#MicrosoftSurface #SurfacePhone – MICROSOFT SURFACE PHONE HAS FOUND A COMPETITOR IN SAMSUNG’S FOLDABLE GALAXY X : Samsung is reportedly going to be showcasing its foldable display technology at the upcoming Mobile World Congress. The technology is said to be present on a smartphone dubbed the Galaxy X.

The Samsung Galaxy X could be possibly unveiled at the MWC 2017. Information about the smartphone from the Korean tech giant has been slowly leaking out on the internet. However, nothing concrete has shown up to support these claims of an actual foldable smartphone.

A report from ETNews claims that the company will be showing the Galaxy X behind closed doors at the MWC 2017. Only the “invited” will be able to take a look at the smartphone.

The Korean company is ensuring that any future venture will not cost the company any more money such as what happened with its Galaxy Note 7 thus the closed-door-by-invitation-only presentation. According to ETNews, the Korean tech giant will only be presenting prototypes to a selected few for it to get a better understanding of a possible market response towards the phone. The prototypes are said to be capable of bending both inwards and outwards.

ETNews further mentions that the company is looking to market and license this particular technology to manufacturers present at the trade show. If the market response to its closed-door presentation is optimistic it could pave the way for possible contracts with other mobile device manufacturers. The company is also looking to present a range of other foldable devices along with the Galaxy X at the MWC.

It should be noted that Redmond-based tech giant Microsoft, too, has filed a patent for a device with a flexible hinge and display that could transform a phone into a tablet. Speculations are saying that Microsoft’s foldable display technology could probably appear in the Surface Phone. Apart from Samsung and Microsoft working on foldable phones, LG has also been reported to be working on a similar device of its own.

Source : Autoworld

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