2017 Honda Civic Si Making A Debut Via YouTube? Accidental Or Planned?

#Honda #HondaCivicSi – 2017 Honda Civic Si Making A Debut Via YouTube? Accidental Or Planned? : Honda has just announced the debut of the all-new 2017 Honda Civic Si. The latest flagship will be introduced tomorrow, Thursday, April 6. Apparently, the debut will transpire via YouTube. Was it accidental or planned?

The upcoming 2017 Honda Civic Si has been confirmed to make its debut tomorrow. Honda made the announcement through its official Twitter account revealing the April 6 launch.


Interestingly, Honda’s announcement came out a week after an alleged specs for the 2017 Honda Civic Si circulated on the web. As we have reported last week, an email update from Honda was received by a certain Rickyg0731, who claims to have received the details of torque for the new Civic Si.

CivicX.com posted the statement of Rickyg0731 stating the details of the email from Honda. According to the latter, the email specified that the upcoming 2017 Honda Civic Si will have a turbocharged engine that can deliver 192 lb-ft of torque.

Following this email leak, Honda made an official announcement that they are now ready to reveal the specs of the upcoming Civic Si. It can also be noted that the new Civic Si is also highly anticipated to come out in the upcoming New York Auto Show, which is set next week, from April 14 to 23.

Did Honda suddenly plan to introduce the new Civic Si prior to the huge auto show in New York? Why is the automaker making an exclusive debut for the new model? Do the leaked specs preempt the debut?

Furthermore, reports also mentioned that the upcoming April 6 debut will happen through a video to be posted on the official Youtube account of Honda. It is quite intriguing to note that the debut will transpire via video clip and not through the usual grand launch on an auto show.

Whatever the reasons may be, sure the automaker has prepared something that is expected to make a greater impact through the YouTube launch. Check out this YouTube link tomorrow, April 6, to witness the debut of the 2017 Honda Civic Si.

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Honda Civic Type R To Be Priced Aggressively And Competitively

#Honda #HondaCivicTypeR – Honda Civic Type R To Be Priced Aggressively And Competitively : Honda Australia has announced that it will be pricing the Honda Civic Type R competitively. The move is to get as many of the vehicles as possible out on the road as well as to highlight the brand’s return to produce high performance and quality sports cars.

Honda Civic Type R to be have aggressive and competitive price. Honda Australia executive Stephen Collins told CarAdvice at the Australian Formula One Grand Prix last week that the Civic Type R had generated a lot of interest for the company, even more than any other of its brands.

Talking about the vehicle, Collins said, “It has been enormous. I know that a couple of weeks ago, Type R was the biggest showroom hit on our website. I think it had over 10,000 individual visitors in one week, which actually superseded any other model we’ve had.” He further added, “All we had there was some pre-registration information and a lot of our dealers are holding orders, and of course we haven’t given them any indication on price or anything yet, but it think it shows the ground swell of people who had a historical interest in the car and an interest in this car coming.”

The Honda Civic Type R is powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged iVTEC 4-cylinder engine that can produce 306 horsepower at 6,500rpm and 295 pound-feet of torque at a maximum of 4,500rpm. There are no details as to how much the vehicle will exactly cost. Collins has mentioned that it will be priced in a manner that will generate a lot of buzz for the Japanese brand in the market.

“Certainly wherever we can add more sportiness to our range we would do that. In the short term its Type R and NSX, but even if we can add more sportiness – like the RS Civic is an example of that – you know it’s not an out-and-out sports car but we are trying to add more sportiness. And wherever those opportunities arise, we will certainly chase them,” the Honda Australia executive said.

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Honda Civic 2017 Models Are Still The Best Choice For A Reliable And Safe Vehicle

#Honda #HondaCivic2017 – Honda Civic 2017 Models Are Still The Best Choice For A Reliable And Safe Vehicle : Honda Civic users can attest to their car’s reliability with its almost 45 years of the automobile industry, it has never failed to provide a more economic ride on its iconic hatchback body style. As young professionals, new and old drivers prefer a civic to drive due to its inexpensive but technology-wise features, it is indeed the car of choice for all generation. With Honda’s continuous innovation of state-of-the-art vehicles, it can safely bring its passengers back and forth to its destination.

The 2017 Honda Civic has never failed to impress its critics and users with an 8.3 consumer rating out of a perfect score of 10 based on reports from Auto World News. As new professionals and students go on a tight budget, Honda Civic’s affordability never fails to provide a turbocharged, manual transmission hatchback, equipped with safety features and driving aids. Both of its coupe and sedan models will have a Collision Mitigation Braking System, as driving aid that will automatically apply the brakes when it predicts a possible frontal collision.

The tenth generations of Honda Civics are a comforting site as it provides more volume thus more space to load baggage when the rear seats are folded.  In a recent Forbes report, the Civic Hatchback is one reliable vehicle with its built-in cargo cover adding on to the surprisingly useful features of this compact car. However, more will come as trim levels vary from LX up to its Type-R models; four-door hatchbacks are also awaiting for its launch within this year.

Honda Sensing adds up to Honda Civic’s already established identity in the automobile industry, with an adaptive cruise control, low-speed will follow and a road-departure mitigation. Along with forward-collision warning and lane-keeping assist, Honda Civic is truly the best choice to safeguard life while traveling. There’s no doubt that it remains to be the best and inexpensive of its kind as it clamors more good reviews from satisfied users.

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New Honda Civic Favourites To Win 2017 World Car Award

#Honda #NewHondaCivic – New Honda Civic Favourites To Win 2017 World Car Award : It is tough to decide on a winner if you have a pool of nominated cars that includes the all-new Honda Civic, Audi S5 Coupe, Fiat 124 Spyder Abarth, Mazda CX-9, Jaguar F-Pace, Volkswagen Tiguan and the Toyota C-HR but is has to be done.

The aforementioned vehicles have made it to the finals of the 2017 World Car Award and the winner will be announced on April 13 at the 2017 New York Auto Show.

Many auto heads are already buzzing about it and surprisingly, they are predicting the Civic to come out as the winner in this contest. The car fans pointed out that the Civic bagged the most sales last year and this will have a positive influence in the race for the 2017 World Car Award.

It is also worth pointing out that the Civic’s all-new 1.5L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine offers the best balance in power and fuel economy which makes it the best vehicle in the affordable market.

But of course, we can’t confirm anything just yet and it will have to wait until the New York Auto Show for us to know the winner. Which car do you think will win the award?


#Honda #HondaCivic – 2017 HONDA CIVIC INSTALLED WITH DRIVING AIDS : After being made available in select markets, the 2017 Honda Civic can finally be purchased in Europe. In fact, the updated model has diving aids which made it more competitive due to its technological features. What are they?

The Specs. The brand new 2017 Honda Civic is powered by a 1.0L three-cylinder engine which has a powertrain capable of generating 127hp. It could also be purchased with a six-speed manual transmission or the 1.5L four-cylinder Vtec turbo engine that could reach 179hp, reported Motoring Crunch. Its exterior has also been widened and made longer. As a result, the vehicle has larger interior space equipped with the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Support. Its driver assistance features come with the Adaptive Cruise Control, Forward Collision Waning, Collision Mitigation Braking System, and the Traffic Sign Recognition, among others.

Model Availability. In other news, Offaly Express reported that the 2017 Honda Civic would make its Ireland debut this coming March. In fact, the franchise earned the reputation as preferred by the class-leading practical consumers. Now that the vehicle has wider passenger and cargo space, the brand is expected to maintain such reputation.

On top of its technological features, Honda would likewise release the Honda Sensing suite which embodies active safety ad driver assist technologies mentioned above. It has also improved its Civic range, installed with the sensors that have radar and camera information on top of its electric power steering. Furthermore, the Intelligent Speed Assistance coincides with the automatic speed limit set by the driver with the TSR feature. It would then automatically adjust to the indicated speed as shown by the last road swing. With enhanced technological features and a wider market segment as it enters Ireland and the rest of Europe, the 2017 Honda Civic model is expected to earn higher profits and improve its sales this year.

Source : Autoworld

2018 Honda Odyssey Has Beaten Civic Type-R At Its Own Game

#HondaOdyssey #HondaCivic – 2018 Honda Odyssey Has Beaten Civic Type-R At Its Own Game : Thanks to X-Tomi Design, we now have the rendered conceptual Type-R version of the all-new Honda Odyssey. This design apparently takes some cues of inspiration from the Civic Type R, just as the name suggests.

Of course, this is patently ridiculous and may never see the light of day but it is still very exciting to see it in image. This model would definitely carve the Nurburgring lap record for the quickest minivan and may even revive the wilting market segment.

Aside that, it could also revoke the spirit of performance-oriented minivan concept of back in the day, like the Renault Espace F1 and Ford SHO-Star. But we can’t deny that there are good reasons why they never made it into production.

Thus, even though we now have a certified performance enthusiast, Takahiro Hachigo, making the shots over at Honda, this may be the nearest we’ll get to ever seeing such a model.

2018 Honda Civic Type-R vs Subaru WRX STI: The Rivalry Escalates

#HondaCivic #SubaruWRXSTI – 2018 Honda Civic Type-R vs Subaru WRX STI: The Rivalry Escalates : The 2018 Honda Civic Type-R and the Subaru WRX STI are both stunning looking performance vehicles boasting great specs and features, but which is the better one?
Despite the fact that the Civic Type-R’s specs has yet to be revealed, its speculated specs does seem good enough to be materialized.

The performance variation of the Civic currently packs on a 2.0-liter four-cylinder that is worth 305 horsepower. According to Digital Trends, this engine will be receiving significant update which would increase its output to 320 horsepower, making it all that more powerful.

Aside that, Honda has confirmed that the all-new Civic Type-R will be coming with a six-speed manual transmission mated to a front-wheel drive setting.

The Subaru WRX STI, on the other hand, will be coming with a new Brembo Performance Brake system featuring bigger, yellow color calipers, larger pads and heat-dissipating cross-drilled rotors.

This model will be equipped with a 2.5-liter turbocharged boxer fours paired to a six-speed manual with a total power output of 305 horsepower. It also comes with Active Torque Vectoring and Multi-Mode Vehicle Dynamics Control setup along with an updated AWD setup.

These two models are capable vehicles in their own right and once the Honda Civic Type-R is released, the rivalry will surely escalate. So, which would you rather fork out dollars for; the Honda or the Subaru?


#Honda #HondaCivic – HONDA CIVIC BAGS 2017 “BEST AUTO TECH: VALUE AWARD WINNER” AT KELLEY BLUE BOOK : The 2017 Honda Civic bags this year’s Kelley Blue Book Best Auto Tech Award. The award was deliberated and given by an expert team of KKB.com evaluators and editors. The Civic’s touchscreen Display Audio interface features Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

On top of that, the Honda Sensing package of highly advanced safety and technology that assist drivers are the main contributors in helping out the 2017 Honda Civic win the award. It has proven to be a vehicle with the most advanced infotainment system, active safety, and other safety features at a great price for consumers.

The 2017 Honda Civic can be purchased at under $23,000 but it is wrapped with all the bells and whistles every tech enthusiast dreams of. Usually, it would cost three times the said price. The Civic offers the usual moon roof, automatic transmission, climate control, and all other features that makes the car fun to drive and at the same time offer a power and comfort.

The Honda Civic EX comes with Honda Sensing that has intelligent technology such as push-button start, electronic parking brakes, automatic headlight control, full digital info display, 8-speaker audio output, multi-angle backup camera, 7-inch touchscreen, among others. Judging from the enumerations, the 23K price range is indeed a great offer.

Safety is also enhanced for the 2017 Honda Civic as it comes with a Lane Watch system. It uses a smart camera mounted on a side-mirror near the passenger. It would display a view don the right (or left for other countries) of the vehicle into the main screen.

A full-range adaptive cruise control maintains a distance from a vehicle ahead. The distance can also be pre-defined by the user. It also offers lane departure warning, pre-collision automatic brakes, and lane keeping assist which would nudge the car gently back into its proper lane in case the Honda car begins to drift away.

Source : Autoworld

2017 Honda Civic Type-R: Goodbyes Are Hard

#Honda #HondaCivicTypeR – 2017 Honda Civic Type-R: Goodbyes Are Hard : Honda will be saying goodbye to the Civic Type R by terminating its production at the Swindon plant in the UK soon. However, it will be releasing a limited edition model locally prior to that.

CarScoops states that the Honda Civic Type R Black Edition will be arriving with a starting price of £32,300 ($39,394), based on the current GT grade.

The automaker will only be releasing 100 units of this model for Europe’s biggest right-hand drive market, so you’ll have to be quick to nab one.

Phil Webb, Honda’s UK chief, said that, “There are only going to be 2,500 of the current Civic Type Rs on UK roads, so the car is going to be pretty special as it is – but with the addition of this special limited run of 100 Black Editions to the product lineup, owners will have a real collector’s piece on their hands.”

The model is finished with black with red accents for its exterior which translates into its interior, as well. Power output remains the same as the standard model with the 2.0-liter direct-injected turbocharged VTEC petrol mill worth 306 horsepower and 295 lb-ft torque.

2018 Honda Civic Type-R: Don’t Cry For Manual

#Honda #CivicTypeR – 2018 Honda Civic Type-R: Don’t Cry For Manual : Despite rumors circulating that the 2018 Honda Civic Type R would be coming with a CVT transmission as an option, it is something that is pretty much far from the truth.

Road & Track reported that they had found the root of the rumor. It was all thanks to the November 2016 issue of the British magazine Car where it featured the Type-R along with an interview with Mitsuru Kariya, the man behind the 10th gen Civic.

The report reads, “Doubtless power will continue to be transmitted by today’s magical six-speed manual gearbox, with its tightly packed ratios. There’s no indication of a dual-clutch gearbox for the Civic: the announced automated option is a CVT, although engineer Kariya hastily adds that he’s tried to head-off the typical rev-metal thrash by making the cooking engines tractable at low revs.”

This is not a confirmation as Honda is stating that the company already has a CVT for the car and it’s working to make it less CVT-like.

Thankfully, Honda has cleared up this rumor by confirming that the next Type-R will only be offering a six-speed manual transmission.