Microsoft Surface Studio Confirmed To Arrive In Three Other Regions On April 20; Surface Book Pre-order Now Available In Other Markets

#MicrosoftSurface #SurfaceStudio – Microsoft Surface Studio Confirmed To Arrive In Three Other Regions On April 20; Surface Book Pre-order Now Available In Other Markets  : Microsoft really wanted to reach other markets as its all-in-one PC; Microsoft Surface Studio will become available on three other regions on April 20. Meanwhile, this device is already available for pre-orders in other countries.

According to Ubergizmo, this will be the first time that Redmond-based tech giant has revealed the Microsoft Surface Studio international launch details. The said all-in-one PC is originally reported to be released in three other regions outside the United States before it is finally made accessible for purchase in the other countries around the world.

Microsoft Corporation has confirmed that starting march 29; both the Surface Studio and Surface Dial are obtainable for pre-order in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. These devices can be purchased in these markets beginning April 20.

It is worth mentioning that there is no European market included in the first international appearance of the Microsoft Surface Studio. Nevertheless, that is not all as the Microsoft will also make the updated Microsoft Surface Book with performance base available in other market shelves.

As a matter of fact, The Verge has learned that the Microsoft Surface Book with performance base is now can be pre-ordered in a bit of market. The list includes; Austria, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. This device is also scheduled to be released on April 20.

With the Microsoft Surface Book extension, it may indicate that the fans of the Redmond-based company won’t see a new Surface Book 2 as of this moment. Reports already claimed earlier last month that the next Surface Book might have clamshell laptop design. Nevertheless, recent news is recommending that Microsoft will hold a Surface hardware event in the spring lacking the Surface Book 2.

Since the Microsoft Surface Studio will become available in other three regions it appears that the tech company would want to reach out other markets. In addition, there is also a sign that Surface Book 2 will not yet become available as of this moment.

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Microsoft Surface Studio International Release Details Revealed

#Microsoft #SurfaceStudio – Microsoft Surface Studio International Release Details Revealed : Microsoft wowed us with the Surface Studio all-in-one PC late last year and it has only been selling the computer in the United States since then. This is the first time that Microsoft has confirmed the Surface Studio international release details. The computer is initially going to be released in three additional countries outside the United States before it’s eventually made available for purchase officially in other countries across the globe.

Microsoft has confirmed that starting today, both the Surface Studio and Surface Dial are available for pre-order in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. The devices will be available for purchase in these markets on April 20th.

It’s interesting to note that no European market is included in the first international appearance of the Surface Studio. That’s not all. Microsoft is also releasing its updated Surface Book with performance base in additional markets.

It can now be pre-ordered in a handful of markets such as Austria, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. It will also be released on April 20th.

As far as a new Surface Book is concerned, recent reports suggest that one might not be coming in the near future. In fact, the hardware event Microsoft is expected to conduct in the coming weeks is said to be sans the Surface Book 2 notebook.

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Microsoft Surface Studio Review: Good Or Bad?

#Microsoft #SurfaceStudio – Microsoft Surface Studio Review: Good Or Bad? : Surface Studio is a very recent Microsoft device, and it caught us off our guards. It’s a large device that maintains the original concept of a Surface device (initially meant as a literal table). It’s a tool for graphics designers and professionals alike but let’s see what the pros and cons are.

Surface Studio is a All-in-One PC with Surface device additions meaning that it’s one massive touchscreen that you can compliment with a stylus. You can see how this would be a huge advantage to someone looking to paint or draw something. It’s a gorgeous device regarding aesthetics, and the massive display is supported thanks to its aluminum legs and an insanely high-quality screen. If you’re a casual user, you can use the big screen to just throw windows around or take notes or just read the news in a fancy way, but you probably won’t want to buy it just for this.

Performance Is Amazing

You’d think such a massive device would have performance problems, but for this kind of price, it’s not supposed to. The Surface Studio comes with an insane 4K display, a 128 GB SSD (multiple versions of storage) and a 2 TB hard disk drive. Now the device comes with 32 GB of RAM which is insane, the ability to do 4K video playback with ease and it can render dozens of tabs too. Minecraft runs at the finest settings.

Surface Dial Is Not That Cool

One of the key selling points that Microsoft tried to push is the Surface Dial that’s a small cap that you put anywhere on the screen and rotate like a scroll wheel. People find it fun to use but not practical when you have a pen. It’s also $100, so it’s quite pricey, to an already expensive PC. It’s like you’re paying $100 just to be able to zoom or scroll because that’s what most apps use the Surface Dial for.

The Price Is Insane

Being a tool for professionals, it’s no wonder that it’s so expensive. To get a Surface Studio, you’ll have to whip out an insane $3,000 plus an eventual $129.99 for the Surface keyboard, $49.99 for a Surface Mouse and eventually $100 for a Surface Dial. It makes sense that it’s so expensive given the market for it and given how high tech it is but it does throw a lot of people off.

In essence, this device is quite amazing in many ways, and Microsoft has done some work on it. It’s going to start shipping next year, and a lot of designers are excited because of that. If the price doesn’t throw you off, then it’s an amazing device, and it feels authentic in a way. Obviously, it’s not meant for the average consumer which makes sense given the expansion of Microsoft towards business.

How do you feel about the Surface Studio? Is it a device worth buying? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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Microsoft Surface Studio Teardown Reveals It’s ‘Full Of Hot Air’ And You Can Easily Upgrade Its Storage

#Microsoft #SurfaceStudio – Microsoft Surface Studio Teardown Reveals It’s ‘Full Of Hot Air’ And You Can Easily Upgrade Its Storage : Microsoft has started shipping its all-in-one PC targeted at creative users and even as the Surface Studio begins making its way to a lucky few, the folks at iFixit have taken apart the device and reveal that its disk is upgradable.

The iFixit team, true to its style, picked apart the Surface Studio from Microsoft and revealed that the PC generates a lot of heat, which is why the device packs in several vents.

“The Surface Studio is just full of hot air. Literally. And Microsoft had to pipe that air out somewhere. The Studio features acres of air vents, a beefy heat sink, and two fans-one each for the CPU and GPU.

Plus, the power supply has its own internal fan. It looks like Microsoft is getting quite a bit cooler than its late 2000s “I’m a PC” reputation,” notes the iFixit team in a blog post.

The team disclosed that the Surface Studio has plenty of soldered-down parts, as well as a custom motherboard. Microsoft has obviously designed the PC keeping the fact that in mind that it is not serviceable by the end-user. As a result, the Surface Studio’s CPU and RAM are all soldered to the motherboard.

So basically, if one buys the base model with 8 GB of RAM, rest assured he will not be able to upgrade the same. However, even though the memory cannot be bumped up one could increase the disk size, one can add a bigger disk as the storage is upgradable.

Upgradable Storage

The Surface Studio, as revealed by the teardown, apparently uses a hybrid storage system. It deploys an SSD in conjunction with a bigger spinning disk instead of using a hybrid drive that is integrated.

The device packs in a standard SanDisk 64GB Z400s M.2 SSD along with the standard SATA hard drive. Both of these are replaceable.
“If you happen to have a couple flash storage modules and a hot air rework station lying around, the SSD controller should happily take up to four NAND flash devices,” notes the iFixit team.

So thanks to the presence of two empty solder pads on the Surface Studio (two of the four slots have 32 GB chips each), one can upgrade the storage of the PC easily.

How Did The Surface Studio Score In Reparability? 

The Surface Studio garnered a score of 5 out of 10 in repairability. This score is not bad considering the Microsoft Surface Book and 15-inch MacBook Pro Touch Bar 2016 received a 1 out of 10! Source: Techtimes

Microsoft Surface Review: Surface Studio PC is Awesome!

#Microsoft #Surface Review: Surface Studio PC is Awesome! : Matt Weinberger shared this review on Business Insider of Microsoft‘s new premium Surface Studio PC with a whopping $3000 price tag. The computer is now available for preorder but shipping won’t start close to Christmas.

Matt gives us the gist of his experience with the Surface Studio at a Microsoft event. In case you missed it, the Surface Studio is a 28-inch touchscreen desktop PC which can be folded on a 20-degree angle to become a tablet that you can use with a Surface Pen Stylus.

The package also comes with the Surface Dial which allow users to have physical control of the apps their running. If you think that’s it, don’t hold your breath, we’ve barely even scratched the ‘surface’.

A fellow reviewer excitedly described the experience as “an entirely new computing category, a sort of desktop­-tablet hybrid”. That’s a great summary considering that the Surface Studio is designed to appeal primarily to creative professionals like artists, video editors and other creatives that need a huge screen space for work.

The real genius and defining features of this new product from Microsoft goes further into the details according to Matt.

Microsoft’s “zero gravity” hinge allows an almost effortless adjustment of the screen from a regular PC mode to the 20-degree sketch tilt and back again. That’s pretty impressive since the whole thing weighs about 15 pounds.

Surface Studio’s screen is also very thin and amazingly gives such a vibrant display and boasts a 3:2 aspect ratio that display appears as accurate on screen as the printed version.

The Surface Dial is another versatile addition. It allows users to toggle between and within apps from selecting brush strokes and colors to switching songs in Spotify without much trouble. The design for Weinberger is well-thought off including the slight resistance when you turn the dial.

One outstanding feature is the Surface Studio’s ability to be tilted and slid around. It offers creative users different views to their work, including easier viewing for everyone when it comes to collaborative projects.

If you can get your head past the price point, this Surface Studio is one great desktop that can change your working experience and an added plus? It comes with a power cord that will not easily get pulled off or slide down from the back of the unit. Source : universityherald

Microsoft Surface Studio Starts Early Shipping, An Exclusive Support Line Made Available

Some users have received their Surface Studio early as reports from the US have claimed. Microsoft had been set to start sending out units before Christmas, but has now begun emailing customers that pre-ordered their device to let them know it will arrive soon.

Head of Surface and Corporate Vice President for Surface Computing, Panos Panay, sent out an email to the Surface Studio customers. In the email, Panos Panay revealed that the company will be offering a dedicated support line for the new Surface Studio owners.

With this dedicated phone line, Surface Studio owners will be able to get support for their new device very quickly when they have any early issues with it, as reported by

The email further stated that Microsoft wants the early Surface Studio buyers’ first experience to be “absolutely perfect” which is what you would expect to see with a premium device like this. The news come from, which noted that Microsoft is also providing a dedicated phone line to new users to help them with any issues they may have with the new device.

If you wish to order the Surface Studio yet, Microsoft is still accepting pre-orders – but only in the US. However the company is warning that new device, which will cost around $3,000, will not be ship until early 2017, which is when it will also be made available to UK.

The secret to Microsoft Surface Studio’s success

#SurfaceStudio #Windows – The secret to Microsoft Surface Studio’s success : Microsoft has once been sought as the prince of the computing world. But with the passage of time, the princely reputation has faded to a much reasonable extent.

Its potential rivals have taken much of the winning streak against it in various measures. However, the tech giant has now created some superlative range of devices equipped with loads of innovative and exciting feature which will definitely stimulate its performance in the market and will also pave much of the way for its effort to winning back the kingdom.

The company has been trying to re-achieve its previous reputation from a long time now. For instance, the company has tried to implement a new advancement in the world of cloud computing and storage and for this,the company even developed new lineups with its very own Windows Smartphones.

But Google was able to overtake the charge in this scenario as it reached a new height with its Android platform and showcased a great advancement in cloud technology. As for the smartphone segment, the company put much effort with its Windows Phone segment in the tech world to stand on at a unique position.

But, the company was not able to fulfill its quest as its other potential competitors operating in this field like Apple, OnePlus, Samsung etc. managed to take over the race with their innovative yet affordable range of devices.

So, for the reason being clear and simple, the company has now taken the challenge to compete over its rival with its innovative range of PCs and laptops, as seems to be evident with their recent efforts.

According to Forbes, the company has now created its new stunner which is sure to be a bumper hit: its latest desktop flagship Surface Studio. Equipped with superlative storage, flawless speed and unbeatable memory attribute the desktop is itself a mesmerizing creation.

As for the specs are concerned, according to Toki-Woki, the electrifying device will sport a 28-inch touchscreen panel that moves from a vertical display down to the perfect angle for an artistic drafting board.

The magnetic PC is also equipped with all kinds of Studio features which are needed to create attractive and well-admired creations of art. Altogether, it is an unavoidable masterpiece for the busy professionals as well as the worshippers of nature and natural beings.

The device is just the thing that was needed for Microsoft to revive its pioneer position in the computing genre. Despite of it all the company has also converted brilliance into machinery with its recent Surface Pro range. All together, the stunning PC is a must buy for those who want to experience the next-gen computing in an instance. Source: enstarz

Microsoft Surface News and Specs: Microsoft’s Desktop PC Surface Studio Unveiled

#SurfaceStudio #SurfaceDial – Microsoft Surface News and Specs: Microsoft’s Desktop PC Surface Studio Unveiled : Microsoft has just unveiled a new desktop computer. In a media event in New York, the tech company revealed the Surface Studio, the latest product from their Surface line.

The thinnest Microsoft Surface Studio is merely 13 mm thick making it the thinnest LCD computer ever. The 28-inch touchscreen has 13.5 million pixels. The Studio can be folded down to a 20-degree angle. This feature mainly targets artists, animators, architects, and other professionals who usually use a drafting table. Users can view their work in its actual size through the TrueScale feature.

The Studio employs a sixth-gen Intel i5 or i7 Core processor and is packed with a 4GB Nvidia GeForce GPU. It has 32GB of RAM and a 2TB hard drive. The Studio has a single dedicated power cable, four USB 3.0 jack ports, a Mini DisplayPort, a slot for an SD card, and an Ethernet port.

One of the newest devices that Microsoft also introduced is the Surface Dial. The Dial is physically based on a safe dial and functions like a jog or scroll wheel. The main difference is that the input device is a separate entity from the Studio. The Dial is a desktop and an on-screen tool in one. It can be placed beside the Studio like a mouse beside a desktop computer.

But when the user places the Dial on the screen of the Studio, it instantly engages a context-aware menu. Once the Dial is taken off the Surface, a digital version becomes visible on the screen. The Dial has a sticky base that attaches to the Studio even at an angled position.

Tech Crunch describes some of the scenes at the New York event involving the Surface Dial. In one booth, the Dial was used to adjust the size of a 3D model. With a turn of the Dial, the image can become smaller or bigger. In another station, an animated character was made to move frame by frame by turning the Dial.

The minimalist-looking Surface Dial is a standalone device though it was designed with the Studio. It works with other Surface devices. The Dial is available for $100 each. Like the Surface Book and Surface Pro, the Surface Studio comes with a Surface Pen.

The new Microsoft Surface Studio is priced at $2,999 up to $4,199 and is now available for pre-order. The company will ship the orders in time for the holiday season although a limited number of Surface Studios will be available at the time. Source: itechpost

Microsoft Surface Studio 2016 UK, US Release Price, Specs

#SurfaceStudio2016 #Microsoft Surface Studio 2016 UK, US Release Price, Specs : Next year is definitely going to be a competitive one between Apple and Microsoft as the latter unveiled their very own Microsoft Surface Studio 2016. It is said to compete directly against Apple’s iMac. So, here are the key details you need to know about the Windows desktop.

Let us first talk about the specs before we go to its price range. The upcoming desktop is going to have a 28-inch PixelSense display with touchscreen support. Its LCD monitor is 12.55-mm thin, and according to the company’s head of devices team, Panos Panay, it is the thinnest monitor ever built.

Being thin is not the best part of its monitor because according to reports, it will project the true scale. Meaning an inch on the screen is exactly an inch in real life. Through this feature, a lot of tasks will be done easier.

Furthermore, the monitor can also display 4,500×3,000 resolution powered by a GeForce 980M card. Also, the Microsoft Surface Studio 2016 will boast 32GB of RAM and a 2TB hybrid drive. Multiple ports will as well be available on the desktop such as audio jack, SD card, mini DP, Ethernet and 4 USB 3.0 ports.

Lastly, the new flagship desktop of Microsoft will have accessories like keyboard and mouse. But the radial input “dial” is the most interesting one because of its force feedback. Reports state that Surface Dial can be easily put on display and will project a radial menu. A Surface Pen is also another accessory of the desktop which is useful for its touchscreen monitor.

Now, with these features at hand, obviously, you cannot expect it to be cheap. Panay revealed that the desktop will cost $2,999, $3,499 or $4,199 depending on hardware options. It will be available in limited quantities only and is available for pre-orders now. But, the Surface Studio will also hit Microsoft retail stores. For consumers in the United States, it will be released during the upcoming Holiday, said Panay. So, it is safe to assume that it will hit the stores next week.

Buyers in the United Kingdom, on the other hand, will get their hands on the desktop later this year. The prices in the region have yet to be announced but if directly converted, it would cost around £2,500 up to £3,700. However, rumor has it that consumers in the U.K. might actually pay even more so let us just wait for official announcements from Microsoft.

There you have it! The important details you need to know about the upcoming Microsoft Surface Studio 2016. How about you? What do you think of these features? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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