.

Moreover, the tablet PC might sport 4K display. The Kaby Lake processor will allow the device to handle the 4K resolution.

Coming to Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release date, the company is expected to release the Windows 10 Creators Update sometime in the first quarter, so, it is safe to say that the Surface Pro 5 will be announced in April.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Hinted to be Launched at the MWC

#SurfacePro5 #MicrosoftSurfacePro – Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Hinted to be Launched at the MWC : The Surface Pro 5 will most likely see its UK release following the MWC as all the rumors regarding price, specification as well as other details lead to a 2017 launch which will possibly happen this February in Barcelona.

Following the huge success that the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 has enjoyed people have already started to raise some question regarding when a successor will hit the shelves. Everyone is waiting for Microsoft to issue an official announcement regarding their new device and it is most likely to happen this month at the MWC with an official release date scheduled for March.

Taking into account that the next Microsoft big update when it comes to their Windows 10 OS, namely the Creators Update is not going to roll out until Spring this year, Microsoft might hold down on the release on their new Surface Pro 5 until then to make sure it comes updates with the latest software right out of the box.

Microsoft is now trying to sell as many Surface Pro 4 units as possible as the UK has seen huge cuts in terms of its price which can be found now for as low as 609 Pounds down from the initial price of 749 Pounds for the basic version. The more advanced models are also encountering some price cuts and the special offer will end pretty soon if not taken advantage of it quickly.

Spec wise, the Surface Pro 5 will come with a 4K display and a Surface Pen which will be wirelessly charged when docked into the device itself. The first quarter of this year should prove to be an interesting one as more and more manufacturers are coming up with a lot of interesting devices which currently keep the market competitive between them.

Tech enthusiasts cannot do anything but wait for the MWC to start this month and not only will there be a lot of interesting announcements from Microsoft but a lot of software giants and hardware manufacturers are going to present the latest trends in terms of tech thus making the event one not to be missed.

Fans Can Have Early Access to Surface Phone, Surface Pro 5, Surface Book 2 through ‘Inside Microsoft’ Program

#SurfacePhone #SurfacePro5 – Fans Can Have Early Access to Surface Phone, Surface Pro 5, Surface Book 2 through ‘Inside Microsoft’ Program : Apart from Windows Insider, Microsoft has launched another program called ‘Inside Microsoft’ to get in touch with the fans anytime and also to give them the privilege to have an early access to the company’s new products. Does this mean that the launching of Surface Phone, Surface Pro 5 and Surface Book 2 is imminent? Find out here!

What’s ‘Inside Microsoft’ is All About?

Through the program Windows Insider, Microsoft has the chance to be closer to the millions of fans globally where they contribute to the development of Windows 10 and provide necessary feedback to the company as well. To further the interaction with the people, Microsoft has reportedly launched the ‘Inside Microsoft’ where members have the chance to have an early access to the company’s new products, Softpedia reported.

Through this program, there is a high possibility for the most active fans to have the first glimpse and try out the long rumored Microsoft products, the Surface Phone, Surface Pro 5 and Surface Book 2. Tips and tricks of the mentioned devices are also said to be provided from the Microsoft staff, Windows Area reported.

This program has been currently launched in Germany and the first fan event of ‘Inside Microsoft’ will take place in Berlin on February 23 and the second one is happening in Munich on March 9. Major update for Windows 10 is also expected to be unveiled in the first wave of the program.

What Happen to Surface Phone?

While Microsoft remains tight-lipped about the Surface Phone, rumors have started resurfacing the internet about the device’s specs and features. One of the speculations suggests that the high-end phone is likely to be foldable as it is expected to become a trend among major manufacture in the near future, BGR reported.

To prove the possibility of a foldable Surface Phone, MSPowerUser has discovered the patent (USPTO Patent No. 9,541,962) awarded to Microsoft last January 10, 2017 that indicates a “mobile computing device having a hinge structure”. The patent also describes the capability of the phone to switch from tablet to smartphone mode and vice versa.

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2017 Surface Pro 4 And Surface Book Sale: Get Up To $250 Discount

#SurfacePro4 #SurfaceBook – 2017 Surface Pro 4 And Surface Book Sale: Get Up To $250 Discount : Once again, Microsoft is giving away solid discounts for its Surface devices. This isn’t the first time that the company has done this and it’s highly likely that this won’t be the last either. So if you’re in the market for a Surface Pro 4 or a Surface Book, now is the best time to buy it. Do note, however, that the current sale is focused on lower-end Surface models.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 February 2017 Sale

Right now, you can snag the Surface Pro Core m3/4GB RAM/128 GB storage model with a $200 discount. This brings the price down to $699 from the usual $899. The best part here is that this deal comes with a bundled Surface Pen. If you want a deal that doesn’t include the pen accessory, know that Microsoft also has this offer but interestingly enough, the price is still $699. Needless to say, you’ve got to get the Surface Pen bundle to get the most out of the Surface deals instead.

If you want a higher Surface Pro 4 model, you can get $150 worth of discount for the Core i5/8 GB RAM/256 GB storage variant. This deal is now worth $1049 from the usual $1199. So far these are the current Surface Pro 4 models with price cuts. Other variants remain undiscounted.

Microsoft Surface Book February 2017 Sale

For those looking for a Surface laptop, you would be glad to know that you can get a $200 discount from the entry level Surface Book. The Core i5 model with 128 GB storage and 8 GB RAM is now down to $1299 from the usual $1499. As per a Neowin report, if you want the Core i5/8 GB RAM/256 GB storage/dGPU model, you can now get it with a $250 price tag, falling from the usual price of $1899 to the discounted price of $1649.

Those are the current best deals that Microsoft is offering. If you’re interested to get a Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book, know that the abovementioned on-sale items will remain discounted only until February 25. So if you want a good Surface convertible, now is the best time to get one.

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Nvidia Volta GPU's Upcoming Debut Raises More Speculations

#Nvidia #NvidiaVolta – Nvidia Volta GPU’s Upcoming Debut Raises More Speculations : Rumors suggest that Nvidia’s next generation Volta GPU will be launched this year and speculations surrounding the upcoming architecture are ramping up.

Nvidia Volta GPUs Lineup

According to Segment Next, we will be seeing the upcoming next-generation Volta architecture in 30 series Nvidia GPUs. It is highly likely that the 20 series GPUs will still be based on Nvidia Pascal refresh versions featuring more overclocking headroom and marginally better performance. According to speculations, the upcoming Nvidia Volta GPUs will be based on the 12 nm FinFET process recently devised by the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC).

The 12nm FinFET process will allow that the upcoming GPUs will be more powerful as well as more efficient. Tech experts expect that Nvidia Volta GPUs will be coming out for supercomputers this year. However, the general public and especially gamers are more interested in gaming GPUs rather than deep learning or artificial intelligence. For them, the good news is that we can expect to see Nvidia Volta gaming GPUs in 2018.

The first Volta gaming GPUs will be the 30 series Nvidia GPUs, including their flagship GTX 3080. The GTX 3080 will feature a much faster memory called HBMs. We can also expect to see the GTX 3080 Ti at the high end of the 30 series GPUs lineup. When it comes to the mid-range, Nvidia is expected to launch the GTX 3070 that targets this GPU market.

All these Nvidia GPUs are expected to come on the market only in 2018. The 20 series GPUs that will include the GTX 2070 and the GTX 2080 will come in 2017. According to speculations, these will be priced lower than current GPUs but will be slightly better performing GPUs.

Volta GPUs’ Features

According to Top 500, the supercomputing community is highly anticipating the introduction of NVIDIA’s Volta GPU architecture. TSMC’s 12 nm technology is a refinement of their 16 nm process used to manufacture NVIDIA’s current Pascal GPUs. The next major process node is 10 nm and this is the process node that NVIDIA would certainly have wished to use for its upcoming Voltas.

Compared to its 16 nm process, TSMC is promising a 20 percent performance increase for the 10 nm technology. Only about half of that would probably be achieved with the 12 nm node. However, it is expected that future renditions of Volta GPUs will be manufactured on 10 nm or perhaps even 7 nm technology.

The next-generation Volta architecture isn’t all about silicon shrinkage. It will also come with a reworked design with regard to its computational engine that powers all NVIDIA’s GPUs, the streaming multiprocessor (SM). Irrespective of transistor size, the SM update is expected to deliver better power efficiency and performance than its Pascal predecessor.

Tech experts speculate that the design difference between Volta and Pascal will be much more significant than the one between Pascal and Maxwell. The Volta GPU is going to be the computational heart of two of the upcoming pre-exascale supercomputers, the Summit and Sierra. These are machines deployed by the US Department of Energy under the agency’s CORAL (Collaboration of Oak Ridge, Argonne, and Lawrence Livermore) program.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Receives New January Firmware Update

#MicrosoftSurface #SurfacePro3 – Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Receives New January Firmware Update : Microsoft has recently released a new firmware update for its Surface Pro 3 device. This said update is the first upgrade for this year. There are no details on what’s new in this update since Microsoft has yet to update its history page. But many reports say that this is most likely to fix bugs for the users to experience smoothing over usability issues and the like.

Surface Pro 3 Offers A Wonderful Experience To Its Users

Microsoft released a January firmware update on Monday for the Surface Pro 3 devices running Windows 10. According to Digital Trends, it is listed as version 3.11.2050.0 and it solely improves the overall system performance of the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, providing a more stable and secure Windows 10 experience.

The firmware update will be installed automatically unless the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 owners have automatic updates on switched off. If that is the case, the manual way includes going into Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update and selecting the “Check for updates” option. Wait for the command of your device what will you do next then follow them to experience the boosting update of your device.

Additional Updates For Microsoft Surface Pro 3

In addition to the new firmware update, there are also two new updates for the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 provided by Intel. All the owners will see the Intel HD Graphics Family as well as the Intel Display Audio updates. Both of the said updates will improve Miracast and docked video performance. Like the new firmware update, devices that are running Windows 8.1 will likely won’t see these January updates as an install option.

Microsoft isn’t documenting it on its Surface Update History website yet, but Surface Pro 3 received a firmware update overnight, according to Thurrott. “Think of this like a fuel gauge in a car, where the car looks to the fuel gauge to determine how much to fill the tank,” Microsoft said. “In this case, if the fuel gauge isn’t working right, the car would also not be able to fill the tank — even though the tank is fine.”

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New firmware is rolling out for the Surface Pro 3

#Microsoft #SurfacePro3 – New firmware is rolling out for the Surface Pro 3 : Microsoft has begun rolling out a new firmware update for the Surface Pro 3, which is the first to be made available since early November, when the company fixed some battery issues. The update says “System Firmware Update – 1/30/2017”, and that’s all that we know about it.

As is the case almost always, there is no changelog available. Indeed, Microsoft continues to struggle with publishing release notes at the same time as offering the update. Along with all Surface firmware updates, this also tends to be the case with cumulative updates to Windows that are offered through the Release Preview ring of the Insider Program.

While there must be some great technical difficulty in getting these notes out in a timely fashion, rest assured that they will be published at some point, likely between 24 and 72 hours from now, if history is any indication. When they are available, you can find them here on the Surface Pro 3 update history page. Of course, we’ll keep you updated as well.

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Microsoft Surface Pro vs Apple MacBook Pro: How Microsoft Is Planning To Beat Apple

#MicrosoftSurfacePro #MacBookPro – Microsoft Surface Pro vs Apple MacBook Pro: How Microsoft Is Planning To Beat Apple : Microsoft is focusing solely on increasing the power of the Surface brand. Considering the Microsoft Surface Pro models, the company is not looking to beat Apple MacBook Pro in sales as it is impossible to do so at this stage. Therefore, Microsoft is finding areas where it has a winning position. It will use these areas to gain advantage over Apple’s MacBook Pros. The strong point about Surface products is that Microsoft has been able to establish the Surface line as a lovable category.

In the process, it has been able to change the mindset of the consumer. Now, instead of buying an Apple MacBook Pro automatically, consumers will at least consider a Surface Pro before buying. Surface products have been able to create a doubt in consumers, which is not allowing them to purchase an Apple MacBook Pro mindlessly. At this stage, Microsoft will lose to Apple on sales. A latest MacBook Pro can cross Windows 10 yearly sales in a week, reports Forbes. As per a NASDAQ report, Microsoft’s fourth quarter sales have reached $1.3 billion.

The figure is pretty impressive as it means year on year increase of over forty percent. Surface Team’s full-year revenue is $4.3 billion. OEM sales are also up in the premium devices market. Moreover, Microsoft has also reported more and more consumers switching to Surface Pro from MacBook Pro. Whether Surface will be able to overtake MacBook Pro sales is a matter of debate, Surface’s steady rise to popularity is commendable. Apple’s current hardware and tweaked prices are mainly for the premium end of the market.

The lower end of the Mac ladder has the 12-inch MacBook or the 13-inch MacBook Air. Those looking for something with a lower price should consider the iPad range. Microsoft has an advantage here as its Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3 and Pro 4, all have lower prices than that of Apple. Moreover, with Windows 10 advancing in leaps and bounds and cloud services becoming an equally important factor for consideration, Microsoft’s position looks strong. It uses Microsoft’s Cloud Services that can easily sync with other services.

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