Nintendo Switch Stock Issues Solved; Restocking of NES Classic Edition Addressed

#NintendoNES #NintendoSwitch – Nintendo Switch Stock Issues Solved; Restocking of NES Classic Edition Addressed : The demands for Nintendo’s newest consoles the Switch and the NES Classic Edition brought commotion in the gaming world. The issue of restocking was not only faced by gamers but retailers as well.

However, while the Nintendo Switch is still short on stock, and the fans who pre-ordered are still waiting for their consoles, it seems like there is hope in sight. A report from Express UK said that Gamestop will be restocking the Switch.

Gamestop confirmed that they will be restocking the Nintendo Switch on March 22. Buyers who get a new Switch now will also benefit from updates from Nintendo’s end including the issues with its left Joy-Con controller.

The popularity of Nintendo Switch is mainly attributed to the portability it offers, a hybrid game console that provides amazing gaming experience as what stationary consoles provide. Gamer concerns were pointed out to the sticker price which was $10 higher than on PS4, Xbox One, and Wii U.

The Nintendo Switch has already sold more than 1.5 million units and is on the way to hit 2 million by the end of March. The new demands may lead manufacturers to produce 16 million units instead of the 8 million-unit original plan.
Industry leaders are confident that the Nintendo Switch may surpass the Nintendo Wii. With around 100 million units sold today, it is no doubt that the Nintendo Wii was the most popular gaming console.

Nintendo fans who couldn’t afford the Nintendo Switch opted for the cheaper one which is the NES Classic Edition. Costing only $59.99, the NES Classic Edition is indeed cheaper; however, the console is not an easy buy.

Another good news is on the way, according to Nintendo Wire, Best Buy will also be restocking the Nintendo Switch and the NES Classic Edition. Best Buy confirmed on their Twitter account that the Nintendo Switch and the NES Classic Edition will be available online, but still in “limited quantities”.

AMD Ryzen 5 1400 Goes Head-To-Head Against Intel Core i5-7400

#AMD #Ryzen – AMD Ryzen 5 1400 Goes Head-To-Head Against Intel Core i5-7400 : Ever since AMD unveiled the new Ryzen chips, the battle of the processors suddenly became interesting. AMD’s Ryzen 5 1400 almost has the same specifications and price as Intel’s Core i5 7400 CPU which makes their rivalry even more appealing.

The Ryzen 5 1400 comes with 4 cores and 8 threads making it the closest rival of Intel’s Core i5 processor. The AMD chip also has 8 MB of L3 cache and a thermal design power or TDP of 65 watts. The AMD Ryzen 5 1400’s benchmark test results were very recently leaked and it showed that the chip can compete with Intel’s Core i5 processor. The AMD chip clocked speeds of 3.2 GHz base and 3.4 GHz boost. It also overclocked to 3.8 GHz before it crashed. The Ryzen 5 1400 scored 754 points at 3.5 GHz in the Cinebench R15 while garnering 8.49 points in Cinebench R11.5.

The Intel Core i5 7400, meanwhile, comes with four cores and four threads which are four threads lower than the Ryzen 5 1400. At $169, the Ryzen 5 1400 CPU is the cheapest of AMD’s new processors. It’s also $30 cheaper than the $199 Intel Core i5 7400. As Forbes noted, the Ryzen 5 1600 which follows the Ryzen 5 1400 is just $20 cheaper than the Intel Core i5 7400 despite having six cores and 12 threads.

A video comparing the two processors along with the Intel Pentium G4560 showed that the Ryzen 5 can compete with Intel and in some cases, was better. As Digital Trends noted, the AMD Ryzen 5 looks good on paper thanks to its better specifications. The video also proves this point though the person behind the YouTube video, Santiago Santiago, noted that AMD’s processors still have some room to improve. If that’s the case, then AMD might finally pull the rug under Intel.

A number of rumors have already surfaced indicating that some companies are considering using AMD’s chips instead of the more popular Intel processors. Apple is in the middle of such rumors as the tech giant is supposedly shifting from the usual Intel chips to AMD Ryzen for the next iMac and Macbook Pro. A more recent rumor, however, stated that both devices may utilize Intel’s Canon Lake processors. Of course, these are all just rumors for now so it’s better to take them with a grain of salt.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 5: Next Tablet To Come With Rechargeable Surface Pen; October 2017 Release Likely To Happen?

#MicrosoftSurface #SurfacePro5 – Microsoft Surface Pro 5: Next Tablet To Come With Rechargeable Surface Pen; October 2017 Release Likely To Happen? : Many Microsoft fans are now getting pretty excited for the coming of the tech giant’s next-generation tablet, the Microsoft Surface Pro 5. Sadly, it seems like enthusiasts might have to wait a bit longer before they could order the device.

Speculations have strongly suggested that the next tablet could be out in the market sometime in Fall of 2017. According to Learn Bonds, all supposed signs are now pointing to the possible launch of the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 in October 2017. But analysts, however, are still unsure about the rumored 2017 release window for the next Surface Pro tablet. If it does come out, though, then the Redmond-based tech giant would certainly have something to compete with other tech manufacturers for the holiday season.

The October 2017 launch window for Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is not the only speculated time frame that has emerged on the internet recently. Other outlets have also claimed before that the next-generation tablet would eventually be unveiled in March, as said on Droid Report. But to no avail, the month has already come and gone with the device nowhere in sight.

As for the specifications, the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is being rumored to run using either an Intel Kaby Lake processor or AMD’s Ryzen chip. It is going to be supported by 16 GB of Random Access Memory (RAM) and 512 GB of built-in storage capacity. There is also a rumor going around suggesting that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will come equipped with a rechargeable Surface Pen, PC Advisor reported.

In terms of the display resolution, rumor has it that Microsoft Surface Pro 5 may come with either 2K or 4K quality for its screen. No further details mentioned, though, for the size of the screen. More updates about this should come out in the coming months.

It should be noted that the tech giant still hasn’t confirmed the existence of the Microsoft Surface Pro 5. With that being said, it is highly advisable to take these rumored specifications and features with a tiny pinch of salt.

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Surface Book 2 May Not Show Up At Microsoft’s Spring Event

#SurfaceBook #SurfaceBook2 – Surface Book 2 May Not Show Up At Microsoft’s Spring Event : Microsoft Surface Book 2 device is expected to arrive this year. Previously, several reports suggested that the company might be unveiling the device at their expected Spring event.

However, a new report byZDNet suggests that the company has apparently postponed the launch of its expected device. Apparently, Microsoft is not planning on unveiling its much-awaited Surface Book 2 at the spring event that is scheduled to take place in April. On the specifications front, the Microsoft Surface Book 2, as reported by Windows Central is expected to feature a 2-in-1 facility.

The device might be priced anywhere lower than $1,000. However, analyst Mary-Jo Foley of ZDNet suggests that the device isn’t ready yet. For now, it remains unclear whether the announcement of release regarding the Microsoft Surface Book 2 will be made.

As per the reports, the Microsoft Surface Book 2 is expected to be the next-generation hybrid laptop. The gadget will pack the latest Windows 10 Creators Update and will further be powered by Intel’s latest Kaby Lake processors. On the display front, the Surface Book 2 may feature bumped-up display, thereby making it compatible with 4K viewing.

Moreover, the Microsoft Surface Book 2 is also expected to support VR (Virtual Reality). With an improved Surface pen and much better graphics, the Surface Book 2 will be the laptop that will be worth it. Apart from that, the company hasn’t exactly announced the release date for the same yet. As per The Country Caller, Microsoft Surface Book could come up by mid-2017.

However, experts claim that the device will be launched in the second half of 2017. None of the above-given information has been confirmed by the company yet. Separately, Intel has confirmed that their 7th-generation Kaby Lake chip is something that will most probably be coming in the speculated Microsoft Surface Book 2 device. The production hasn’t begun yet. Stay tuned for more Microsoft Surface Book 2 updates.

Surface Pro 5 might not be launching in April

#MicrosoftSurface #SurfacePro5 – Surface Pro 5 might not be launching in April : While there have been reports claiming that Surface Pro 5 will be launching in April, new unconfirmed reports from Microsoft’s supply chain have emerged recently that claim that the Surface Pro 4 successor will actually get delayed and will not be ready for April launch.

Surface Pro 5 has become a tale of never ending rumours and reports with report after report claiming that the tablet is all but ready and we will see it launch in Spring 2017. That’s not happening according to new reports because it turns out that analysts believe that Surface Pro line-up could be in for a rejig. Launching Surface Pro 5 after two years of Surface Pro 4 could be rather late if we look at it from the perspective of gadget updates that happen in less than a year now a days.

Having said that Microsoft will not abandon its one of the most successful lineup of hardware gadgets and that’s why we believe Surface Pro 5 is happening sooner or later.

It is also being said that Microsoft might launch new devices to show off the capabilities of upcoming major update to Windows 10 – the Creators update. Microsoft is also expected to announce Windows 10 Cloud Edition this Spring. This Cloud Edition is said to be Redmon’s equivalence to Google’s Chrome OS.

Despite the name, the Windows 10 Cloud is more on about restricing access on what softwares and applications could be installed on devices. This could mean that only apps from the Windows store could be installed through desktop UWP apps. What could this mean to Microsoft Pro 5 and Book 2?.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 and Book 2 might just be just another Windows 10 Cloud devices. If one is expecting the devices this month, just prepare for the worst. And while there is no confirmation that Surface Pro 5 will land soon

Windows 10 Cumulative Updates KB4016252 and KB4016251 Download Links

#Windows10 #Windows10Update – Windows 10 Cumulative Updates KB4016252 and KB4016251 Download Links : Microsoft has rolled out new cumulative updates for systems running Windows 10 Creators Update (build 15063), and while they are available via Windows Update, as is the case of the majority of cumulative updates, they can be downloaded manually as well.

KB4016252 and KB4016251 are only available for users in the Windows Insider program, and you can check out more information about both of them here.

As usual, these cumulative updates do not bring any new features, but only bug fixes and performance improvements, and this is particularly important this time given the fact that Microsoft is getting ready to roll out the Creators Update to all users.

The Windows Insider program is thus playing a much more important role right now, as users participating in this effort can help test not only Windows and app updates but also cumulative updates before they are shipped to users. And given that the Creators Update is not yet available for retail users, this helps Microsoft ensure smooth performance of the OS release before the go-ahead button is pushed.

Windows 10 Creators Update launching tomorrow

As a reminder, the Windows 10 Creators Update is projected to become available for download via Windows Update Assistant tomorrow, while everyone else will get it on Windows Update on April 11.

A new cumulative update is likely to ship on April 11 to systems updating to the final version of the Creators Update, and the improvements that are released these days by Microsoft as part of the Windows Insider program are likely to ship in this final patch as well.

You can manually download cumulative updates KB4016252 and KB4016251 using this link, but keep in mind that you can only install them on systems running version 1703 (which is the Creators Update on build 15063) as part of the Windows Insider program, enrolled either in the Slow or Fast rings.

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Is a Sauber-Honda F1 Team Coming in April?

#Honda #F1 #SauberF1 – Is a Sauber-Honda F1 Team Coming in April? : The Sauber F1 team could be announcing a change to Honda engines next month. Currently, the team is using 2016-spec Ferrari engines because of budgetary constraints.

According to via The Drive, the Melbourne team will be announcing a change to Honda engines in April. The team stretched its cast limit so much so that it would have been forced to withdraw from the sport. Luckily, the team finished ahead of Manor F1 at the 2016 Brazilian Grand Prix. The prize pool was able to keep them on the grid.

Sauber was forced to cut a deal with Ferrari for their outdated 2016 engines. This came at a huge discount, similar to how Scuderia Toro Rosso used Ferrari’s 2015 engines for last season. However, considering the new 2017 rules, the use of older engines was too much of a handicap. Any chance to upgrade to a current spec engine is thus very welcome for the team.

Honda is Sauber’s chance to remain relevant this season. It was already previously confirmed by the team’s chief, Monisha Kaltenborn, that the Melbourne team is considering Honda and Mercedes as top alternatives for 2018 engine options.

McLaren also uses Honda engines and they have suffered since the start in 2015. Apparently, Honda promised them the world and only showed up with a globe. The Japanese automaker cannot be blamed for the bad situation because they do not get enough data compared to other engine suppliers.

If the Sauber F1 team will use Honda engines, they now have more access to more data. The new development program hopes to progress faster than before and deliver. This year could also be a make-or-break deal for the McLaren-Honda F1 pairing.

In another report by Sky Sports, Honda remains tight-lipped on the issue. The Japanese automaker acknowledged that they already have a responsibility to provide engines for more than one team. However, the car maker declined to comment on the report.

The Sauber F1 team need to work hard this season. However, with a newer engine, hopefully, they will do better. Will the Sauber-Honda team come true next year? That remains to be seen. Stay tuned for more Formula 1 news.

Xbox One's Latest Update Bring Tons Of New Surprising Features

#Microsoft #XboxOne  – Xbox One’s Latest Update Bring Tons Of New Surprising Features : Microsoft has been testing out a number of new features for Xbox One users to explore the Insiders Program. The March update for the Xbox One is bringing tons of enhancements to the console, as well as new thrilling features, to Xbox One owners..

A new home is one of the major features of this update is a new UI for Home. The new Home is speedier and looks sleeker. Microsoft has optimized the speed and prioritized gaming content for the users. Also, this new update also delivers backgrounds to your Home, which will highlight the game users playing, if owners don’t have a custom one set. More so, another change seems to be the quicker guide. If users will press the guide button, it doesn’t take to the Home page. Instead, it comes as an overlay on the left side. According to Microsoft, the new experience “puts the features and functionality that you use the most right at your fingertips”.

New Multitasking With Cortana, the multitasking features were designed to act more like the new Guide and prioritize specific features. Interestingly, Cortana will also come out as an overlay on the screen, letting users to access Party controls, set reminders and alarms, and play music with simple voice controls.The New Beam App is an app which will enable users to stream Xbox gameplay straight from the Guide and will include the ability to manage Beam broadcasts and also interact with other gamers or viewers in a chat overlay. A new Beam viewing app can also be found in My Games and Apps.

Also, Xbox has a copilot feature “which allows two controllers to act as if they were one”. Microsoft believes that this makes the console “more inviting to gamers who can benefit from playing along with another person, more fun for families by adding cooperative controls for any game, and easier for players who need unique configurations to play”. The Screen time limits( XBOX), a Windows 10 feature has already made its way to the Xbox One, enabling parents to set daily time allowance and limits for minors using the Xbox One. Furthermore, it will be enforced automatically and be can specific to each child..

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AMD Ryzen 16-Core, 12-Core Variants To Have Multiple Chip Module Design, Intel HEDT Chips In Danger?

#AMD #Ryzen – AMD Ryzen 16-Core, 12-Core Variants To Have Multiple Chip Module Design, Intel HEDT Chips In Danger? : AMD is currently working on 16-core and 12-core Ryzen processors as a response to Intel’s HEDT chips. Aside from a few benchmark spottings, a recent report sheds some light on their design and capability.

Both chips will reportedly have a multi-chip module design, which is in line with a previous claim that it will use a larger socket. It was revealed previously that both 16-core and 12-core Ryzen chips will use a socket with 4,000 pins, Fudzilla reported. There will be twice the amount of cores as well as 58 PCIe lanes.

The AMD Ryzen 16-core variant will be two 8-core CPUs stitched together while the 8-core variant will be two 6-core CPUs. It is unknown so far how these will perform when they are out in the market, but a SiSoft Sandra benchmark test already revealed how the 12-core variant might fare against competitors. And it’s safe to say that it will do well against high-end models.

Other information revealed so far about the chips include support for a quad-channel DDR4 memory, which, at present, is the most efficient and fastest memory. This will allow AMD to face Intel directly at the top of the computing industry.

SegmentNext also reports that that the AMD Ryzen chips’ frequencies will not increase along with the clocks speeds. The 16-core model will have 180W TDP while the 12-core variant will have 140W TDP, which was noted to have a single disabled core per CCX.

The specs look promising, as fans expected no less from AMD Ryzen. The lineup is pretty competitive and is proving to be some of the today’s best CPUs yet. With the recently launched and upcoming processors, AMD may have found an Intel killer in Ryzen.

The AMD Ryzen 16-core and 12-core CPUs are expected to be formally unveiled at Computex in Taipei in June. The launch will then follow shortly after.

Refreshed 2018 Jaguar F-Type Shows Off Its New R Dynamic And Limited Edition Sport Models

#Jaguar #JaguarFType – Refreshed 2018 Jaguar F-Type Shows Off Its New R Dynamic And Limited Edition Sport Models : Jaguar is giving their F-Type line a refreshing look and adding two new variants for 2018. The all-new 2018 F-Type features new LED headlights and slightly darker taillights.

Every model except the SVR also gets some updates on the front bumpers. The most noticeable change is on the side vents, which morph from the double slots to single openings. The F-Type R’s large side vents are also bisected horizontally.

The two new F-Type versions are the R Dynamic and the limited edition 400 Sport. But the R Dynamic isn’t that exciting since its pretty much package for the entry level 340- and 380- hp. All the models are available in 19- and 20-inch wheel options, as well as gloss black-painted hood vents, side sills, rear diffuser, and splitter.

The 2018 Jaguar F-Type R-Dynamic model is equipped with a supercharged 3.0-liter V6 engine that produces either 340 or 380 hp. The engine is paired with either a six-speed manual or eight-speed Quickshift automatic transmission. In addition, the R Dynamic is also available in both coupe and convertible.

On the other hand, the 400 Sport model is powered by a V6 engine that produces up to 400 hp. But the only available transmission is the Quickshift automatic. It also comes with larger brakes, unique 20-inch dark gray wheels, and black-painted calipers. There are also performance seats included, black brushed-aluminum trim and yellow contrasting stitching.

The two other major updates for the F-Type line involve the infotainment system. Every model now comes standard with Jaguar’s Touch Pro infotainment system and its 8-inch touchscreen which the driver can interact. There is also a new cool app that the automaker developed with GoPro. It’s called ReRun, which allows the drivers to connect a GoPro camera to the vehicle, and download footage to the phone.

The new 2018 Jaguar F-Type range goes on sale in the first quarter of 2017. According to a Jaguar representative, further information such as the price will be revealed at the New York Auto Show.

Source : Autoworld