Chevrolet Bolt: Is It Just A Spec-Sheet Hero?

#Chevrolet #ChevroletBolt – Chevrolet Bolt: Is It Just A Spec-Sheet Hero? : Things are not looking so good for the all-new Chevrolet Bolt as the EV hatchback from GM is unable to enjoy an impactful debut in the market. The Bolt showed signs of life on the sales front in both January and February but March saw the figures going south-bound.

Some are blaming it on GM for being sluggish in pushing out the Bolt on a nationwide basis but this is not the only issue for the car. It appears that the public is now learning on the cons of having a Bolt EV and it repelled them away from owning the car.

Those that have seated inside the Chevrolet Bolt have been loud in criticizing the comfort aspects of the vehicle. The seats feel cheap and they are too narrow and stiff for a comfortable journey.

Then there is the fact that the price is perceived as too high by the average consumers. Other points to note include the lacking in ability for a long road-trip and the lacking of real fast charging network.

With all these variables combined, it prevents the Bolt EV from making it big in the auto industry. This is such a waste as the Bolt is already an attractive vehicle on the specs sheet. The car can offer 238 miles of driving and it also has a useful infotainment system.

GM better buck up or risk having the Bolt being turned into just another spec-sheet hero.