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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Receives New January Firmware Update

#MicrosoftSurface #SurfacePro3 – Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Receives New January Firmware Update : Microsoft has recently released a new firmware update for its Surface Pro 3 device. This said update is the first upgrade for this year. There are no details on what’s new in this update since Microsoft has yet to update its history page. But many reports say that this is most likely to fix bugs for the users to experience smoothing over usability issues and the like.

Surface Pro 3 Offers A Wonderful Experience To Its Users

Microsoft released a January firmware update on Monday for the Surface Pro 3 devices running Windows 10. According to Digital Trends, it is listed as version 3.11.2050.0 and it solely improves the overall system performance of the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, providing a more stable and secure Windows 10 experience.

The firmware update will be installed automatically unless the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 owners have automatic updates on switched off. If that is the case, the manual way includes going into Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update and selecting the “Check for updates” option. Wait for the command of your device what will you do next then follow them to experience the boosting update of your device.

Additional Updates For Microsoft Surface Pro 3

In addition to the new firmware update, there are also two new updates for the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 provided by Intel. All the owners will see the Intel HD Graphics Family as well as the Intel Display Audio updates. Both of the said updates will improve Miracast and docked video performance. Like the new firmware update, devices that are running Windows 8.1 will likely won’t see these January updates as an install option.

Microsoft isn’t documenting it on its Surface Update History website yet, but Surface Pro 3 received a firmware update overnight, according to Thurrott. “Think of this like a fuel gauge in a car, where the car looks to the fuel gauge to determine how much to fill the tank,” Microsoft said. “In this case, if the fuel gauge isn’t working right, the car would also not be able to fill the tank — even though the tank is fine.”

Source : iTechpost

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