The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Might Be Coming Soon: Pro 4 Gets Discounts, Surface 3 Gets Phased Out

#MicrosoftSurface #SurfacePro5 – The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Might Be Coming Soon: Pro 4 Gets Discounts, Surface 3 Gets Phased Out : The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is yet to be confirmed by the company. Apparently, this tablet convertible has been awaited since last year for the sole reason that the Surface Pro 4 device is slowly getting outdated. Nevertheless, Microsoft isn’t confirming the arrival of the Surface Pro 5, but fans can just take hints from the market status of the past Surface Pro devices.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 On Sale Once Again

It wasn’t too long ago when reports came out about the unlikely discount given to the Surface Pro 4. Apparently, the said tablet was offered on a No Pen deal and at a lower price. Right now, Microsoft is putting the Core i5/4 GB model of the Pro 4 on a 20 percent-off deal while adding in the Pen accessory. This means that you can get the said Surface Pro tablet for just $799 instead of its usual $999 cost. As per Neowin, this offer will push through until February 4.

Microsoft Surface 3 Phased Out

As per ONMSFT, the Surface 3 is officially out of the Microsoft US Store. This is after the company released its earnings report that noted the unimpressive sales of the said tablet. With that said, the Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book are Microsoft’s latest Surface devices on the market. Needless to say, if the Surface Pro 5 doesn’t get released this year, the Surface Pro 4 will be two years old and will undeniably be outdated.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 News

The Surface Pro 5 has been a favorite subject of rumors in the past months. However, Microsoft hasn’t really been very generous in sharing information about its tablet line. The most recent rumor about the Surface Pro 5 is that it could get an MWC 2017 appearance as it could just be the right timing for the tablet to be unveiled. Needless to say, Microsoft hasn’t commented on it so fans need to wait a month more to confirm if this rumor is true or not.

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Microsoft Surface Book 2 Coming With Surface Pro 5 In March? Predecessor's $200 Price Cut Hints Imminent Release

#SurfaceBook #SurfaceBook2 – Microsoft Surface Book 2 Coming With Surface Pro 5 In March? Predecessor’s $200 Price Cut Hints Imminent Release : The recent $200 price slash on Microsoft’s Surface Book may actually be a hint of something bigger coming. Ever since Microsoft confirmed the sequel for their hit 2-in-1 product, the Microsoft Surface Book 2, consumers have been angling for more information.

The most that’s been reported is a Spring release this year, but no specific date has followed. Recent reports and events point at March 2017 as the official launch.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 Specs. Touted as “The Ultimate Laptop,” Microsoft Surface Book excelled as both a laptop and a tablet. The Microsoft Surface Book 2 promises to be even better with a 4k display and a Kaby Lake processor.

International Business Times also mentions the possibility that it may be VR-enabled, with a 13.5-inch display. Referring back to the teaser image Microsoft posted on Instagram, the Surface Book 2 looks to have a dynamic fulcrum hinge as well.

MStars News talks about Intel’s new Kaby Lake processor for the Surface Book 2. The 95 watts thermal envelop may provide incredible battery life, which ties in with other speculations that say the Microsoft Surface Book 2 battery will last longer than its’ predecessor’s four-hour usage.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 Out This March. The first hinted release date narrowed the guess in at the earlier quarter of 2017. Further reports in December pointed to Spring 2017 as the official launch for the Microsoft Surface Book 2. Some sources believe users will be getting the model as early as March this year alongside the Surface Pro 5.

Tech enthusiasts postulate that the Microsoft Surface Book $200 price cut is Microsoft’s way of clearing their inventory of older devices. The date remains unconfirmed by Microsoft but it certainly hits the previously reported parameters.

While no official retail price for the Microsoft Surface Book 2 has been released, reports point to a possible $1,499 price. Meanwhile, the Microsoft Surface Book can now be bought at $1,299, thanks to that discount. No word yet how long this price cut will last.

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Microsoft Surface 4 Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Experience

#MicrosoftSurface #SurfacePro4 – Microsoft Surface 4 Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Experience : Irrespective of being for quite some time on the market, Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 is still a powerful device which fulfills the roles of both a tablet and a laptop. Its detachable keyboard makes the device to be able to be used wherever one likes and not only does it sport some impressive specs which are still high in terms of today’s standards but it also ranks high when it comes to convenience and productivity. We’ve come up with a few tips and tricks to make sure that every Surface Pro 4 owner gets the most out of Microsoft’s amazing device.

Decide On Your Own

This is one of the most basic tips to use your device as it is its main selling point. The device can operate with both keyboard and touchpad and act exactly like a laptop or used in tablet mode for some extra convenience. Not only does this device offer great specs and power to tinker with but can also be used in a lot of ways either if you are on the go or want to work from home. The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 has got anyone covered with great features irrespective of where they are.

Use Its Stylus

The Surface Pen is an extremely device to use as it has a back button which can instantly open Onenote. It also comes equipped with some interesting capabilities such as double clicking it to take a screenshot which is automatically saved. It even has the ability to open Cortana by holding the button for a couple of seconds.

If one uses the Surface Pen to draw or write something, you can flip it around and the other side of the pen will act exactly like an eraser to correct your mistakes. The pen also has a thumb button which will behave just like a right click on a mouse. It is customizable and can fulfill multiple functions and all one has to do is program whatever actions he want to it.

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Surface Pro 5 updates: Discounts on Surface Pro 4 an indication of the upcoming Microsoft device's imminent arrival?

#SurfacePro5 #SurfacePro4 – Surface Pro 5 updates: Discounts on Surface Pro 4 an indication of the upcoming Microsoft device’s imminent arrival? : Given how the Surface Pro 4 impressed its users, it is but understandable for Microsoft fans to look forward to the release of the latest version of its laptop-tablet hybrid, the Surface Pro 5. However, as the Surface Pro 4 is now offered at discounted rates, the wait for the Surface Pro 5 may soon be over.

According to the latest reports, the Surface Pro 5 can now be availed at a much cheaper price in various parts of the globe. Reportedly, those residing in the UK can avail a 15 percent discount on the low-end version of the device if they enter a special coupon code on the brand’s official online store.

On the other hand, those who reside in the US are treated to a $100 discount on the Surface Pro 4 variant that does not come with its Surface Pen, while the same variant is being offered at a AUS $450 discount to those in Australia.

Because of the said discounts, many now believe that the arrival of the Surface Pro 5 is imminent. However, as not all discount promotions are to be equated to an arrival of the latest version of a device, others interpret the move of Microsoft as a way to send a message that it will be attaching more affordable price tags to its future Surface releases.

Nonetheless, as it is already a known fact that Microsoft is releasing an update to its Windows 10 this year, and the reason for the delay of its release is said to be because the company wants to launch it along with its latest Surface products, including the Surface Pro 5 and the Surface Book 2, the discounts offered for the Surface Pro 4 may, indeed, be an indication of its arrival. After all, it is also alleged that the Surface Pro 5 will be unveiled at the upcoming Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017 happening in Barcelona, Spain next month.

Is the Surface Pro 5 arriving soon?

Surface Pro fans can only hope so..

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Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Specs: To Sport Intel Kaby Lake GPU, Updated Windows 10, More!

#MicrosoftSurfacePro #SurfacePro5 – Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Specs: To Sport Intel Kaby Lake GPU, Updated Windows 10, More! : Surface Pro 5 is one of the most anticipated gadgets of 2017. Microsoft is again looking to give a tough competition to Apple MacBook Pro series laptop with its Surface series laptops and tablets. Reports suggest Microsoft is planning to sport the best technology in its upcoming laptop.

Rumors are hovering on the internet media regarding the launch of Microsoft flagship device. Speculations suggest that the Surface Pro 5 might come in Spring 2017, as the new Windows 10 Update (the Creator’s Update) is not coming until then, PC  Advisor reported. But still, no official announcement has been made by the Microsoft.

Reports suggest that Surface Pro 5 will come up with some key changes in terms of hardware as well as software. The device is rumored to sport Intel’s 14-Nanometer Kaby Lake Processors, longer battery life compares to Surface Pro 4 and with much superior and productive stylus. The stylus said to have a rechargeable battery and the wireless charging facility. While some reports suggest Microsoft laptop might sport Qualcomm Snapdragon 635 processor and Windows 10 Redstone 2.

In terms of viewing experience, Microsoft might give the users a much detailed and razor sharp display with great viewing angles in Surface Pro 5. The new Surface Pro said to have a screen resolution of 3860 x 2560p.

Surface Pro 5 might mark a mammoth 16 GB RAM, upgraded USB-C port, improved camera and the newest versions of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

The price of the device is still not confirmed but reports suggest the Surface Pro 5 might cost users around £749.

These developments are recently feeding the flames of the Internet talk, creating the theory about what curiosities Microsoft will debut with the following Surface Pro 5. These entire cutting-edge specs make Microsoft flagship a killer Laptop.

Stay tuned for more updates of Microsoft Surface Pro 5.

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Microsoft Surface Book 2 to Feature Kaby Lake Processing Power

#MicrosoftSurfaceBook #SurfaceBook2 – Microsoft Surface Book 2 to Feature Kaby Lake Processing Power : Microsoft’s Surface Book series of hybrid devices has made quite a wave in the tech market since it was first introduced. This year marks the release of another model that is bound to impact the industry once again. In this article we are taking a look at how the latest Surface Book 2 fares and what every day users can anticipate ahead of the product’s release.

The processor

One of the first issues that need to be touched is the processor. The latest generation of processors from Intel has hit the market and there is every single chance that Microsoft’s latest effort will feature a Kaby Lake architecture under the hood. The release of the seventh generation of processors has had a massive impact on the how the sixth generation is perceived. The sixth generation is featured on the previous Surface Book model and is already considered outdated. The interesting part is that the last Surface Book model is only a couple of months old.

There are multiple angles from which you can view the situation. Of course, the straight forward approach leads you to a frank truth that the newest processor will be better than the old one. That’s just how things go in general. But if you take a look at the different layers, you can also see why it’s going to be better.

Microsoft’s decision of implementing 7th generation Kaby Lake processors into the design of its upcoming Surface Book 2 devices (which isn’t officially confirmed however) will make the new Surfaces provide a far better energy management. Yes, having a more efficient processor will result in saving energy overall. You will be able to use the device more because the battery life will be better preserved and less charge cycles will be required.

Although again, no official confirmations have hit the stands, it is widely anticipated that Microsoft will be going for a end of the year release of the Surface Book 2 which will surely have a say in how the market evolves. With such processing capabilities at its disposal, surely the rest of the specifications will be able to keep up in performance, meaning that we will have a well rounded, high end device.

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Microsoft Surface Book 3 Release, Specs & Price: Intel Kaby Lake Chipset Confirmed?

#MicrosoftSurfaceBook #SurfaceBook3 – Microsoft Surface Book 3 Release, Specs & Price: Intel Kaby Lake Chipset Confirmed? : Microsoft has been very busy over the past several months. Fans have been excited as well as there have been many gadgets which the tech giant is working on. One of these exciting devices is the Microsoft Surface Book 3 and many fans are surely looking forward to it.

The Microsoft Surface Book was originally released in 2015 to the delight of notebook fans. Many were hoping for the Surface Book 2 to be launched last year but were mildly disappointed. Microsoft obliged Surface fans by releasing a beefed up version of the Surface Book last October 2016.

Now, many tech enthusiasts are already looking forward to the Surface Book 3. The device is already making its rounds in the rumor mill and there are already some details which have popped up. Here are some of the exciting things that we know so far about the Surface Book 3.

Microsoft Surface Book 3 Rumors

  • Intel Kaby Lake Chipset – The Kaby Lake processor is the latest and most powerful offering by Intel and it is set to be featured in the Surface Book 3. It is surely going to make the upcoming notebook super-fast and can handle any operations that users can throw at it.
  • 4K Resolution Display – According to T3, one of the changes rumored about the Surface Book 3 is that it could have a 4K resolution display. With the Intel Kaby Lake processors rumored to be powering the device, it is only a wise move for Microsoft to make the switch.
  • October 2017 Release Date – The first Surface Book was launched in October 2015 and an updated version of the device was released in October of last year. This is the reason why many are expecting the Surface Book 3 release to launch in October of this year as well.

So far, these are all the things that we know about the upcoming Surface Book 3. These are unconfirmed so far but surely more details will be released about the device in the coming months.

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Surface Book 3: everything we think we know

#SurfaceBook #SurfaceBook3 – Surface Book 3: everything we think we know : We’ve been impressed with what Microsoft has done with the Surface Book laptop series so far, even though it’s only been with us since October 2015. After the original laptop, then the specs boost in 2016, the question is: what has Microsoft got planned for 2017?

The series certainly seems popular enough for Microsoft to carry on further down this road (the launch of the Surface Studio backs that up too) so a Surface Book 3 is very much on the cards, even if Microsoft hasn’t publicly admitted as much. Here’s what’s on the cards.

The Surface Book story so far

It was something of a surprise when the original Surface Book was unveiled by Microsoft in October 2015 – a company that had previously relied on some trusted hardware partners to make Windows laptops was now taking matters into its own hands.

The first Surface Book looked good, performed well, and was a hit with users, even if there were one or two teething problems. Thanks to the groundwork laid by Windows 8, Windows 10 and the Surface Pros, the laptop came with a detachable screen that meant it could be used as a tablet as well.

Microsoft was taking direct aim at Apple and showing its hardware partners just how to make the ultimate 2-in-1 as well.

Fast forward to October 2016 and we got a new model – not quite a Surface Book 2.0 (at least not officially), but better battery life and improved specs to boot. It made the laptop an even more appealing proposition for power users.

Despite rumours to the contrary, the updated Surface Book stuck with the distinctive fulcrum hinge, and design-wise hardly changed from its predecessor. Now 2017 is upon us, which means we can start looking forward to whatever’s next.

Headline Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Slated In March; Device To Have Three Variants, 4K Screen And 3D Support Hinted [VIDEO]

#Microsoft #SurfacePro5 – Headline Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Slated In March; Device To Have Three Variants, 4K Screen And 3D Support Hinted [VIDEO] : The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 has been roaming around the rumor mills for quite some time. Now the 2-in-1 laptop is anticipated to make its first appearance in March having three variants and speculated to be boasting 4K screen and 3D support.

According to The Bitbag, a lot of Microsoft patrons have been waiting for the Surface Pro 5 to be released last year but doesn’t happen. Now, there are predictions that the 2-in-1 laptop will make its first appearance March this year. Based on some news, the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release will happen together with the launch of Windows 10 update. The next big operating system upgrade, which will be called the Creators Update, is supposed to be coming out by Spring of this year.

Meanwhile, for the specs, International Business Times noted that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is speculated to sport an Intel 7th Generation Kaby Lake processor. The device is predicted to come out in three processor variants namely, Core M (dual core), Core i5 (dual-core with two threads), and Core i7 (quad-core with eight threads). Higher processor speeds and better battery life are two highly-anticipated enhancements the company’s fans are expecting in the Surface Pro 5.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will also probably feature a 12.5-inch 4K screen that will offer 3D support at 60fps. The American multi-national company may also ditch the Super AMOLED screens in favor of an IPS touch one. The upcoming laptop may run on the Windows 10 Redmond 3 version. When it comes with the storage, there might be 16GB and 32GB versions. The Surface Pro 5 will likely support 512GB to 1TB storage SSD. Microsoft is also predicted to strictly improve Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and camera of Surface Pro 5.

Moreover, a fingerprint scanner and trackpad may be integrated into the device. It may also have an advanced Surface Pen. The stylus might boast a rechargeable battery capable of being recharged wirelessly when docked into the tablet.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is anticipated to hit the market shelves in March but Microsoft hasn’t confirmed that release date so it is still advised to take this information with skepticism. As for the price, the basic model of the 2-in-1 laptop might be tagged at US$899 (AU$1,200).

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Microsoft's Surface Book is currently available with up to £150 off certain models in the UK

#Microsoft #SurfaceBook – Microsoft’s Surface Book is currently available with up to £150 off certain models in the UK : Microsoft offered all sorts of deals in the UK over the festive season, but now that the holidays are well and truly over, many of its devices have returned to their full prices again, including the Surface Book. But if you were planning to buy a Surface Book, you can currently get certain models for a lot less than you’d pay at the Microsoft Store.

High street retailer Argos is now offering £120 off the Surface Book with an Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage; usually priced at £1,599, it’s now available for £1,479. If you’d prefer a Core i7 processor with the same RAM and storage, you can get £150 off that model, reducing its price from £1,799 to £1,649.

It’s not clear how long those discounts will remain available, so if you’re thinking of buying one at those prices, it’s probably best not to wait too long.

But if you’re thinking of purchasing one of the higher-end Surface Books, which aren’t included in Argos’ promotional discount, you might want to hold off before you buy. Microsoft announced last month that its new Surface Book i7 with Performance Base – which features upgraded graphics performance, and improved battery life – will launch in the UK and seven other markets this quarter.

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