Samsung Rumored to Display Its Foldable Smartphone at the Upcoming MWC 2017

#SamsungDisplay #MWC2017 – Samsung Rumored to Display Its Foldable Smartphone at the Upcoming MWC 2017 : Samsung is definitely making an appearance at the MWC 2017 trade show, but not for the reasons you believe. Sure, it is expected to announce its flagship tablet, the Galaxy Tab S3 at the show but rumors are clamoring that the tech giant might also have something else up its sleeve in the form of a mobile device, and it isn’t going to be the Galaxy S8.

Galaxy X, the Rumored Foldable Smartphone Has Been Reported to Be Displayed in a Private Exhibition Room

According to information published by ETNews, Samsung will be displaying a foldable smartphone, which has been rumored to be called Galaxy X, or codename Project Valley. However, the rumor suggests that the device isn’t going to be put on display at the show floor, which is the place where several other manufacturers will be showcasing their offerings. Instead, it has been reported that the foldable smartphone is going to be put on display in a separate exhibition room and only a few select individuals will be able to glance upon what the company has been working on for so long.

It was previously rumored that Samsung would be working to release two of these devices, with the first one being released in 2017 while the second one would be announced next year. So far, what we have been led to believe in the form of rumors is that the Galaxy X will feature a book-like form factor, with the foldable display being flexible enough to turn into an actual book.

However, the company might not be too keen to release several of these devices primarily because the market isn’t ready to make a huge transition as far as mobile devices are concerned. They want a device that will work flawlessly as soon as they remove it from the box because after paying a premium for it, that is their very first expectation.

Even if the rumor does turn out to be true, the lucky individuals who have been invited to the private exhibition will probably be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Regardless, it will definitely be exciting to see what Samsung has is store for us as far as its foldable smartphone goes.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaks: Photos Of Device And Official Cases Confirms Rumors

#SamsungGalaxy #GalaxyS8 – Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaks: Photos Of Device And Official Cases Confirms Rumors : The Samsung Galaxy S8 is proclaimed by most tech experts as the company’s make or break device after the disastrous recall of its previous generation phablet offering, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Being the first flagship to be launched right after the exploding battery issue means that the company would have to make sure that it impresses its consumers for it to regain its reputation as one of the leading smartphone manufacturers in the world.

Given that Samsung will likely be putting all of its efforts in the creation of the next Galaxy S flagship, there is a lot of expectations for some very innovative features to be included. Several news leaks, via Android Pure, has now revealed that Samsung has indeed pulled out all the stops with their upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 device.

Some of the images that were shown by the website features some live images of the device’s official cases. The cases confirms that Samsung will indeed be transferring the fingerprint scanner to the back of the device. The move is of course to free up space for an edge-to-edge display that will likely be covering the entire front of the new Samsung Galaxy S8. Other leaked images obtained by Venture Beat allegedly showcased the front of the device, which does show that it has no home button. The edge-to-edge display, being referred to as an “infinity screen,” covers the entire front part of the device with its edges curving towards the back.

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 will reportedly be offered in two variants, namely a 5.8-inch model and a 6.2-inch model called the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. Both devices were previously expected to be unveiled at the upcoming 2017 Mobile World Congress (MWC) event in Barcelona, Spain. However, Samsung’s Koh Dong-jin had confirmed that they won’t be unveiling the devices at the event this month like the previous Galaxy S smartphones.

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Samsung Galaxy TabPro S2 Receives Bluetooth Certification: 2-in-1 Windows Hybrid Tablet Arriving Soon

#SamsungGalaxy #GalaxyTabS2 – Samsung Galaxy TabPro S2 Receives Bluetooth Certification: 2-in-1 Windows Hybrid Tablet Arriving Soon : A new Samsung Tablet dubbed as Samsung Galaxy TabPro S2 with model number SM-W727V was spotted on the Bluetooth certification. It has received the certification from the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG). Last week, the tablet has also received a wi-fi certification from the WiFi Alliance (WFA), which makes the strong existence of the phone.

Samsung had launched Galaxy TabPro S back in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 in Las Vegas. As per reports, the Galaxy TabPro S2 will be the successor of Galaxy TabPro S. The new tablet is expected to be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The South Korean giant has also sent out the invites for an event which is scheduled for February 26, 2017. The event will most probably hold the unveiling of the new Galaxy Tab S3. Recent reports also claim that Samsung might unveil a teaser video of the Galaxy S8 at MWC 2017, as per The Mobile Indian.

The Samsung Galaxy TabPro S2 is a Wi-Fi only model as per the listing on Bluetooth certification, however, later on, it is expected to be unveiled as LTE variant also. The Bluetooth certification site does not reveal any specs of the tablet apart from revealing the model number that is SM-W727V. The Wi-fi certification earlier revealed that the tablet will run on the latest Windows 10 OS.

As per speculation and rumors collected by Digital Trends, the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S2 will feature 12-inch Super AMOLED (2160×1440 pixel resolution) display. It will be reportedly powered by latest Intel Core M series processor.

To recall the specifications of Samsung Galaxy TabPro S, the device features a 12-inch Super AMOLED display that has Quad HD, 2560 x 1440 pixel, resolution. It is powered by a 6th generation, 2.2 GHz dual-core Intel Core M processor, and coupled with 4GB RAM. The device runs on Windows 10 operating system.

The TabPro S comes in 128GB and 256GB internal storage variants and features a 5200 mAh battery. It has fast charging feature which claims to charge the battery to full capacity in just 2.5 hours, while it offers up to 10.5 hours of battery life.

With a hybrid tablet as the Galaxy TabPro S2, you can get the best of both worlds as it is compact to carry around and also has a great display, which can be converted into a full Windows 10 laptop.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 To Retain Note 7 Features; Release Later This Year

#GalaxyNote8 #GalaxyNote7 – Samsung Galaxy Note 8 To Retain Note 7 Features; Release Later This Year : The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 may be dead, but the Galaxy Note line still lives on. In fact, Samsung just announced that it would be releasing the Galaxy Note 8 in the second half of 2017. In the recently concluded press conference by Samsung, the company’s president iterated that the Galaxy Note line is still alive.

However, in line with the recent mishaps from the Note 7, Samsung would like to take its time in addressing the issues it had in the past. Furthermore, the company has also decided to delay the release of its upcoming flagship, the Galaxy S8.

Galaxy Note 8 riding on Galaxy Note 7 popularity

According to Business Korea, the Galaxy Note 7, was one of the most popular phones from Samsung to date. However, due to the unfortunate exploding batteries, the phone was later discontinued. Nevertheless, it seems that Samsung will be using this popularity to liven up the upcoming Galaxy Note 8.

In a statement a few weeks ago, a Samsung official said that the Galaxy Note 8 might include a 4K display. This is to set it apart from the Galaxy S8 which will be released with a 2K AMOLED display. Furthermore, the decision to include a 4K display on the Galaxy Note 8 is to increase virtual reality engagement. This ultra high-definition screen will give enough pixels for the lenses of the Samsung Gear VR device.

Galaxy Note 8 specs

In addition to the 4K display, it also rumored that Samsung will retain the iconic curved display of the Galaxy Note 7. Perhaps, this has something to do with the rumors that Apple is also considering the same display design. That being said, it may also mean that other features that users loved on the Note 7 will also be included on the Note 8. These include the infrared iris scanner, fingerprint scanner, and the IP68 ingress protection rating.

Around April, Samsung is set to release the Galaxy S8. The highly anticipated smartphone will skip this year’s Mobile World Congress to address more safety issues. The Galaxy Note 8 will not be released until after the first half of 2017. There is a strong chance that it might get a September release, or even earlier if Samsung manages to address its battery issues in a timely manner.

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Galaxy Note 8 News: Samsung Chief Doesn’t Want To Give Up On Phablet; Device Will Be ‘Better, Safer & Very Innovative’

#SamsungGalaxy #GalaxyNote8 – Galaxy Note 8 News: Samsung Chief Doesn’t Want To Give Up On Phablet; Device Will Be ‘Better, Safer & Very Innovative’ : Despite having a disastrous outcome coming from last year’s Note 7 mishap, Samsung is keeping its hopes alive for the Note 8. The company’s mobile chief D.J. Koh confirmed the news.

According to CNET, Koh spoke about making a safer and more innovative Note 8. The mobile chief believes that the company’s loyal fans would still want to have the next-generation phablet.

Samsung aims to rebuild its credibility with customers after an embarrassing 2016 campaign. Almost 96 percent of global Note 7 owners opted to trade away their devices. The company will be aiming to recover its image with a safer and more powerful Note 8 phablet.

The decision might sound risky, but the company is taking its chances to redeem the Note brand. The Note 8 might debut this fall and expectations are high for the Note 7’s successor.

Koh stated that the Note flagship garnered a group of devoted users he could not walk away from. He added that there’s still many loyal users for the phablet.

Beyond its customers, Samsung is likely unwilling to give up on one of the company’s marquee pieces. The company is often criticized for mimicking hot selling devices from other competitors. However, Samsung was the first company to hit the market with a jumbo sized phablet.

The Note Series has been part of the company’s mobile portfolio since the dawn of the smartphone. Letting go of one of their best products likely won’t happen according to many experts.

Koh’s statement regarding the Note’s popularity among loyal Samsung users is evident in their latest newsletter sign-ups. More than 10,000 Note customers have signed up to know more about the upcoming Note 8.

Tim Baxter, president of Samsung’s US arm still believes in a Note 8 comeback. Baxter stated that there is still a large number of Note 4 and Note 5 users that are looking for an upgrade.

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iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy S8 And Google Pixel 2: What Do They Have In Common?

#iPhone8 #GalaxyS8 #GooglePixel2 – iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy S8 And Google Pixel 2: What Do They Have In Common? : Apple’s iPhone 8, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Google Pixel 2 are three of the most anticipated devices in 2017. But that is not the only thing they have in common.

All three flagship smartphones will be sporting an Organic Light Emitting Diodes or OLED display. This is according to DisplayMate president Dr. Rayond M. Soneira. DisplayMate is responsible for testing displays so that they will meet industry standards.

Of the three, Samsung will be the first to unveil its flagship phone. The Galaxy S8, therefore, will be the first in this prestigious group to show off its OLED display. Samsung may actually be considered the current leader in OLED displays as it has used it before on the Galaxy S7. It is also one of the main sources of the OLED tech. As a matter of fact, one rumor says Apple will be getting its OLED supply from the Korean conglomerate, its bitter rival. Samsung will probably do the same for the Pixel 2, according to BGR.

After the Galaxy S8’s expected April unveiling, Apple steps up to the plate in September with its 10th anniversary iPhone in the form of the iPhone 8 (or iPhone X according to some rumors). If it does come with an OLED screen, this will mark the first time that Apple will deviate from the usual LCD screens. One foreseeable problem with this is that the OLED screen will not come cheap for Apple, therefore, the iPhone 8’s price may be affected. Another thing to watch out for is how Apple will deal with its current and new display functions considering the huge difference between LCD and OLED displays.

Come October, Google will formally introduce the Pixel 2 which, like its predecessor, will have an OLED screen. Unlike the other two flagships, the Pixel 2 will likely have a flat OLED display.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8: Apple iPhone 8 to enjoy the clash

#GalaxyNote8 #GalaxyS8 – Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8: Apple iPhone 8 to enjoy the clash : Samsung has confirmed that it is developing a more innovative, safer and better Galaxy Note 8, putting an end to all speculations that the company may discontinue the Note line after the Galaxy Note 7 disaster. Samsung Galaxy S8 is yet another highly-anticipated smartphone that is about to be released soon but not at the MWC 2017. While a comparison between the Galaxy S8 and Apple iPhone 8 and Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone 8 are imminent, it will be interesting to see how the Galaxy Note 8 fares against the Galaxy S8. Moreover, iPhone 8 will love to see the two battle it out.

Numerous reports and leaks have suggested various specs and features but none have been confirmed yet by Samsung. The Galaxy S8 is expected to be released on March 29 as pointed by well known tipster Evan Blass. It will then go on sale from April 21. According to Wall Street Journal, Samsung is delaying the release because of the Galaxy Note 7 problem as the company wants to be doubly sure about its batteries and other safety issues before releasing. Samsung in general releases smartphones at MWC.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is expected in fall but might get delayed further. A BGR reported a leak that stated that the Galaxy S8’s starting price could be US$849 (AU$1,120 approx) and it will be released in two sizes, 5.8-inch and 6.2-inch. Earlier reports had talked about the Galaxy S8 price to be €100 (AU$140 approx) more than Samsung Galaxy S7 in Europe. The 6.2-inch model is expected to be priced at around €899 (AU$1,300 approx). None of these figures are confirmed and are mere speculations.

Even though the Galaxy Note 8 price is not available, experts believe Samsung may go with the same price as the Note 7, believes Tech.Mic. There were rumours that the Galaxy S8 will get a built-in Stylus but this seems unlikely. Instead, the S Pen could be available as an optional accessory. At least one of the two devices, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8, is expected to support the S Pen. Both S8 and Note 8 may also adopt the Iris scanning biometric technology. However, the scanner was discontinued in the Note 7.

Reuters had claimed back in 2016 that Samsung Galaxy S8 will launch with an artificial intelligence digital assistant service. It may even have a dedicated button for this service. It is still unknown whether the 3.5mm headphone jack will be present in the Galaxy Note and S8 devices.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 with 4GB of RAM to be Priced at $600

#SamsungGalaxy #GalaxyTabS3 – Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 with 4GB of RAM to be Priced at $600 : Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S3 has been getting all the necessary certifications and the tablet was even spotted on benchmarking sites. Some of its specs sheet and pricing have just been featured in a report from South Korea, via SamMobile.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 will be the company’s next flagship Android tablet and is said to feature a 9.6-inch display with 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution, making it one of the tablets with the highest screen resolution on the market.

The tablet is said to run a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor with 4GB of RAM and Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box. When it comes to camera capacity, the report reveals that the rear camera will be 12MP, while the front camera will have a capacity of 5MP.

Galaxy Tab S3 could be announced next month

The Galaxy Tab S3 will be available in two variants, LTE and WiFi only. It will be the successor to the Galaxy Tab S2, which was announced in August 2015. The Tab S3 is said to be thinner than its predecessor and might be unveiled during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month.

Since Samsung won’t be announcing its new flagship phone, it’s highly likely that the Tab S3 will make an appearance. The latest report also mentions that the Tab S3 could be released in March for the price of $600, but that remains to be seen.

It’s said to feature a USB Type-C port and UFS 2.0 storage as well, but battery capacity is unknown at this point, but it is expected to be larger than the 5,870mAh battery on the Galaxy Tab S2. If the rumored specs are accurate, the Tab S3 will be a clear improvement to the S2, with more RAM, a better processor and rear camera.

The Galaxy Tab S3 recently received FCC certification, as well as WiFi certification, which means that the device is quite close to being unveiled.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors: March Release Not True?

#SamsungGalaxy #GalaxyS8 – Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors: March Release Not True? : Consumers are definitely waiting for the release of Samsung Galaxy S8. Although Samsung has yet to announce the official release date of the handset, recent rumors claim that it will be earlier than what buyers are expecting. Also, new features of the phone might have been revealed in latest reports.

After all the troubles Samsung faced because of their Galaxy Note 7, consumers across the globe are looking forward to how the South Korean smartphone company will bounce back. A lot of critics believe that the upcoming Galaxy S8 is the device that will regain the trust of Samsung’s consumers. Therefore, it is pretty important to know when the handset will roll out.

Previous reports stated that the flagship phone will arrive on April 15. After this, some buyers might have started saving up for the handset. But your time table will certainly be ruined if this latest report is something to go by. According to Express, Samsung will launch the smartphone 18 days earlier than what was previously predicted.

The report was based on a recent tweet of Evan Bass. According to him, the phone will be launched on March 29. Now, for those who are wondering, Bass was the one who correctly predicted the launch of Galaxy S7, so his announcement is quite huge because it might be precise once more. However, it is obvious that there is no way to confirm that as Samsung has remained quiet about the release of Galaxy S8.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Specs

Meanwhile, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 is going to feature the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. A few weeks ago, Samsung and Qualcomm announced their partnership which confirmed previous speculations about the chipset supporting the phone.

Other rumors suggest that the flagship phone will have sizes that are bigger than usual. According to a previous report, the standard Galaxy S8 will sport a 5.8-inch screen display. It is .3 larger than the previous size of 5.5 inches. Also, the “Plus” size of the handset will be much bigger than S7 Plus, so consumers should really expect top-of-the-line screen display.

There you have it! All the latest rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S8. Whether or not it will hit the stores in late March, the handset will still be available not later than the second quarter of 2017.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Latest Leak Pokes Apple iPad Right Where It Hurts; Details Here

#SamsungGalaxy #GalaxyTabS3 – Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Latest Leak Pokes Apple iPad Right Where It Hurts; Details Here : Out Apple iPad; in Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. Latest leaks of the device show specs and features that will give its biggest competitor a run for its money. Not only that, it has every potential that will make Apple iPad series go extinct.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Specs Could Really Hurt Apple iPad

The specifications and features of the latest addition to the Samsung tab series, Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, have been leaked online. The details will put iPads to shame, T3 reported. GFXBench recently showed off the hardware of Galaxy Tab S3 and it’s simply glorious.

The leak reveals that Galaxy Tab S3 houses Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 quad-core, which puts iPad Pro and iPad Air 2 to shame, what with their limited CPU at dual core 64-bit A9X and 1.5 Ghz Tri-Core 64-bit Apple A8X respectively. Moreover, it has Adreno 530 GPU and runs on a 4GB RAM, whereas iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 4, both on 2GB RAM, only run on the outdated versions of Imagination Technologies’ PowerVR GX6650 and PowerVR GX64650 respectively.

While the Galaxy Tab S3 only has a 9.6-inch screen, the dynamics inside will keep the 2048 x 1536 high resolution from encountering any glitch. Moreover, its rear camera is 12-megapixel while the front is 5-megapixel. The leak also reveals a 24GB storage and will come with the option of a 32GB storage.

Release Date Revealed?

Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy Tab S3 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this February, Trusted Reviews reported. The device which bears the code name SM-T820 also recently received Wi-Fi certification. As this has been the second time the product was leaked to the public, it’s only safe to assume that it will be available in the market very soon.

But there’s still a huge chance that Samsung wouldn’t unveil the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 on that event. There’s been plenty of speculations on the rumor mill regarding this product so it’s better to take it with a grain of salt.

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