WhatsApp Update Adds Expanded Media Message Limit, Offline Message Queuing And More

#WhatsApp #WhatsAppUpdate – WhatsApp Update Adds Expanded Media Message Limit, Offline Message Queuing And More : WhatsApp is one of the most popular internet messaging apps on the market. There’s no surprise that the company is always open to new opportunities, expanding functionality and more. While there are quite a handful of competitors residing in the same internet messaging category, not all of them share the hefty user base as WhatsApp. Today, WhatsApp for iOS received a notable update that bumps up the version to 2.17.1. There are a number of additions in the update that contributes to a smoother messaging experience.

You Can Now Send More Than 10 Media Messages In WhatsApp

If you’re a die hard WhatsApp user, you might as well noticed that the maximum media message limit is restricted to 10 items. This was definitely a nuisance if you want to send huge chunks of media content to your friends or family. Well, today’s update might interest iOS users as it ups bulk media message limit to 30. This means that you can now send 30 media messages all at once, eliminating the need to return to gallery from within the app and select the next 10 media messages.

In addition to this, the update also adds offline message queuing. For the first time, users now have the ability to tap on ‘send’ even when they do not have an active connection. Previously, you had to wait for the data connection to be established and then hit send. You can send multiple messages in WhatsApp for iOS and queue them if the data connection is not established. This will ensure that your messages are automatically sent once your iPhone receives an established internet connection so you can focus on other tasks instead of waiting.

In addition to an up in bulk media messages limit and offline message queuing, WhatsApp update also adds a redesigned storage screen. This has a specific purpose in managing an iPhone’s storage space. You have the option available to delete selected message types such as different chat threads and videos. If you’re interested in trying this feature out, you can access it through Settings > Data and Storage Usage > Storage Usage and then tap on “Clear Chat”. This is definitely helpful if you’re considering managing your iPhone’s storage as it tends to save everything received through the internet messaging app.

WhatsApp is available on the App Store for free, so do check it out if you haven’t already. This is it for now, folks.

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WhatsApp Features You Probably Did Not Know About

#WhatsApp #Apps – WhatsApp Features You Probably Did Not Know About : Whether you are a new or a seasoned WhatsApp user, there are features that you might not see coming. These are hidden features that you will find useful. Here is a list that you can refer to.

  1. Formatting Message Text – If in case you haven’t noticed, you can now format your message content by applying some emphasis on it such as bold, strikethrough, and italicized.
  2. Getting Message Details – You can now check if your message was indeed read or delivered to the recipient. Swiping to the left of the message can do the trick with iOS devices. However, a simple long-press of a particular message and tapping on the info icon below the screen can solve this problem for Android users.
  3. Muting a Conversation – This feature is practically useful when you are heading for a meeting or going to the movies. The mute feature of WhatsApp will put your app to silent mode. This would help you get rid of a chat group or a nosey friend not knowing how busy you are.
  4. Hiding Last Seen Status – You can have 3 options to allow Everybody, Nobody or all people from your contact list to see the Last Seen time of a particular message that you have previously read. Simply open Settings > Account > Privacy > Last Seen.
  5. Disabling Read Receipts – It is possible to disable read receipts from WhatsApp, preventing fellow users from knowing that you have already read the message. You can do this by going to Settings > Account > Privacy, then you have to uncheck the box adjacent to Read Receipts.

You can always enable or disable additional messaging features from WhatsApp to your own advantage. Just make sure that you are going to do it for a good reason though.

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WhatsApp Blue: A Modified Version To WhatsApp Messaging Service App

#WhatsApp #WhatsAppBlue – WhatsApp Blue: A Modified Version To WhatsApp Messaging Service App : WhatsApp Blue is just a modified version of the popular messaging app WhatsApp. WhatsApp Blue Edition v1.4 Mod is illegal and cannot be found in the Google Play Store. What’s more, the developers will ban any user caught using unofficial versions of it.  The Blue Edition app, however, can be used without fear of being banned.

The WhatsApp Blue Edition v1.4 Mod APK has been modeled after the 2.12.236 version of WhatsApp and has a file size of nearly 20MB. The application comes with several new PNG files and that it has fixed all the bugs that were associated with v1.3. If there are minor issues to be addressed, they’ll be fixed in the future.

It pretty much has the same functions seen in WhatsApp, but a little better. In order to install this version, you’ll have to backup all your WhatsApp messages. You can do this by doing the following:

Settings, Chat Settings, Back Up Chats

Once you do that, you’ll need to open a browser and look for WhatsApp Blue Edition on the Internet. You’ll have to uninstall the app’s original application and set your device up to accept unknown sources. If you don’t do this, you won’t be permitted to download anything that’s not on the Google Play Store.

You can turn it off once you’ve installed the WhatsApp Blue Edition v1.4 Mod APK, so other apps don’t get installed onto your smartphone. You certainly don’t want your device to become infected with malware.

This version of WhatsApp has a blue interface, not a green one and offers many of the same features such as sending text messages with audio, video and images attached for free.

It’s only available for Android phones.

On a previous version, there were new icons added for the Send button, missed call and messages, Settings list, etc. It also got HD Google emojis.

There are more than 800 million people who use WhatsApp on a daily basis to stay in touch with their friends.

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4 Top iPhone and iPad apps gone free for January 16th

#iPhone #Apps – 4 Top iPhone and iPad apps gone free for January 16th : We find the best deals on iPhone apps on sale to save you money daily. Our special technology filters the promotions to present you with only top rated apps at a good discount to their normal price.

Vima – GPS Bike Ride Tracker

[appbox appstore id887991296]

Vima is a GPS based tracking app for people who want to keep track of their biking fitness goals. It is an app aimed at simplicity that allows bikers to keep track of their runs easily without a lot of unnecessary stuff getting in the way.

Easily start, pause, resume, and save a ride without ever getting your phone out of your pocket. Check your distance, speed, time, and altitude from your Apple Watch in realtime.

Vima tracks speed, distance, altitude, and time. It also gives you a map showing where you have been while you are saving a ride.

When viewing saved rides your route shows up on the map color coded by speed. It shows where you went the fastest (green) and where you were slowest (red).

Don’t want to look at the screen every few minutes? You can have the app tell you updates on your progress in set distance and/or time intervals.

Added splits to the history review page. Choose from 9 different distances and see how each section of your workout went.

See calories burned. Set your weight in settings and get your calories burned in real time and on the history page after your run.

Track the distance on your bike so you know when it’s time to do maintenance or replace it before problems happen.


Youtube App Update: iPhone Users Can Now Watch QHD 1440p Videos

#iPhoneApp #Youtube – Youtube App Update: iPhone Users Can Now Watch QHD 1440p Videos : The YouTube App in iOS devices has acquired a major update. iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 7 Plus, each built with 5.5 inch screens, now grant users to watch videos with stunning 1440p resolutions.

Along with this update, iPhone models with smaller screens, such as iPhone 5 and iPhone SE, with screen sizes of 4 inches and 4.7 inches respectively, can now experience 1080p videos both in FHD and QHD resolutions.

The iPhone 6, 6s and 7, made with 4.7-inch screens, can now play videos on YouTube app at a 1440p resolution. On the other hand, the iPhone SE and other iPhones with 4-inch displays will now display videos with 1080p resolutions.

The YouTube App Update 11.49 comes with a size of 106MB. Only iOS 8.0 users are compatible with the new update, which is good for devices such as the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Those who seek crystal-clear high definition quality can have a great time streaming videos with the quality up to 1080p. Along with the 11.49 update, and even if the resolution of the iPhone is less than FHD, users can still appreciate watching QHD videos using YouTube. When it comes to iPad models, YouTube video resolutions are still the same at 720p regardless of what the resolution display is.

All 60fps videos from YouTube can still only be played up to the 1080p resolution, unlike the Android version where the 60fps videos can be played at a 1440p resolution. It is important to note that this update will only work when it is connected via Wi-Fi and not on a mobile data network.

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Instagram for iOS Updated with Wide Color and Live Photos Support

#Instagram #iOS – Instagram for iOS Updated with Wide Color and Live Photos Support : Instagram’s co-founder Mike Krieger took to Twitter to announce three new features to be made available in the Instagram app. He stated that wide color capture and display would be made available on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, together with a couple of other new tools.

Instagram is one of the most popular image sharing apps out there so it’s no wonder that the app gets updated with new features every once in a while.

Instagram users can now post GIF animations to Instagram Stories and convert Apple Live Photos into Boomerang, which is a mini-videos app by Instagram. It appears that the new features almost completely rolled out and they don’t require an app update.

Use 3D Touch to upload Live Photos to Instagram Stories

The new photo filters available for iOS users will allow them to view and capture a wider variety of hues in their photos. The Live Photos support for Instagram Stories allows users to upload their own GIFs without having to use the Boomerang app.

To upload a Live Photos image to Instagram Stories, users just have to use 3D Touch on the Live Photos before they upload it. Before this update, users had to pen Boomerang app in order to upload GIFs to Instagram Stories. The process has now been simplified for iPhone 6s and 7 devices that have 3D Touch.

Instagram for iPhone offers a wide variety of picture editing tools, including special color filters, one-finger zoom on the iPhone 7 Plus, and even a 3D Touch shortcut for the Instagram Stories camera.

It’s unclear at this point when Instagram will add a feature for uploading GIFs to Instagram Stories in its Android app, but it shouldn’t be long now. Last month, Instagram for Android and iOS was updated with the ability to save posts for later viewing.

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Record 63 billion WhatsApp messages sent on New Year's Eve

#WhatsApp #Apps – Record 63 billion WhatsApp messages sent on New Year’s Eve : Imagine 63 billion messages being sent in one day. That’s how many messages were sent on WhatsApp alone this past New Year’s Day. By the way, this is a record for the app. This total includes 7.9 billion images and 2.4 billion videos. Consider that back in April, Mark Zuckerberg said at the annual F8 developer conference that Messenger and WhatsApp were combining to send 60 billion messages a day. That was up from 42 billion messages that the pair combined to send on an average day in February.

WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook in a deal that closed in October 2014. The final purchase price was a mind numbing $21 billion. And now, the app has more than 1 billion active monthly users.

The record setting number of messages sent from Whats app on December 31st, 2016 is the perfect way for the messaging app to close out a very eventful year. In April, WhatsApp added end-to-end encryption, and the long awaited ability to send Video Calls launched for all in November. Between those two additions, during the summer WhatsApp added support for animated GIFs.

Considering the growth in the number of  WhatsApp subscribers every year, we wouldn’t be surprised to see this record broken on New Year’s Eve this year.

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Instagram Added Disappearing Photos And Videos, Here’s How To Send

#Instagram #Snapchat – Instagram Added Disappearing Photos And Videos, Here’s How To Send : Instagram took a big cue from Snapchat by adding disappearing photos and videos. It also added live video streaming and other video features, but it’s the disappearing phots and videos that resemble the core of what Snapchat became famous for. Based on how much teens embraced both Snapchat and Instagram, it seems likely that the disappearing photos and videos feature on Instagram will be a huge hit.

Here’s how to send disappearing photos on Instagram

It’s quite easy to send disappearing photos and videos on Instagram. Here’s the process:

  1. Open the Instagram app on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Swipe to the right within the app, which will open up your camera.
  3. Snap a picture or record a video using your device’s camera.
  4. After you’ve taken the picture, just tap the arrow that you’ll see in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.
  5. From this screen, you can decide how many people to send the photo or video for, whether it’s one person or multiple people. After selecting the name or names from the list of contacts, just tap “Send,” which is at the bottom of your screen. Note that you can only send disappearing photos or videos to Instagram users who follow you, whether your account is private or public.

After your friends view your disappearing photo or video, it will disappear. After you send the message, you can also see whether your friends have viewed it and whether they played it more than once or even took a screenshot of it.

How to view disappearing photos that were sent to you

It’s also easy to view a disappearing photo or video if one has been sent to you. To do so, here’s the process:

  1. Open up your inbox by tapping the paper airplane icon, which you will see in the top right-hand corner of your Instagram feed. You can also swipe left inside the app.
  2. In the bar at the top of the screen, you should see the disappearing photos and videos. To see them, tap the ones that have blue rings next to them.
  3. If you’re in a group, you can see all the responses to the disappearing messages in addition to the names of other Instagram users who have viewed them. They will appear in slideshow format.
  4. You can send a response to the photo or video by tapping the sender’s faded profile image.

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WhatsApp Embraced by World’s Immigrants

#WhatsApp #Apps – WhatsApp Embraced by World’s Immigrants : We have to agree that the technology is full of immigrant success stories. For example, Andy Grove from Intel is the chief executive who helped guide the computer industry into its modern era. At the same time, Sergey Brin is one of the guys who co-founded Google. At the same time, the CEO at Microsoft is now Satya Nadella.

We’ve given you these examples just to prove you that in most of the big tech companies out there you will notice that the executive ranks are filled with people that were born outside the United States. Today we will talk about WhatsApp, an application that has been created by Jan Koum, which Facebook has bought for $19 billion back in 2014.

Koum is also an immigrant, but what makes him unusual is the popularity of WhatsApp among immigrants. According to reports, the WhatsApp application has become the low-cost communication line between countries (even if in some countries the government is trying to block it).

WhatsApp has over 1 billion monthly active users and these users are from all over the world. The application is not using too much data to send/receive messages and at the same time, when it comes to privacy, we don’t have to worry about it, as these messages will be very hard to be decrypted.

Actually, these are the reasons why everyone is attracted to WhatsApp: it is free and it has a strong record on privacy and security. At the same time, the older people are now encouraging their children and grandchildren to start using the application in order to keep in touch with them. In fact, Koum claimed that WhatsApp “was designed in part by someone living the immigrant experience every day.”

What are your thoughts about WhatsApp? Are you using it to keep in touch with your friends and family that live very far away from you?

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Instagram puts an end to the infamous Singapore bug

#Instagram #Bug – Instagram puts an end to the infamous Singapore bug : One of the most popular social networking sites today, Instagram made a name for itself as the world’s number one photo-sharing mobile app. People from all over the world can share their memorable moments captured on camera so that their friends and followers have an idea of what’s going on in their lives.

A couple of months ago, a popular trend began on Instagram wherein users geo-tagged themselves to be in Singapore even though they are not, in order to gain tons of likes and followers. Photos that receive a lot of engagement from fellow IG users are placed in the Explore section of the app, where it becomes more popular.

People who wanted to go viral took advantage of this opportunity. While it boosted the profiles of many users, it also created confusion in the social media world. A lot of netizens took their sentiments to Twitter, questioning and criticizing others for pretending to be in Singapore, when they are not. Just this month, Instagram finally put an end to this Singapore bug with their recent update, Telegraph reported.

In an interview with BBC, representatives of IG confirmed that the bug impacted the engagement of posts that are specifically tagged in Singapore. They did not provide any other information as to how, why, and when the bug began, but there are rumors swirling that it is because of the fact that it is caused by IG’s algorithm feed being new in Singapore.

Instagram users exploited the app’s bug which was called by some as ‘Singapore boost’ by putting Singapore as the location of their posts. Once it attracts a high volume of likes and followers, they will then remove the false tag after 12 to 24 hours.

Not only did Instagram did a great job in putting an end to a misleading trend, they also made sure that they stop opportunistic individuals who are using their app the wrong way. Now it gives all IG users a fair chance to gain popularity the right way. Source: Yibada