Apple iPad Mini 5 Releasing With Apple Pencil 2–Report

#iPadMini #iPadMini5 – Apple iPad Mini 5 Releasing With Apple Pencil 2–Report : It has been more than a year since Apple released a new iPad Mini. Since 2015, users of the tiny tablet have been clamoring for something new. However, some iPad Mini fans were a bit disappointed of late. Especially when it was rumored earlier that Apple will not be releasing the iPad Mini 5 this year. Now, a new report claims that Apple is due to release the said tablet this March along with the new Apple Pencil.

According to Wei Feng, a Chinese news site, a certain Apple supply chain expert predicted that the company will release an update for the Apple Pencil. Furthermore, the said released will be done some time in March. In addition to the Apple Pencil 2, iPad Mini 5 is also said to make an appearance.

iPad Mini rumors

To date, there have been a lot of rumors regarding the iPad Mini. Initial reports seem to suggest that Apple is already thinking of discontinuing the product. Instead of releasing a new one, the company is said to be planning on replacing it with the iPad Pro.

Late last year, financial analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, stated that Apple is planning on unveiling a new model for the iPad Pro. This new tablet will have a display size of 10.5 inches while maintaining the same form factor as the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. Furthermore, the specs slated for the new tablet will be similar to the 12.9-inch model.

Supposed iPad Pro specs

While the medium and bigger-sized iPad Pros will get a hardware upgrade, it would seem that the 9.7-inch version will remain as it is. According to the same claim, this iPad Pro will be targeted for people who are looking for a cheaper tablet.

Right now, Apple is keeping a tight lip on anything that has to do with the iPad Pro or the iPad Mini. These claims are mere speculations or educated guesses as to what Apple might decide to do with the iPad Pro. Whether these rumors hold a grain of truth to them or not, consumers still need to practice caution.

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iPad Pro 2: Does It Come With Apple Pencil 2

#iPadPro2 #ApplePencil – iPad Pro 2: Does It Come With Apple Pencil 2 : The internet has been abuzz with different talks of what Apple will be coming up with this year. This includes the newest devices that fans are waiting for from the iPad range. Here’s what to expect from the iPad Pro 2 release.

iPad Pro 2 to include Apple Pencil 2?

According to Oigel, the reported leaks point to a Pencil 2. The second generation of  the Apple Pencil has not been talked about these past few months. Although, a leaked report came out, describing the possible new specs of the iPad Pro 2, and yes, including buzz about the Pencil 2. The same was also published on Feng.

Smart Pen 2 features

The leaked info from Weibo said that the Apple Pen 2 and iPad Pro 2 will have new sensors and this will easily allow users to switch between features that they want to use. An eraser on the other end may also be included in the new model.

In addition, the new sensors will allow for the Apple Pencil 2 to be used as an input accessory, which can sense different movements and hear this, even when the user is not touching the iPad’s surface. It was also mentioned that the Pencil 2 will be provided with a magnetic system that will make it more seamless to attach the pen to the iPad’s body. This will make sure that the pen is securely attached to the iPad when not being used.

iPad Pro 2: is it waterpoof?

It is safe to assume that that all the newest iPad models to be released in 2017 will feature an IP67 rating under the IEC standard 60529. The same ratings were given to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

What this means is, the iPad Pro 2 and other new models will be entirely protected from dust, other solid materials, and liquids. Nonetheless, very little details are known about Apple’s next-generation tablets and nothing has been officially confirmed as of writing (via The iPad Guide).

iPad Pro 2: release date

Rumors are pointing to a release at the end of March but an official statement from Apple is still needed to confirm everything.

Are you an iPad owner? Are you interested in upgrading to the iPad Pro 2?

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iPad Pro 2: Release Date And Display Size

#iPadPro #iPadPro2 – iPad Pro 2: Release Date And Display Size : With the swirling speculations around the next-generation flagship smartphone of Apple, the iPhone 8, it looks like Apple is focusing more on unwrapping its 10.5-inch iPad Pro 2017 while upgrading the iPad mini 5 and the iPad Air 3 line with new robust processors.

According to some reports, the new iPad Pro 2 features edge-to-edge display. Other sources speculate that the display size of the new iPad Pro 2 would be around 10 inches. Regardless of these different reports, the specific size of its display is still subject to a plethora of speculations.

As reported by Apple Insider, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi kuo, who originally predicted that the tablet would have a 10.5-inch display, recently changed his statement that it could be anywhere from 10-10.5-inches. However Mac Otakara, a Japanese blogger, suggested that the display will measure in at 10.1-inch or even up to 10.9-inches.

On the other hand, rumors from the Taiwanese supply chain, allude to a 10.5-inch display. While it still remains to be seen whether Apple will come out with a 10.5-inch display, the said display is the size that seems likely to pan out.

Because the original iPad 9.7 is over a year old, which was released in the first quarter in the previous year, there are now demands for new tablets. This could be a reason why people are going to be waiting a little longer for an iPad Pro 2.

An early 2017 launch around March is possible based around previous releases. But, according to TechRadar, there’s evidence that the slate may have been delayed, as TSMC- the one who makes the chips for it- has seen lower than expected yields.

iPad Pro 2 is anticipated to be released this March 2017, but according to some reports it might be slipped this summer. Because of this, people are becoming a lot more excited by the moment.

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Surface Pro 4 vs. iPad Pro – A Closer Look At The Two Tablets

#SurfacePro4 #iPadPro – Surface Pro 4 vs. iPad Pro – A Closer Look At The Two Tablets : Microsoft and Apple are the two biggest names in the computer world, and they are now taking their battle into the tablet arena. It’s Apple’s iPad Pro vs. Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4. On the outside these two tablets are almost identical, but it is beneath the surface where they differ greatly from one another.

Any IT administrators or experts who want to incorporate one of these tablets will need to as much as they can about them before they choose a side. On one hand you have the Surface Pro 4 which runs on a full version of the Windows 10 operating system. This allows admins to handle the tablets like laptops and they also integrate well with Exchange, SharePoint, Active Directory, and other important systems right out of the box. This means there will be no need for you to install any special administrative services or software.

The iPad Pro, on the other hand, runs on Apple’s iOS – the same operating system used by the iPhone. This means you will have a tablet that does not possess all of the power or capability of a laptop or desktop system. The iPad Pro will not let users gain access to the local file system, nor will it provide them with the same kind of robust support for multitasking that they can usually get from a desktop OS.

While Windows 10 might be the standard OS for most PC’s and laptops right now, it is not without its flaws. According to a report by Tech Target, it can be a little too complicated at times and needs constant updating and maintenance to keep it operating at peak capacity. Windows is also more prone to being infected by viruses than iOS. With that said, many IT administrators have already began to incorporate both iPads and iPhones into their networks.

Apple has also added some native features to its iOS devices to help make it easier for them to integrate into common enterprise systems. Many organizations will also have no problem adding an iPad Pro into their networks as long as they have already integrated iOS devices into them.

As far as technical specs go, the iPad Pro has either a 12.9 inch or 9.7 inch display monitor. It is also very lightweight and ranges from .96 to 1.59 pounds. It can support both cellular and Wi-Fi connections, and comes with a reported 10 hours of battery life.

Meanwhile, the Surface Pro 4 only has one monitor which measures 12.3 inches, and even the lightest version of this tablet weighs more than an iPad Pro. It also falls short in the battery life department as it only has a maximum of 9 hours. However, it carries more storage and processor options, and has a maximum storage capacity of 1 TB. The iPad Pro’s maximum storage capacity is only 256 GB.

The Surface Pro 4 also boasts of multiple ports which includes a full sized USB 3.0 connection, while the iPad Pro only has a headset jack and Lightning connector. If you require a tablet that has more processing power and hard drive space, then the Surface Pro 4 would be the right choice. However, for admins who are okay with 256 GB of storage and want a better user experience, the iPad Pro would be the better choice as most consumers have already accepted the notion that Apple always puts the user experience at the forefront of all their devices and innovations.

The iPad Pro ranges from $599 to $1,129 while the Surface Pro 4 ranges from $899 to $1599. As you can see, the latter tablet is much more expensive. It is not an entry level tablet, and even a review from New Atlas recommends consumers to only buy the Surface Pro 4 if they manage to find one at a lower price.

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Apple To Unveil Three iPad Models By Spring 2017, Mini Version Still MIA

#Apple #iPad – Apple To Unveil Three iPad Models By Spring 2017, Mini Version Still MIA : Apple is going all out on iPad this year and the latest reports corroborate prior rumors that the tech giant will introduce three new models in spring 2017. Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst for KGI Securities, predicted a higher demand for new iPad models although there is no mention of the iPad mini. Given this demand, the company plans to focus more on introducing new tablets to their market.

Apple’s Triple iPad Release

The latest Apple iPad rumor from Kuo, a noted analyst, predicted that the company will release three iPad versions. The company will release a second generation of the 12.9-inch iPad with an A10X chip from TSMC. The second model will be a 10 to 10.5-inch iPad. This will Apple’s high-end tablet and as previously indicated in some reports, it has a narrow bezel. Just like the 12.9-inch iPad, it will have an A10X chip. This time, Apple’s low-priced iPad will be a 9.7-inch tablet and unlike the two models, it comes with Samsung LSI’s A9 chip.

There were also reports that Apple plans to use the True Tone display with their upcoming iPad models. This technology is currently available in the 9.7-inch iPad Pro model. These new devices will also showcase a faster display technology.

iPad Mini Release

Based on the latest predictions for Apple’s iPad release this year, there will be no new iPad mini in the company’s tablet line. The iPad Mini 4 was the last model in the lineup and it was launched in September 2015. Although this tablet has an A8 chip, an outdated processor by modern standards, Apple is still selling this iDevice.

Back in 2015, there were suggestions that iPad Mini 4 is going to be the last release for the lineup. As of date, there are no indications that Apple plans to refresh this product and the latest predictions also support this claim.

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Apple iPad Pro 2: Fancying Its Chances With Physical Keyboards

#iPadPro #iPadPro2 – Apple iPad Pro 2: Fancying Its Chances With Physical Keyboards : The last iPad Pro showed to the world that Apple is fully capable of developing a laptop-like tablet that is tailored for productivity, even though there is a lot that still needs to be done.

This is why we are very excited to see what a sequel product can offer and we are not far from learning more about the iPad Pro 2. The upcoming tablet is expected to arrive in the first half of this year and it will have more features that is tuned for maximum productivity.

The iPad Pro 2 will surely have enough to compete with the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 but one question still begs to be answered. Will the iPad Pro 2 finally have keyboard and mouse support?

Nothing official has been revealed by Apple as of yet but a new leak from China showed an iPad Pro 2 case and it saw a drawer that is made for keyboards. Could this mean that a physical keyboard is truly coming to the iPad Pro 2? Only time will tell for sure.

iPad Mini 5 and iPad Air 3 Gets Released In 2017

#ipadMini #iPadAir – iPad Mini 5 and iPad Air 3 Gets Released In 2017 : This has been a rough year for Apple fans right from the start when the company launched its latest iPhone7 but what upset Apple fans even more was the fact that the US based giant decided to cancel its annual iPad Launch event and now Apple fans have no idea about when or what will the Cupertino based company launch next. While the company has yet to confirm any official news the internet is buzzing with rumors and speculations including leaked documents which point towards a 2017 release of a refreshed line of iPad Air and iPad Mini.

iPad Mini 5

Apple is expected to refresh the iPad Mini line coming 2017 especially since the last Mini device was introduced back in September, 2015 and have been urging Apple to create another iPad Mini device. It seems like Apple has been listening to its fans demand because rumor has it that the company is working on developing the next generation of iPad Mini which will be a smaller edition of iPad Pro. The main changes iPad Mini 5 will see will be in terms of design because Apple is reportedly going to equip the tablet with a next level 7000 series aluminum chassis that will make the tablet significantly lighter than its predecessors. Regarding design, iPad Mini 5 is rumored to be available in a bunch of different never seen before colors such as Rose Gold.

iPad Air 3

This was Apple’s most highly anticipated device to be launched at the company’s latest tablet event but the iPad Air 3 was a no show. Fans were outraged when they saw that Apple didn’t unveil the upcoming tablet but we have good news for upset Apple fans because right now all major tech specialists are expecting iPad Air 3 to be launched during the first quarter of 2017, in March to be more exact. The reasoning behind this is that the demand for a next generation iOS tablet is very high and Apple is surely going to capitalize on that. Reports are even showing that the tablet will feature a smart connector which will allow users to connect smart keyboards to their devices.

Apple iPad Air 3 – Apple’s Best Tablet Yet?

#iPadAir3 #iPadAir – Apple iPad Air 3 – Apple’s Best Tablet Yet? : Lately Apple is surrounded with rumors regarding new and upcoming devices but one reoccurring rumor is that the Cupertino based company is actually going to shut down the Air line and focus towards the 7.9 inch Mini, the two 9.7 inch and 12.9 inch Pro tablets, but recent reports are showing that Apple is actually working on developing a new iPad Air 3 and will launch it in the first quarter of 2017, in March to be exact. While the internet is buzzing with rumors and speculations about the upcoming iPad Air 3, Apple is keeping its mouth shut and not confirming any of the reports.


Regarding the hardware department, Apple will equip the tablet with only the best it has to offer starting with the powerful A9X processor and 2GB of RAM. What makes the processor so special is the fact that is has been developed by ARM, a company that’s known for taking powerful chipsets and making them compatible with smaller devices such as smartphones and tablets while still keeping the chipsets full speed intact. The iPad Air 3 is expected to feature Apple Pen support thus putting the tablet up to par with Microsoft’s Surface line. Furthermore, the tablet will feature a rather large 9.7 inch display that’s going to be accompanied by a 4K panel. Now onto the camera department, the new iPad Air 3 will ship with a 13MP rear camera which will feature LED flash.


Taking in consideration that the entry level iPad Air 2 is priced at $399 and that the upcoming iPad Air 3 will be significantly more powerful and will also bring a bunch of new features such as Apple Pen support, the tablet will be priced around $600, but that’s subjective to change since Apple has yet to confirm anything.

iPad Pro 2 Concept Image Shows Off 4K Display, Dual Camera Amid Rumors Of Cancelled Release Date

#iPadPro2 #iPadPro – iPad Pro 2 Concept Image Shows Off 4K Display, Dual Camera Amid Rumors Of Cancelled Release Date : The iPad Pro 2 specs were teased in some recently released concept images. The materials were released amid rumors that the device’s release date was cancelled.

The tablet’s concept was created by Armend Lleshi. Aside from the images in this story, his other renditions are in the video link at the end of this article.


The designer slates showed the high-end tablet’s rumored 10.5-inch screen. Insider information circulating online said that it offers 4K resolution.

A 12,000 mAh battery reportedly powers the device. Furthermore, the device is said to have a 5MP front snapper and fitted with a dual rear camera. It will allegedly run on an Apple A10X processor with a 6GB RAM. Storage options supposedly range from the standard 64GB to up to 256GB.

There are also iPad Pro 2 rumors related to its design. Its six available colors are Jet Black, Black, White, something called Wine, Gold and Rose Gold.

Many are hoping that the device will be made more useful by getting additional features from Project Tango or Intel RealSense. This would allow users to perform 3D mapping, which Acer tablets are already capable of.


However, speculations are rife that the iPad Pro 2’s release date has been cancelled.

Tech Radar pointed out that 2016 was a slow year for tablets. While the 9.7-inch iPad Pro was well received this year, Apple will allegedly wait until 2018 for a new model. One of the reasons behind this alleged decision is the company’s re-focus on their Mac line for 2017.

Furthermore, Apple allegedly encountered chip problems recently. This setback is rumored to be among the reasons why their tablet’s latest model won’t be unveiled soon.

An insider from Apple’s chip supplier Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) also talked to DigiTimes. The source admitted that the yields on its 10-nanometer A10X chips have been “lower than expected.”

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Apple Launch Schedule: iPad Pro Rumors; OLED iPhone X, New MacBook & iMac – Most Evolved Apple Devices of 2017!

#iPadPro #iPhoneX – Apple Launch Schedule: iPad Pro Rumors; OLED iPhone X, New MacBook & iMac – Most Evolved Apple Devices of 2017! : Apple Inc. naturally updates its signature devices each year. But 2017 Launch Schedule for iPhone 8, New iPad, MacBook, and iMac could bring shed more light on the future with most evolved devices the company will produce yet. Apple kicks off its 2017 promo with a rumor about the upcoming iPad Pro range between 9.7-inch to 12.7-inch!

9.7-Inch iPad Pro Leak

There might be no photos available to show the upcoming new iPad, but reports strongly suggest that it could come this 2017 since the last iPad Air 2 had debuted in late 2014. iPad Air 3 rumors naturally heat up last 2015 but new iPad did not happen up until this day.

Apparently, MacRumors still considers the possible of iPad Pro ranging between 9.7-inch to 12.7-inch launch on January 2017. The new Apple iPad could feature a four-speaker setup and rear camera flash that also sports a Smart Connector and Apple Pencil support.

iPhone X

The new generation iPhone units are expected to arrive with iPhone X series. These iPhone series is also dubbed as the iPhone 7s and iPhone 8 which will be Apple’s tenth-year anniversary offering. This could be the first iPhone with no physical home button as it sports an all-glass edge-to-edge display with, a first of a kind, virtual home button.

According to the Fortune, another report suggests that the new iPhone will sport an OLED display that is more power efficient and shows better images than traditional LCD displays.

New iMac and MacBooks

A revamp also awaits the MacBooks and iMacs in 2017. The USB Type-C connectors and improved graphics chip will be integrated into these devices. Since Apple Company is stepping up its game to overshadow its newfound rival, Surface Studio’s all-in-one PC.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Apple CEO Tim Cook expressed his interest on AR last September. The Apple exec dumps the VR Bandwagon route but prefers to venture in AR world. Apple’s entry into the AR world is now taking its first steps through Pokemon GO on Apple Watch.

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