BioWare promises to improve Mass Effect: Andromeda over time

#MassEffect #MassEffectAndromeda – BioWare promises to improve Mass Effect: Andromeda over time : The criticisms of Mass Effect: Andromeda have been numerous and emphatic so far. BioWare said today that it has heard that feedback, and in response, the company laid out a plan to fix the game’s technical issues and improve its overall quality.

In a post on the Mass Effect website, BioWare general manager Aaryn Flynn stopped short of issuing any sort of apology for Andromeda’s problems, but said the studio “has been poring over your comments and feedback, looking to discover what you like about the game, as well as areas we can evolve or improve.”

Flynn noted that BioWare is releasing a patch this Thursday, April 6, that will fix a number of bugs and introduce some improvements that fans have been asking for. The version 1.05 patch will resolve problems such as saves not working properly, incorrect playback of music or voice-overs, Ryder becoming stuck in a pose, and Ryder using a zig-zag running animation.

The update will also make it possible to skip ahead when traveling between planets in the galaxy map, which addresses one of the biggest complaints from players. Other changes include increases in the inventory limits, better-looking eyes for humans and asari, cheaper and more accessible remnant decryption keys, and “improved lip-sync and facial acting during conversations, including localized [voice-over].”

That last issue has made Andromeda something of a laughingstock among the gaming community; GIFs and clips of poor facial expressions and animations flooded social media shortly after the game became available on EA Access and Origin Access.

Andromeda has also taken heat for deeper problems, and Flynn said BioWare is working to address those issues in patches that the studio is planning to release “over the next two months,” as well as technical problems.

People playing as a male Ryder have complained about the lack of same-sex romances, and one of the items on the docket is “improvements to male romance options” for the character. BioWare is also working on “adjustments to conversations with Hainly Abrams.” Abrams is a transgender woman, and the writing of her character has been roundly criticized for being out of step with the actual experiences and preferences of transgender individuals. Other planned updates to Andromeda include further improvements to cinematics and animations, more variety in the character creator, and additional upgrades to characters’ hair and appearance.

BioWare is also considering adding free cosmetic items to the single-player campaign. As for Andromeda’s multiplayer component, the studio plans to add to the APEX missions that are currently available in the game, along with new maps, characters and weapons.

“We want to hear from you about your experiences, both what you love about the game and what you’d like to see changed,” said Flynn. “We’re listening, and we’re committed to partnering with you as we continue to explore the Andromeda galaxy together.”

MGL 23 — Watch and win Minecraft: Pocket Edition for Windows 10 Mobile tonight!

#Game #Microsoft – Join us for Microsoft, Gaming and Libations tonight LIVE on Beam, and you could win stuff!

Microsoft, Gaming and Libations is a live show hosted on Microsoft’s streaming network,, featuring Jez Corden, Zac Bowden, and Daniel Rubino from Windows Central. Tonight, we’ll be playing Minecraft: Pocket Edition to celebrate its launch on Windows 10 Mobile, giving away TEN copies.

Our MGL live streams take place every week on Thursdays, at 4 PM ET (1 PM PT, 9 PM GMT). You can find the start time based on your location and time zone in our event announcer.

To celebrate the launch of Minecraft: Pocket Edition on Windows 10 Mobile, we’ll be giving away TEN COPIES to lucky followers of our Beam channel LIVE during the stream.

  • We’ll use a raffle system to make sure we’re giving keys to people who aren’t AFK.
  • You must be following the channel to be eligible. The raffle will ignore users who aren’t following!
  • We’ll give out keys throughout the event at regular intervals!

For now, all you need to do is watch the live stream above or head to our Beam channel at when the stream begins where you can jump in on the live chat. We’ll give away keys for Minecraft: Pocket Edition on Windows 10 Mobile throughout the show.

We’ll also field some questions from the audience, so, even if you already own the game, sign up for Beam and come pester Dan about the Surface Phone!

For those curious, we’re aiming for a 90-minute air time, but honestly, we have no idea how long it will go. So grab a drink and join in on the fun to find out!

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Clash Royale Best Tips and Strategies for Further Enhancement

#ClashRoyale #Tips – Clash Royale Best Tips and Strategies for Further Enhancement : The good news is that Sakuyamon got his comeback to the Clash Royale game. At the same time, there are many uses for the Freeze spell in the game, but not everybody knows about them. That’s why we thought it would be good to have a list of tips and strategies in order to use the Freeze card to the fullest.

  • Keep it for worse times.

You can use the Freeze spell for a surprise effect on your enemy, but you have to wait until you get a damage push of 1000. It would be a smart move to use the Freeze spell only in those moments. Don’t worry if another tower will enter the tower, since most players prefer to leave aside the low health cards.

  • Plan when to use it.

It is essential to use the card exactly when you have planned it, and not at any time, because the Freeze spell pushes a lot of Elixir and will leave you without your reserves. If your opponent will have more Elixir he will take advantage of this and will deal a great push on you.

  • Find the right time to push Elixir for the spell.

If you give just a slight push, you will simply waste your Elixir. On the contrary, too much Elixir will make the opponent start a counter attack. This is why you should plan the push and take into account how aggressive your deck is.

  • Wait until you get minimal health.

Only use Freeze when your cards have reached Minimal Health levels before you freeze. It stops the defense of the troops and it causes no disadvantage to you at all.

  • Be offensive.

Always use the Freeze spell to attack and not to be defensive. Its worth is maximized only when you’re on the offense, not defending yourself.

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Mafia 3 Story Expansions Update: What To Expect On ‘Faster, Baby!,’ ‘Stones Unturned’ & ‘Signs of the Times’

#Mafia3 #GameUpdate – Mafia 3 Story Expansions Update: What To Expect On ‘Faster, Baby!,’ ‘Stones Unturned’ & ‘Signs of the Times’ : 2K and Hangar 13 have announced that the first story expansion for “Mafia 3,” “Faster, Baby!” will launch at the end of March 2017. In May, “Stones Unturned” will be released, followed by “Signs of the Times” by July.

According to Hangar 13, these release windows are merely targets and dates may change slightly during development. However, all three “Mafia 3” story expansions “will deliver tight, focused, and compelling narratives,” while also introducing new gameplay mechanics, activities, environments, and rewards. Here’s what to expect from each of them.

“Faster, Baby!”

Targeted to release by end of March 2017, the first story expansion will see Lincoln join forces with Roxy Laveau. Fast cars, dramatic chases and amazing stunt driving will take place on the outskirts of New Bordeaux, as they try to take down a corrupt Sheriff abusing Civil Rights activists.

“Stones Unturned”

By May, Lincoln will join forces with CIA agent John Donovan to settle a feud that started in the war-stricken Vietnam. “Stones Unturned” will also see a pitiless rival return to New Bordeaux.

“Sign of the Times”

New Bordeaux is on the edge of terror as a string of ritualistic killings strike the city. Father James seeks Lincoln’s help to hunt down the cult responsible.

Narrative Director Bill Harms said that “Faster, Baby!” will bring gamers to a whole new unseen part of New Bordeaux, PlayStation Lifestyle reported. “Mafia III focuses on the systematic destruction of Sal Marcano’s empire, racket-by-racket, while all of the expansions tell direct, linear stories,” Harms said.

In the coming weeks, more “Mafia 3” updates will be handed by Hangar 13. Expect to hear more on “Faster, Baby!” and its female lead, the new area, gameplay mechanics and activities, and of course, the bad (badder?) dudes.

By picking up the $29.99 “Mafia 3” Season Pass, you’ll receive access to all three story expansions. Standalone prices haven’t been given yet.

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Sniper Elite 4 – New trailer showcases 6 minutes of gameplay footage

#SniperElite #SniperElite4 – Sniper Elite 4 – New trailer showcases 6 minutes of gameplay footage : Rebellion has released a new trailer for Sniper Elite 4, showcasing over 6 minutes of brand-new gameplay footage. In Sniper Elite 4, Karl Fairburne will help release the country from the shackles of Fascism, fanning the flames of resistance, and in doing so uncover a terrifying Nazi technology threatening the whole of Europe. Sniper Elite 4 is currently planned for a February 14th release. Enjoy!

Tekken 7 Eliza Gameplay Trailer Revealed At EVO 2017 Announcement Show

#Tekken7 #Tekken7Eliza – Tekken 7 Eliza Gameplay Trailer Revealed At EVO 2017 Announcement ShowTekken 7 Eliza is the game’s pre-order bonus and Bandai Namco has released a trailer during the EVO 2017 announcement show. Prior to this game, she was an exclusive character in a free-to-play console game called Tekken Revolution. It seems like she gained quite the fanbase, since she is the pre-order DLC character for the latest iteration.

Released by Bandai Namco, the trailer shows off her fighting style and she seems to be pretty strong. It’s too soon to say if she’s overpowered, especially with Akuma in the roster, but she definitely looks strong. Given her cool character design and awesome move-set, fans will likely start pre-ordering the anticipated fighter soon.

What’s New With Tekken 7 Eliza?

Visually, not much is different with the vampire fighter, though she looks much better with current generation graphics. Her attire is pretty identical to her original outfit from Tekken Revolution, so that might disappoint fashion fans. They did change the color of her buttons, from silver to gold, but that’s pretty much it for visual changes.

As far as her move-set goes, they seem to have removed her long-range attack from Tekken Revolution. They also seem to have added an evasive move that makes her sleep, which doesn’t seem ideal. Aside from this, she still has her short-range darkwave and bitey throw, so she hasn’t been completely revamped.

Creature Of The Night

So not much is different with Tekken 7 Eliza over her Tekken Revolution self, but that’s not a bad thing. The game does have a number of new characters anyway, so adding old ones shouldn’t be a problem. This is the first time that the character will be playable outside of Tekken Revolution, so pre-order her now.

Outside of Eliza, there will presumably be a number of DLC characters available with the season pass. Bandai Namco has not revealed who they are, but more details should come when the game nears its release date. If the game satisfies with a number of offline and online modes, it will be better than Street Fighter 5Tekken 7 comes out on June 2 for PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

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Minecraft Update Signals No Surface Phone Inbound

#Minecraft #MinecraftUpdate – Minecraft Update Signals No Surface Phone Inbound : Back in November of last year, Microsoft pulled the Lumia phones out of the market and showed no intentions of producing a new device under the nameplate. This was then followed by a leak which shows a mysterious smartphone that is being developed by Microsoft.

The leak is claimed to be called the Surface Phone when released and it is going Microsoft’s second attempt in the world of smartphones. It all sounds plausible, even if Microsoft is pending to address the rumours and officialise on the matter.

But then again, the Surface Phone may not happen at all. An update for Minecraft on mobile was announced in the weekends and it saw Microsoft confirming that the patch won’t get rolled on the Windows-powered devices. Microsoft explained that this is because there are too little active users around to justify the development cost.

The thing here is that Microsoft is not trying at all and this suggests that the tech giant has totally given up on Windows-powered phones entirely. If this is spot on, then we don’t see why everyone should anticipate the Surface Phone because it is highly unlikely to enter production.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Features Weapon Crafting System

#MassEffect #MassEffectAndromeda – Mass Effect: Andromeda Features Weapon Crafting System : Eager to create and name your own weapons in Mass Effect: Andromeda? Then we’ve got great news because that’s exactly what you’ll be able to do! Not only that, but you’ll even be able to create a Krogan-style hammer in the game and to make matters even better, melee weapons will get their own dedicated slot, rather than being context sensitive, allowing you more ways to smash or shoot your way through various conflicts within the game. This is especially handy for those who enjoyed the Shadow Infiltrator class in Mass Effect 3. The Omni-tool is still set as the starting melee weapon but can be upgraded or replaced with your own modded weapons.



It looks like custom weapons and custom names are setup too, so Gun McGunface is there for the taking if you want it as your next sniper rifle.



It seems like Mass Effect: Andromeda is shaping up nice, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it and start crafting, exploring and more when it launches on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, March 21st in NA, March 23rd everywhere else.

'Call of Duty' Update: Leaked Footage Reveals Vietnam Setting, Tittle And Other Speculations

#CallOfDuty #GameUpdate – Call of Duty Update: Leaked Footage Reveals Vietnam Setting, Tittle And Other Speculations : Numerous photos and videos of what claims to be the new “Call of Duty” title for 2017 called “The People’s Army,” have been circulating the internet. However, fans are casting doubts as to the veracity of the information the Vietnam themed menu system emanates due to its poor visuals as the unnamed player skips through the settings.

The Tweet was made by a newly created account that claimed they were invited to a VIP zone of an undisclosed event. The clip was recorded at what sounds like a large convention. It tagged popular Youtube users like “TheGregYT” and “FaZe Rain,” Dexerto reported.

Although, fans do not know if they should believe these update, this could be a confirmation as the new game is rumored to be set in Vietnam.

It is reported by that the next “Call of Duty” game will get a Vietnam setting and will be developed by Sledgehammer Games. The recent changes are probably due to the low sale figures of infinite warfare.

Sledgehammer Games was invited by Activision a few years ago to create a new Call of Duty title and the developers commenced a project known as “Call of Duty: Fog of War” which was suppose to be a third-person shooter with Laos as its main setting.

Due to some issues that arose during the development of Modern Warfare 3 that led to most of its developers to quit the company to form a studio called Respawn Entertainment, Sledgehammer Games had to be invited to assist IW to complete the Modern Warfare 3 development duties.

It led to the discontinuation and subsequent cancellation of the development of the game. Sledgehammer is tasked with making a more traditional Call of Duty title for the series. It has also been reported that Call of duty will return to a World War 2 setting, according to Fraghero.

However, there are no much details on the upcoming game, while it is not known if the 2017 Call of Duty title will indeed be set in Vietnam, fans are hoping that Sledgehammer will be the redemption opportunity the series have been waiting for. The next Call of Duty game is slated for release Nov., 2017.

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Heroes of the Storm Free Heroes Weekend Starts Friday

#Heroes #FreeHeroes – Heroes of the Storm Free Heroes Weekend Starts Friday : Try out some heroes, for free! Blizzard just announced that their mega-popular MOBA, Heroes of the Storm will be having a free weekend where players will have access to all 60 characters.

Anyone playing Heroes of the Storm this weekend will be happy to see that all 60 heroes including newly released Varian, Ragnaros and Zul’jin. It’s a great way to test out some heroes that you were curious about but didn’t want to shell out your hard-earned gold or cash.

Along with the free heroes weekend, Blizzard is releasing new skins for your favorite heroes like Kharazim and Chromie.

Blizzard also announced at this week’s brawl is the Punisher Arena. It’s a limited time mode where two teams go up against the powerful Punishers. Here are the rules in case you’re interested:

  • Choose from one of three randomly selected Heroes before entering the Arena. Be quick about it though, you only have 30 seconds to choose!
  • During each round, slay enemy Heroes and the enemy Punisher to earn points for your team. The first team to reach 100 points takes the round.
  • Heroes are worth 4 points
  • Punishers are worth 10 points
  • Be the first team to win 2 rounds and claim victory!

Complete three matches and you’ll earn 1,000 gold and unique portrait.

The Free Heroes Weekend starts today and ends on the 16th. The video below recaps Heroes of the Storm Year in review.

The video below recaps the Heroes of the Storm Year in review which included a staggering amount of new content for the MOBA:

  • 16 new Heroes
  • 24 major Hero updates
  • 49 new skins
  • 4 Legendary skins
  • 26 new mounts
  • 2 new Battlegrounds
  • Battleground updates
  • Ladder revamp
  • Ranked Seasons
  • personalized Stats
  • Unranked Draft mode
  • MVP and Commendations

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