iPhone 8 To Cost Less Than $1000, Display Size Smaller Than Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

#iPhone8 #GalaxyS8 – iPhone 8 To Cost Less Than $1000, Display Size Smaller Than Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus : The price of the 10th anniversary iPhone has been widely rumored to hit four figures at retail due to high-end features like the OLED display and 3D sensors. However, one analyst believes Apple’s iPhone 8 will cost slightly higher than the iPhone 7s and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus but less than $1000.

Steven Milunovich of UBS estimates that this year’s iPhone will only have a $70- to $90-increase in construction over its predecessor, the iPhone 7 Plus (presumably the 32GB variant). That should come in at a sticker price between $850 and $900 for consumers. He believes that a $1000 price tag would hamper purchase volumes, noting that despite the mostly fallacious notion of an Apple Tax, the tech giant sells its devices “quite competitively” in markets it enters.

“We think an $870 price would be accretive to EPS but dilutive to gross margin, a dynamic Apple has said it would accept,” UBS stated in its note, per CNBC. Accordingly, a 256GB model will be available between $950 and $1,000. For comparison, the 256GB iPhone 7 Plus retails for $970 while Samsung’s flagships Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus is sold for $720 and $840, respectively.

‘Display Size Disadvantage’

Aside from the fact that the Cupertino-based company rarely offers its products significantly higher than its closest rival, the iPhone 2017 is also expected to sport a much smaller display, contrary to rumors that it’ll come with the same screen size as the Galaxy S8.

“Apple’s top model will be at a display size disadvantage to Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Plus. We still think Apple will choose to price its top model relative to Samsung’s top model but remain cautious on how much higher Apple could ultimately go on price given a smaller display,” Milunovich wrote. The OLED iPhone will likely have a 5.2-inch display, compared to the 5.8-inch screen of Samsung Galaxy S8 and 6.2-inch of the S8 Plus.

On the other hand, Apple will likely pack the handset with a variety of things that will set it apart from the Korean company’s flagship, including a 3D camera and a fingerprint sensor embedded into the display. This should help the iPhone maker explain away a marginal price difference, without getting the device to retail at $1,000.

Other features for the next iPhone include wireless charging, USB-C, and AR support. But, but those are yet to be confirmed.

Meanwhile, UBS also believes a decrease in price for the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus by around $100 per model. This is said to give a wider range of prices without any significant jumps from the newly refreshed iPhone SE to the iPhone 8. Milunovich claims this would give the tech giant a better toe-hold in China which has poor demand for the former model.

Apple iPhone 2017 Production

As a result of this pricing, the analyst predicts that 45 percent of the 2018 shipments will be the new iPhone. This parallels market analyst TrendForce’s earlier forecast that iPhone 8 numbers this year will amount to more than 40 percent of the total sales figures.

Unfortunately, the company remains tight-lipped about iPhone 7’s successor to date. However, rumors are rife that it’ll commence mass production with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company this month.

 While Apple seems way ahead of its schedule, there are still talks that it will release the iPhone 8 in limited quantities this September. The official release of the phone is said to come much later in the year. Apart from iPhone 8, another analyst claims there are two more iPhones coming this year. According to Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, these will be the update of the current iteration, the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus.
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Apple Leak Reveals iPhone Upgrades, Full Spectral Sensing To Be Added

#Apple #iPhone – Apple Leak Reveals iPhone Upgrades, Full Spectral Sensing To Be Added : The 2017 iPhones will bring in the most drastic change ever made to the brand. The most recently leaked data revealed that there is no way fans would be able to see the iPhones the same way again. Apparently, 2017 iPhones will boast of a new screen technology that will ultimately change the smartphones’ entire look.

The data came from financial services company Barclays, who revealed that the next generation iPhones will sport “full spectral sensing”. This includes the iPhone 7S, iPhone 7S Plus and iPhone 8. Additionally, the technology will bring in iPad Pro’s “True Tone” technology to the 2017 smartphones.

2017 iPhones’ True Tone Technology

Apple explains this iPad Pro technology as the use of advanced 4-channel ambient light sensors. This will automatically adapt the color of the display to match the environment’s current lighting. Forbes describes this as a “fantastic technology” and could be even more necessary for the iPhones compared to the iPads considering the fact that the phones are smaller and harder to stare at for longer hours.

2017 iPhones’ Drawback

Nevertheless, this also comes with some bad news. As per Barclays, this step up in component could increase the phones’ cost to over 60 percent on both the LCD and OLED equipped smartphones. Take note that the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus will allegedly sport LCD displays while the iPhone 8 or the anniversary iPhone will come with OLED display.

This supports past predictions that the iPhone 8 could likely be no less than $1000 in price. Considering the fact that Apple was able to drastically increase the price of the MacBook Pro last year, it is already clear that the company is in no way afraid to change prices.

Needless to say, this might also explain the rumor that Apple won’t release the iPhone 8 together with the 7S and 7S Plus. As per the rumors, the 7S and 7S Plus will go first this September and the iPhone 8 will follow by the end of the year. This will allow people to just settle with the less expensive regular iPhones or take the extra time to save up for the super-premium iPhone 8.

Apple is Using TrueClear Pro To Put On iPhone Screen Protectors

#iPhone #TrueClearPro – Apple is Using TrueClear Pro To Put On iPhone Screen Protectors  : Apple Stores in Japan offering screen protector installations for Apple devices using dedicated TrueClear Pro machines made by Belkin. The prices for this, ranges from 2,180 yen to 4,280 yen (about $19 to $37) depending on material and size of the device.

According to Mac Otakara, Apple Store employees in Japan have received specialized Belkin-branded tool, TrueClear Pro, for installing the iPhone screen protectors’ in-store, confirming a report from earlier today.

The company has made partnership with Belkin to offer its ScreenCare + Anti-Glare and InvisiGlass screen protectors to its customers. The Anti-Glare version offers Improved Visibility, Protection, and is Ultra-Thin. The InvisiGlass version is made from Flexible Glass is Strong, Natural, and Ultra-Thin.

InvisiGlass Screen Protectors are having a uniform molecular structure which preserves the vibrant color, resonance and clarity of your screen with virtually no distortion so you can enjoy the brilliancy of each and every pixel. With TrueClear Pro the concentrated elastic bonding in the breakthrough material eliminates the friction causes drag, which gives you the exact same touch-sensitivity and glide as the naked screen itself.

The process of applying the glass protector to the Apple’s device appears to be straightforward, leaving little room for user error. Belkin’s setup is basically a plastic clamshell case with alignment guides cut specifically for iPhone 6/6s and 6/6s Plus handsets. A person situates an iPhone on one side of the TrueClear Pro and the protector on the other. Closing the device brings both pieces together, at which time the protector’s wrapping can be removed to expose the product’s glue layer, as a result bonding it to an iPhone’s screen.

The TrueClear Pro machine is designed to work with Belkin’s first-party protectors and save on material costs by decreasing the possibility of protector misalignment. If a customer is unhappy with the result, Apple is expected to try again with another protector, free of charge. The process is reflected in Belkin’s own customer service policies as mentioned on the company’s FAQ webpage.

Apple’s price is 2,180 or 4,280 JPY (about $19 to $37 USD). Have a look at the video below to see how the screen protector is applied on using TrueClear Pro machine.

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iPhone X Release Date May Come In Earlier Than iPhone 8

#iPhoneX #iPhone8 – iPhone X Release Date May Come In Earlier Than iPhone 8 : There is no doubt that this year’s iPhone is going to be huge as Apple is celebrating the handset’s 10th year anniversary. Of course, consumers are highly-anticipating the launch of the iPhone 8, which might take place in late third quarter of 2017. However, rumor has it that iPhone X will hit the stores even before iPhone 8 does.

For quite some time now, there have been several speculations that the next iPhone will be dubbed as “iPhone X.” Should that be the case, then customers should not expect iPhone 8 to roll out for it will be launched with a different name. But, there are new theories that the two handsets will be different from each other and the former will be hitting the stores earlier than the latter one.

“iPhone X” clearly is the handset that will represent the 10th year anniversary of the phone. With the roman numeral for 10 included in its name, without a doubt, it is the handset Apple will release for the occasion. If the Cupertino-based company really wants to celebrate the anniversary right, iPhone X will be expected to hit roll out earlier than iPhone 8.

Customers can recall that the very first iPhone was launched in June 2007. Its successors, on the other hand, were released every third quarter of the year, mostly September. This somehow indicates that iPhone X, the 10th anniversary handset of Apple, will hit the stores in June this year. While for iPhone 8, consumers should expect a September launch.

iPhone X or iPhone 8 Specs

As of writing, it is not yet clear whether the two handsets are the same or different. However, there several rumors already that have surfaced online about the specs of the next iPhone. According to Express UK, the handset will come with a dual-curved OLED display alongside an all-glass design. It will as well have an improved dual-camera setup with no physical Home Button.

Aside from these rumored specs, it seems like the power of Siri will be improved as well. During Apple’s quarterly earnings call earlier this week, CEO Tim Cook shared some parts of his private life. He shared how helpful Siri in making his life at home easier. “Now, when I say ‘Good Morning’ to Siri, my house lights come on and my coffee starts brewing. When I go to the living room to relax in the evening, I use Siri to adjust the lighting and turn on the fireplace,” Cook shared.

Now, the CEO mentioned that he talked about home automation because the enterprise use is growing. And when they look at all these things, he said, “We’ve got exciting things in the pipeline and I feel really good about it.” Let us all wait and see as to how great Siri’s improvements will be.

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#iPhone #iPhone8 – IPHONE 8 WILL HAVE EDGE TO EDGE CURVE OLED SCREEN : The iPhone 8 is expected to be the most anticipated model that will soon be introduced by Apple. It has been a decade since the iPhone was first introduced by Apple but the enthusiasm it creates when a new version arrives still persists.

BGR reports that many sources confirm the curved OLED screen in an edgeless display will be the main feature of the iPhone 8. The new radical design will be in consonance with the new generation of smartphones that feature OLED display technology.

Speculations on what concept Apple will apply for the iPhone 8 is building up. Artists and designers continue to put out details on what they conceive and predict to be the features of the upcoming smartphone.

Many believe that the edge to edge curved OLED display will require the iPhone 8 to have higher resolution which translates to better viewing experience for its users. One of the latest iPhone concepts has been put together and published on YouTube for all interested persons to see.

The YouTube presentation shown here looks like a real Apple ad and it features how elegant and interesting the 2018 iPhone looks like with its edgeless display. The active bottom and top bezels look like they were patterned after the TouchBar of the MacBook Pro.

Besides showing a mock replica of the TouchBar, the video also shows how the different apps will work and look like on the new edgeless display of the iPhone 8. A larger display actually opens up lots of possibilities for apps to work better and many would-be users are excited to have the opportunity to try these on this phone.

Apple iPhones have lately been showing good sales and Apple hopes to release three more models this year. The iPhone 8 with its OLED display technology will likely be among those to be introduced. With the anticipated conceived features almost sure to hold true, the iPhone 8 will surely catch your attention.

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New Apple iPhone 8 Design Concept: Dual Screen Setup, With An All Glass Front Cover

#AppleiPhone #iPhone8 – New Apple iPhone 8 Design Concept: Dual Screen Setup, With An All Glass Front Cover : A new video was uploaded by ConceptsiPhone on YouTube that shows the rumored upcoming Apple iPhone 8 concept design and display. The rumored physical feature of the most awaited apple iPhone 8 looks very similar in the current iPhone 7 Plus, not until today that a new concept was revealed. In the video, the front part of the iPhone 8 device gets revealed and it becomes quite clear at how different this design and display could be.

New Apple iPhone 8 Design And Display Concept

The video released today by ConceptsiPhone shows off many interesting possibilities to happen as a preparation for Apple’s iPhone 10th year anniversary. According to 9to5Mac, the Apple iPhone 8 will move to an all glass design somewhat similar to iPhone 7 Plus with some addition of rumored features. It also shows that the display will cover the entire front of the most anticipated smartphone.

Mote aspects of the creative render include a rounded metal frame, a versatile Home button and a hat tip to the original Apple iPhone with the volume buttons and side switch design seemingly influenced by the original device. While the dynamic Home button reflects features and functions similar to the Touch Bar that can be seen on MacBook Pro. Another interesting aspect of the video are the transitions between the iPhone screens from back to back.

A tricky part of the video shown about halfway through the concept is the dual screen of the upcoming Apple iPhone 8. As reported by AppAdvice, the video can actually fool viewers at first thinking that there were 2 models being featured, the first one with “dual screens” and the other with a single screen. But as what many viewers pointed out in the comments section, it is really just one concept design and display and with just one screen

More Expected Features Of The Apple iPhone 8

The upcoming Apple iPhone 8 will include a new facial recognition feature that is supported by a laser sensor. The facial recognition or a new biometric sensor will replace the existing Touch ID and a flexible display with a new 3D Touch feature. It will also feature an enhanced Siri, inductive wireless charging instead of long-range and may have a larger OLED display. Rumors also suggested that Apple iPhone 8 will have flat sides with curved edges.

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iPhone X Rumors: Apple is Taking a Huge Gamble On New Smartphone Model

#iPhone #iPhoneX – iPhone X Rumors: Apple is Taking a Huge Gamble On New Smartphone Model : Steve Jobs released the very first iPhone back in 2007. Since then, the phone has gone through major changes. Each change brought forth new and improved features and technologies. Fast forward to today, the iPhone is celebrating its tenth anniversary. Because of this, Apple is rumored to release a product that will mark its tenth year in the mobile market. However, experts believe that Apple could be taking a hit on the tenth anniversary iPhone, the iPhone X.

According to a report obtained by AppleInsider, analysts believe that Apple could be spending $50 million more on the iPhone X. This increase in expenses is brought about by the rumored use of OLED display panels on the upcoming phone.

Advantages of OLED displays

Many Apple fans longed for the day when they will actually see an iPhone sporting an OLED display. However, for many years, Apple was adamant in using only LCD panels on its products. Instead of switching to OLED, the company invested heavily on new technologies that introduced the “Retina” displays on current iOS devices. However, it would seem that the Cupertino tech giant is finally relenting to the requests of its loyal fanbase.

The iPhone X, otherwise known as iPhone 8, will feature a dual-edge curve OLED display. This will be the first iPhone to ever come out with this type of display panel. The decision to finally use the OLED display stemmed from the desire to introduce a major design change on the next Apple smartphone.

The OLED display will introduce new features on the iPhone X. For one, this kind of display is inherently more energy efficient as it does not rely on separate backlighting. Furthermore, most OLED displays right now are available in flexible versions that will suit the iPhone X quite well.

Disadvantages of OLED displays

Unfortunately, it is not all good news when it comes to OLED displays. OLED display panels are more expensive to make than the typical LCD panel. Also, an OLED display has a shorter lifespan compared to an LCD. This is the main reason why Apple withheld the use of OLED displays on the iPhone.

Apple is yet to make a formal announcement about the upcoming iPhone X. There is a strong likelihood that the smartphone will be introduced during this year’s Worldwide Developers Convention. This event, which is normally held in June, will showcase upcoming Apple products and technologies.

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Apple iPhone 8 Could Be More Expensive Than Ever

#AppleiPhone #iPhone8 – Apple iPhone 8 Could Be More Expensive Than Ever : Seeing as how the iPhone‘s industrial design has stayed largely unchanged since the iPhone 6, the hope for Apple to deliver a groundbreaking new design has been steadily building for quite some time. it’s highly believed that Apple’s 2017 iPhone which may be called the iPhone 8 will finally bring joy to iPhone owners with their current device a compelling reason to upgrade. With the said iPhone 8, it’s widely expected that Apple’s flagship iPhone model will incorporate a wraparound OLED display, according to a source, that there may be specialized sensors on the side of the device.

Apple iPhone Suggest Higher Price For 10th Anniversary Smartphone

What’s more in store for us, is that the iPhone 8 is expected to feature drastic new designs and to come with a striking price tag too.The 10th anniversary iPhone might really rejuvenate interest – not to mention, sales but of the Apple iPhone. And Apple may take advantage of its upcominganniversary launch to increase the price of its flagship smartphone, analysts have suggested. The iPhone 7 Plus, released in September 2016, introduced a RAM increase, comes with a dual-lens camera to Apple’s smartphone line, as well as a $20 price hike to $769. The iPhone 7 did not include these features and was sold at a starting price of $649. The average price for an iPhone at the end of 2016 was at $693, up $2 from the year prior, reported from a source. While the iPhone 7 hasn’t sold with the edacity of previous models, analysts suggest many owners are holding out for the iPhone 8 due to the last three iPhones having the same designs and features.

We Will Expect Drastic New Designs And A More Innovative iPhone

This year will be Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone year and the latest rumors suggest it could be one of the biggest updates to the device in a long period of time. We will expect bigger, better, and curved displays.  An all-glass design, wireless charging, and a new embedded home button are just some of the features Apple is reportedly considering for upcoming iPhone 8.

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iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy S8 And Google Pixel 2: What Do They Have In Common?

#iPhone8 #GalaxyS8 #GooglePixel2 – iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy S8 And Google Pixel 2: What Do They Have In Common? : Apple’s iPhone 8, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Google Pixel 2 are three of the most anticipated devices in 2017. But that is not the only thing they have in common.

All three flagship smartphones will be sporting an Organic Light Emitting Diodes or OLED display. This is according to DisplayMate president Dr. Rayond M. Soneira. DisplayMate is responsible for testing displays so that they will meet industry standards.

Of the three, Samsung will be the first to unveil its flagship phone. The Galaxy S8, therefore, will be the first in this prestigious group to show off its OLED display. Samsung may actually be considered the current leader in OLED displays as it has used it before on the Galaxy S7. It is also one of the main sources of the OLED tech. As a matter of fact, one rumor says Apple will be getting its OLED supply from the Korean conglomerate, its bitter rival. Samsung will probably do the same for the Pixel 2, according to BGR.

After the Galaxy S8’s expected April unveiling, Apple steps up to the plate in September with its 10th anniversary iPhone in the form of the iPhone 8 (or iPhone X according to some rumors). If it does come with an OLED screen, this will mark the first time that Apple will deviate from the usual LCD screens. One foreseeable problem with this is that the OLED screen will not come cheap for Apple, therefore, the iPhone 8’s price may be affected. Another thing to watch out for is how Apple will deal with its current and new display functions considering the huge difference between LCD and OLED displays.

Come October, Google will formally introduce the Pixel 2 which, like its predecessor, will have an OLED screen. Unlike the other two flagships, the Pixel 2 will likely have a flat OLED display.

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Apple in Trouble as More Buyers Get the iPhone 6s Instead of the iPhone 7

#iPhone6s #iPhone7 – Apple in Trouble as More Buyers Get the iPhone 6s Instead of the iPhone 7 : Apple launched the iPhone 7 with much fanfare last year, highlighting 10 of the features that should convince customers to buy the new-generation device. But it turns out that these 10 reasons are not enough for some people who still think that the iPhone 6s is a better buy.

Analysts have started seeing increased sales for the iPhone 6s, as the latest model fails to lure buyers from the older sibling despite all the improvements that it brings.

“Recent smartphone customers increasingly are opting for the iPhone 6S,” Barclays analyst Mark Moskowitz was quoted as saying. “We detect increasing concern among industry participants that smartphones in general have evolved technologically to become more than good enough to serve most users’ digital needs over multiple years or until the device breaks.”

The iPhone 6s is obviously the cheaper model and it appears that many customers choose to get this version instead of the latest generation as a temporary purchase until the 2017 iPhone goes out with more substantial upgrades.

Major overhaul coming this year
Rumor has it that Apple could introduce a new iPhone this year that would feature a dramatic makeover, including a major redesign with smaller bezels, no Home button, a fingerprint sensor integrated into the screen, an OLED display, and wireless charging.

Speculation on these features comes and goes, but there’s a big chance that Apple would introduce a third iPhone SKU boasting an OLED display that should help the company compete against the likes of Samsung. New materials, such as glass on front and back, plus a metallic frame similar to the one on the iPhone 4, are also likely.

As far as the reasons why customers choose to get the iPhone 6s and not the iPhone 7, there’s little surprise here. The iPhone 7 has been severely criticized for the lack of innovation and the reduced number of changes from its predecessor, while retaining the same form factor.

In terms of visual similarities, the iPhone 7 is nearly entirely the same as the iPhone 6s, with the exception of the antenna lines, and many potential buyers prefer to wait for the new-generation model coming later this year and benefit from a wider array of improvements.

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