MacBook Pro 2017: Early Rumors

#MacBookPro #MacBookPro2017 – MacBook Pro 2017: Early Rumors : Apple has just refreshed its MacBook Pro line a few months ago and the devices got mixed reactions from the crowd. Some people were amazed by the laptop’s new features while others don’t think that the price is fair enough for a laptop whose only touchable part is a bar and not an entire screen. Needless to say, there’s no perfection in any gadget especially when the criticism comes from hundreds or thousands of people. If you’re one of the people who love MacOS or if you’re one of those looking to give Apple’s laptop a chance, know that the MacBook Pro 2017 devices might be coming soon.

MacBook Pro 2017 Edition Hinted By MacOS Sierra

As per Mac Rumors, new generation MacBook Pro models have been hinted through the latest MacOS 10.12.4 beta. It was said that the next generation of the MacBook Pro will highly likely use Intel Kaby Lake processors. Reports regarding the Kaby Lake running MacBook Pro have circulated since the beginning of 2017. However, as per a Tech Radar report, the production may not start until the third quarter of this year.

MacBook Pro 2017, What’s Known So Far

Right now, not a lot of things have been revealed about the supposed MacBook Pro 2017 refresh. However, popular and reliable analyst Ming Chi-Kuo have predicted that Apple will refresh its MacBook Pro line later this year and bring in Kaby Lake processors and a new model with 32 GB RAM. However, the new 32 GB RAM model of the MacBook Pro 2017 may get a release date that’s a bit delayed from its other Kaby Lake-running siblings.

The analyst didn’t actually point out outright that the 32 GB RAM was for a MacBook Pro laptop. Nevertheless, rumors and predictions suggest that it will be. With that said, it will be interesting to see what else Apple has in store for the MacBook Pro 2017. Hopefully, the laptop line will get more positive responses this time. A more affordable price will also be a good addition although it’s fairly unlikely to happen.

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MacBook Pro 5K Monitors Made By LG Have Serious Connection Problems

#MacBookPro #MacBookPro5K – MacBook Pro 5K Monitors Made By LG Have Serious Connection Problems : When you spend around a $1,000 for a PC monitor, it should ship with a minimal set of expectations. Like, maybe, being able to use it within arm’s reach of a router. According to reports, LG’s UltraFine 5K Display Screen, which was designed in collaboration with Apple for the release of the new MacBook Pro, is reportedly experiencing some pretty hefty issues on that angle.

LG Monitors Are Causing Problems

TechCrunch confirmed, along with an LG support representative, that it’s a known issue with the 27-inch version of the monitor, causing it to become unstable and unusable when positioned within two meters of a particular router.

According to a user on Apple’s forum:

Right out of the box, the UltraFine 5K Display was hardly usable as it would consistently disconnect and even freeze my MacBook Pro, which made it nearly impossible to use for work on Thursday and Friday. Connecting it to my MacBook Pro constantly resulted in needing to reboot my machine to be able to continue working.

LG’s Explanation

According to ExtremeTech, LG explained and made it clear that the issue doesn’t apply to other of its monitors and suggested users that own the UltraFine 5K Display to keep the system two meters away from a Wi-Fi router as a fix – which isn’t really much of a problem-solver at all, especially for those with limited space to adjust, like people who are currently living in pretty tight places like an apartment.

Will Apple Make A Move?

With all the issues that it’s facing, the LG UltraFine 5K appears to be a fine and very impressive monitor, so long as you can guarantee that you won’t be setting it up near a router. Now that Apple is using this specific Display on their MacBook Pros, potential customers are likely at the mercy of the said problem.

Perhaps it isn’t too late for Apple to go look for another partner to supply their MacBook display screens.

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Microsoft Surface Pro vs Apple MacBook Pro: How Microsoft Is Planning To Beat Apple

#MicrosoftSurfacePro #MacBookPro – Microsoft Surface Pro vs Apple MacBook Pro: How Microsoft Is Planning To Beat Apple : Microsoft is focusing solely on increasing the power of the Surface brand. Considering the Microsoft Surface Pro models, the company is not looking to beat Apple MacBook Pro in sales as it is impossible to do so at this stage. Therefore, Microsoft is finding areas where it has a winning position. It will use these areas to gain advantage over Apple’s MacBook Pros. The strong point about Surface products is that Microsoft has been able to establish the Surface line as a lovable category.

In the process, it has been able to change the mindset of the consumer. Now, instead of buying an Apple MacBook Pro automatically, consumers will at least consider a Surface Pro before buying. Surface products have been able to create a doubt in consumers, which is not allowing them to purchase an Apple MacBook Pro mindlessly. At this stage, Microsoft will lose to Apple on sales. A latest MacBook Pro can cross Windows 10 yearly sales in a week, reports Forbes. As per a NASDAQ report, Microsoft’s fourth quarter sales have reached $1.3 billion.

The figure is pretty impressive as it means year on year increase of over forty percent. Surface Team’s full-year revenue is $4.3 billion. OEM sales are also up in the premium devices market. Moreover, Microsoft has also reported more and more consumers switching to Surface Pro from MacBook Pro. Whether Surface will be able to overtake MacBook Pro sales is a matter of debate, Surface’s steady rise to popularity is commendable. Apple’s current hardware and tweaked prices are mainly for the premium end of the market.

The lower end of the Mac ladder has the 12-inch MacBook or the 13-inch MacBook Air. Those looking for something with a lower price should consider the iPad range. Microsoft has an advantage here as its Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3 and Pro 4, all have lower prices than that of Apple. Moreover, with Windows 10 advancing in leaps and bounds and cloud services becoming an equally important factor for consideration, Microsoft’s position looks strong. It uses Microsoft’s Cloud Services that can easily sync with other services.

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Apple iMac 2017 Release Slated In Q1 2017; Upcoming PC To Feature Intel Kaby-Lake Processor, 5K Display And VR Compatibility

#AppleiMac #AppleiMac2017 – Apple iMac 2017 Release Slated In Q1 2017; Upcoming PC To Feature Intel Kaby-Lake Processor, 5K Display And VR Compatibility  : Tech enthusiasts have been dismayed since the Cupertino-based company wasn’t able to announce details about its upcoming iMac 2017 during its event held September last year. But now, speculations have shed some light as the upcoming PC will reportedly make its first appearance quarter one this year boasting awesome specs.

According to Mobile & Apps, the upcoming iMac 2017 might be released in March or at least during Q1of 2017. It was also noted that during an internal Q&A session Tim Cook specified that Apple Inc. has a few desktops worth waiting for in the roadmap.

In contrary, there have been hearsays stating that the upcoming desktop might be unveiled during this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), which is not slated to take place anytime soon.

When it comes with the possible specs and features, iTech Post stated in its article that the upcoming iMac 2017 might boast Intel Kaby Lake processor since Apple already utilized Intel Skylake chipset to its predecessor. Moreover, there have been talks stating that the Cupertino-based tech giant might consider incorporating AMD’s latest generation of graphics chips Polaris and would sooner or later bring both of them together for the next generation iMac 2017 edition.

It was also worth noting that one of the most widely deliberated speculations is the claim that Apple’s new iMacs will feature AMD Radeon Polaris graphics chips and might even be VR-ready. In addition, reports stated that Tim Cook already hinted that the future iMac desktop would be equipped with 5K display and it might be called the 5K iMac.

As of now, Apple Inc. hasn’t confirmed any exact release schedule, specs and features of the upcoming iMac 2017. So, the company’s avid fans are advised to take the above-mentioned information with skepticism. But then, as the launch of the device nears, the tech giant will surely reveal every single detail about the upcoming desktop.

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Apple Has Plans For MacBook Pro RAM Overkill

#MacBook #MacBookPro – Apple Has Plans For MacBook Pro RAM Overkill : Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst with KGI Securities, has predicted that Apple would be launching three models of the MacBook, a 12-incher, a 13-incher and an all-new 15-incher that is said to be coming with a top RAM choice of 32GB.

It seems odd that Apple would go with the 32GB option especially since Phil Schiller, Apple’s SVP for worldwide marketing, has said that, “To put more than 16GB of fast RAM into a notebook design at this time would require a memory system that consumes much more power and wouldn’t be efficient enough for a notebook.”

It could be that Apple has discovered a way to make power efficiency work out for this latest model. It’s also reported that the RAM disks in this 2017 MacBooks will be desktop-grade.

Aside that, the tech giant will also be using Intel’s latest seventh-gen “Kaby Lake” Core chips. According to Pocket Now, the assembly will commence in summer and it will be ready for a fall launch.

In regards to current sales trends, Kuo reveals that the essentially the trend for Macs has risen, mostly due to the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. However, it is dragged down by the version lacking in the Touch Bar along with delays from supply chains. The well-known analyst predicts that Apple will decrease the price on the model that is currently price at $1,499.

MacBook & MacBook Pro with Kaby Lake Processors, 32GB RAM Option Coming This Year

#MacBook #MacBookPro – MacBook & MacBook Pro with Kaby Lake Processors, 32GB RAM Option Coming This Year : According to a research note by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will update its 12-inch MacBook and MacBook Pro lineup with Kaby Lake processors this year. But that’s not all, the 15-inch MacBook Pro will get a 32GB RAM option as well.

MacBook & MacBook Pro is About to Get a Spec Bump, But Look Forward More to 15-inch MacBook Pro Later this Year

The new MacBook Pro lineup of notebooks from Apple are powerful machines, without a doubt. But they fell short of a couple of things: Intel’s Kaby Lake processors and a 32GB RAM option. The latter, according to Apple, was left out as more RAM leads to mundane battery life. Sounds fair enough, but all of that is about to change later this year.

According to a research note by KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is set to update its entire lineup of MacBook Pro notebooks with Kaby Lake processors. But, to appease power-users, the Cupertino company will be releasing a 15-inch model with 32GB of RAM as well. The 32GB RAM option model is being pegged as “the most significantly redesigned product this year.” It’s also believed the notebook will pack in desktop-class RAM for added power.

The 12-inch MacBook from Apple is about to get an upgrade this year as well. They will, like the MacBook Pro, bring forth Kaby Lake processor upgrades. And those looking for more RAM options will be pleased to learn that the notebook might end up featuring 16GB RAM option too. Currently, the 12-inch MacBook is available in 8GB of RAM configuration only.

According to Kuo, the 12-inch MacBook Pro with Kaby Lake will enter mass production in Q2 of this year. The MacBook Pro, on the other hand, will hit the assembly lineup in Q3 of 2017. The 32GB 15-inch MacBook Pro, on the other hand, will go into production in September, which happens to be Q4 of this year.

In case you are wondering: Kaby Lake from Intel are extremely power-efficient set of processors, and will bring battery life related benefits to the end-user. Given how the current-generation MacBook Pro is taking a lot of flak from the community in this department, an upgrade to Kaby Lake might actually do some justice to Apple’s ‘Pro’ lineup of notebooks.

We will keep our readers updated if there is more news regarding the MacBook Pro and MacBook. Till then, feel free to drop your thoughts in the comments section below regarding today’s update.

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MacBook Air 2017 Release Date: Apple May Ditch The Air Brand Completely This Year

#MacBookAir #MacBookAir2017 – MacBook Air 2017 Release Date: Apple May Ditch The Air Brand Completely This Year : The MacBook Air 2017 may not arrive, as per the rumors. The year 2016 a rather disappointing update on Apple’s cheapest MacBook. The Air was lightly refreshed in the first half of last year and was hoped to introduce major improvements in October alongside a new Pro. However, hopes were crushed when the Keynote event nowhere near mentioned the MacBook Air. This begs the question: will it still get upgrades or will it vanish completely?

Apple To Ditch MacBook Air 2017 To Cut Down Production?

An analyst from IHS Securities claimed that Apple is set to cut down its MacBook production by 16 percent this year in response to the market’s diminishing interest, ITHome reported (via Firstpost). This leads to the prediction that the MacBook Air lineup will take the blow.

Apple produced 16.2 million MacBooks last year. This year, the figure will dwindle down to 13.6 million units. It is speculated that the 11.6-inch variant of the MacBook Air will be cut down as a result, which means that the 13.3-inch Air can still be available.

New MacBook Pro Leads MacBook Air 2017 To Its Demise?

Meanwhile, hopes for a MacBook Air 2017 are decreasing. The sleek and light MacBook Pro 2016 that was unveiled in October can already compete with the Air line in such aspects. Then there is also the 12-inch MacBook that is undoubtedly thinner and lighter than its siblings.

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro, which acts like a laptop in many ways, can also spell the end for the MacBook Air 2017. However, the aforementioned options are more expensive than the Air. As it stands, it is Apple’s entry-level laptop that can still lure in consumers that do not have much budget.

If Apple releases a revamped MacBook Air 2017, it can be expected to happen in March or May this year, according to MacWorld. But nothing is set in stone as Apple is yet to disclose its intentions on its laptop brand.

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2017 MacBook Pros Could Switch To IGZO Displays

#MacBook #MacBookPros – 2017 MacBook Pros Could Switch To IGZO Displays : While Apple claims that nothing is wrong with the batteries in the new MacBook Pros, Consumer Reports begs to differ as for some reason during their testing, the results were extremely varied ranging from battery life much longer than Apple estimated, and much shorter than Apple estimated.

In turn this led to the organization deciding that they just could not recommend Apple’s 2016 MacBook Pros. However could 2017 solve the MacBook Pro battery issues? According to IHS, as reported by DigiTimes (via MacRumors), it seems that for the 2017 refresh of the MacBook Pro, Apple could be making the switch to IGZO displays, a display that consumes less power which in theory should allow the laptop to run for longer.

There is also the upside that it will allow for significantly higher brightness, according to DisplayMate president Raymond Soneira who spoke to MacRumors. However he also notes that IGZO’s material costs are higher which means more expensive manufacturing costs, and that there have been yield issues which is why the technology isn’t so widely adopted yet.

As it stands the MacBook Pros uses a-Si TFT-LCD panels for its display, so it will be interesting to see how different the IGZO panels could look. It is widely expected that Apple will refresh the laptops later this year. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had predicted last year that the refresh will result in upgrades to the CPU as well as a lower price point, but either way do take these reports with a grain of salt for now.

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Apple MacBook Pro 2017 Coming Soon as Intel Prepares to Roll out New Processors

#MacBook #MacBookPro2017 – Apple MacBook Pro 2017 Coming Soon as Intel Prepares to Roll out New Processors : Finally, the moment everyone has been waiting for is upon us. Intel has formally announced the new Kaby Lake processors lineup coming this year. The said processors will also be featured in this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in a few days. In line with the announcement made by Intel, many experts now believe that a MacBook 2017 refresh will also be release before long.

Since the initial release of the MacBook Pro last October, Apple has been on the receiving end of many complaints. From sub par battery life to buggy display firmware, it is not looking good for Apple of late.

The recent criticisms thrown at the company have resulted in a steady migration of Mac users to Microsoft. As reported by the Microsoft blog, many Mac users are beginning to switch to the Windows system, specifically the Surface Pro. For Apple, this is terrible news indeed. Losing its loyal fanbase will definitely hurt the company in the long run.

MacBook Pro 2016

MacBook Pro (via

In recompense, Apple then has an option to do an early release of the MacBook Pro based on the Kaby Lake chips. This is probably the best case scenario for the company to gain back the trust of its loyal customers.

That being said, perhaps consumers will be seeing a new MacBook Pro 2017 sooner, rather than later. Especially now that the Kaby Lake processor, that can power the laptop, will be available soon.

The new Intel Kaby Lake processors will be formally announced at Intel’s CES 2017 event. The semiconductor company will be unveiling a series of new chips that will power the next generation of electronic gadgets. These devices range from the 2-in-1 hybrid systems to high-performance workstations like the Mac Pro.

According to Intel, some of the processors will have native support for virtual reality gaming as well as 4K video processing. In addition to these, performance and efficiency have been improved immensely on the new line of semiconductor products. In line with this, many mobile devices will benefit from Intel’s new processors when it comes to power savings without compromising on performance.

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Apple 'iMac 2017' Might Only Have Tweaks Instead Of Major Changes

#iMac #iMac2017 – Apple ‘iMac 2017’ Might Only Have Tweaks Instead Of Major Changes : Despite the hectic preparations, though, Apple is most definitely not forgetting about their other famous products, and this includes the iMac. As a matter of fact, according to news site Bloomberg, the tech giant is currently finding ways to rejuvenate and refresh their flagship desktop PC.

According to Christian Times, a major overhaul with the iMac is not to be expected, however, with only a set of creative tweaking to be done with it, to add a fresher perspective to things. Part of these anticipated changes would include a more powerful AMD chip for smoother and crisper graphics, as well as an all-new USB port for easier management for other gadgets being used.

To effectively complement the news of these changes, Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at KGI Securities has forecasted that the release of the new iMac models to take place within the first 6 months of the next year.

The iMac 2017 will soon be out

Current CEO of the tech giant, Tim Cook, however, was quick to assure that Apple would still give its full devotion to their desktop PC amidst other product launches in the years to come, which comes after leaving iMac clients a little bit underwhelmed with the changes that have been made.

Tech Crunch managed to get a hold of a post on a message board of an employee at Apple, and the exec wrote a long note in a bid to solve the concerns about the iMac. According to Cook, people have already raised doubts regarding on how committed they are to developing desktops.

To clear this doubt, he states that they are in talks of creating a whole new line of desktops and that there is nothing to be worried about when it comes to the priorities of Apple set for them. Moreover, Cook has emphasized Apple’s initiatives to brainstorm for new and innovative products, as well as their unceasing quest for great ideas and potentials that could be used elsewhere.

Things to Expect with the iMac 2017

According to Network World, he also says that they don’t do things for the sake of investment return, or in other words, strictly for business means.They also don’t do it simply because they have knowledge as to how it ought to be used, which is the safe and common motif behind doing things.

Rather, they do it because it generates interest and could drive people somewhere definite, despite all the uncertainties and the odds. While this does not hold true most of the time, he adds that it leads them to places they never thought they would reach.

As of writing, the iMac still manages to make several new sales on a regular basis, as shown during the Black Friday Sale of last month, and therefore it could be said that the popularity of their units has not wavered significantly. Whichever the case is, we just need to wait for the official release of the iMac 2017 to know more specific details surrounding its very existence.

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