Microsoft Surface Pro 5: Dramatic Changes Not Expected

#Microsoft #SurfacePro5 – Microsoft Surface Pro 5: Dramatic Changes Not Expected : The latest in the line of Microsoft’s hybrid tablet, Surface Pro 5, is not expected to have any radical changes in its hardware. It will indeed receive updates, although those will be directed towards its software.

One of the rumors surrounding the Surface Pro 5 says that it will be shipped with Intel’s Kaby Lake as its processor. It turned out to be true, as it was recently confirmed by Microsoft pundit Paul Thurrott. Furthermore, the savant’s sources told him that the upcoming device will retain the power connector its predecessor had.

This could be in line with Microsoft’s promise to Surface Pro 3 users that their accessories would still be usable on Surface Pro 3. However, The Verge pointed out this does not mean that the company will completely forego a USB-C connection. If they opted to do that, then it would be a surprising choice indeed. That is because most Windows-compatible PC producers are now switching to the new-fangled port for their latest portable computers.

Hardware aside, Forbes wrote about Microsoft’s focus on their cloud services as well as the Windows 10 operating system. This way, Surface Pro 5 developers and engineers do not have to come up with innovative ways to pull in more customers. That is because the company’s partners also sell more of the operating systems than they actually do. And like this, they can show what existing hardware is capable of with the help software innovations and cloud services in Windows 10.

Aside from those things, there are no other details forthcoming. But it might not be a long time until Microsoft release official specifications for the Surface Pro 5. Company watchers still expect them to have a special launch event for their hybrid device during their annual spring affair. At that time, the Redmond company could also announce other updates. Nevertheless, as Thurrott already said, people should not expect any dramatic change to the device because none will be forthcoming.

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Windows 10 Redstone 3 Could Bring Transparent Start Menu, Light Taskbar

#Windows10 #Redstone3 – Windows 10 Redstone 3 Could Bring Transparent Start Menu, Light Taskbar : The Windows 10 Creators Update (internally codenamed Redstone 2) is just around the corner, but all eyes already seem to be on the next OS update due in the fall as Redstone 3.

It looks like Redstone 3 will bring several visual improvements, and after seeing a bunch of universal apps getting the Project NEON treatment, it’s now the time to see how Microsoft could revamp the Start menu and the taskbar.

A screenshot published today by MSPU and allegedly coming from internal builds of Windows 10 Redstone 3 shows a facelift version of the existing Start menu that features transparent live tiles and the same blur effect that lets you see what’s behind it on the desktop.

Transparency and blue seem to be Microsoft’s next big things, and the Start menu will definitely look better with these visual effects, especially because they would create a more consistent user interface across the operating system. At this point, live tiles are solid colors, but starting with Redstone 3, Microsoft could make them all fully transparent, though it will also come down to developers to adopt this feature.

On Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft is yet to update all of its apps to feature transparent tiles, but hopefully everything would be faster in the case of PCs with Redstone 3.

Light taskbar also planned

Additionally, it looks like Microsoft might be working on a light taskbar as well, with users to be allowed to choose between dark and light, with a third version using the accent color configured in the OS.

A light taskbar has been spotted in several highly-praised concepts and it looks like Microsoft finally got the message, so the Redstone 3 update could bring it to PC users as well.

Redstone 3 is projected to launch in the fall, with early builds already being worked on behind closed doors at Microsoft. The first public builds are likely to ship to insiders shortly after the debut of the Creators Update, though it’s not yet clear if these visual improvements will be included or not..

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Surface Pro 5 might not be launching in April

#MicrosoftSurface #SurfacePro5 – Surface Pro 5 might not be launching in April : While there have been reports claiming that Surface Pro 5 will be launching in April, new unconfirmed reports from Microsoft’s supply chain have emerged recently that claim that the Surface Pro 4 successor will actually get delayed and will not be ready for April launch.

Surface Pro 5 has become a tale of never ending rumours and reports with report after report claiming that the tablet is all but ready and we will see it launch in Spring 2017. That’s not happening according to new reports because it turns out that analysts believe that Surface Pro line-up could be in for a rejig. Launching Surface Pro 5 after two years of Surface Pro 4 could be rather late if we look at it from the perspective of gadget updates that happen in less than a year now a days.

Having said that Microsoft will not abandon its one of the most successful lineup of hardware gadgets and that’s why we believe Surface Pro 5 is happening sooner or later.

It is also being said that Microsoft might launch new devices to show off the capabilities of upcoming major update to Windows 10 – the Creators update. Microsoft is also expected to announce Windows 10 Cloud Edition this Spring. This Cloud Edition is said to be Redmon’s equivalence to Google’s Chrome OS.

Despite the name, the Windows 10 Cloud is more on about restricing access on what softwares and applications could be installed on devices. This could mean that only apps from the Windows store could be installed through desktop UWP apps. What could this mean to Microsoft Pro 5 and Book 2?.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 and Book 2 might just be just another Windows 10 Cloud devices. If one is expecting the devices this month, just prepare for the worst. And while there is no confirmation that Surface Pro 5 will land soon

Microsoft Surface Studio Confirmed To Arrive In Three Other Regions On April 20; Surface Book Pre-order Now Available In Other Markets

#MicrosoftSurface #SurfaceStudio – Microsoft Surface Studio Confirmed To Arrive In Three Other Regions On April 20; Surface Book Pre-order Now Available In Other Markets  : Microsoft really wanted to reach other markets as its all-in-one PC; Microsoft Surface Studio will become available on three other regions on April 20. Meanwhile, this device is already available for pre-orders in other countries.

According to Ubergizmo, this will be the first time that Redmond-based tech giant has revealed the Microsoft Surface Studio international launch details. The said all-in-one PC is originally reported to be released in three other regions outside the United States before it is finally made accessible for purchase in the other countries around the world.

Microsoft Corporation has confirmed that starting march 29; both the Surface Studio and Surface Dial are obtainable for pre-order in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. These devices can be purchased in these markets beginning April 20.

It is worth mentioning that there is no European market included in the first international appearance of the Microsoft Surface Studio. Nevertheless, that is not all as the Microsoft will also make the updated Microsoft Surface Book with performance base available in other market shelves.

As a matter of fact, The Verge has learned that the Microsoft Surface Book with performance base is now can be pre-ordered in a bit of market. The list includes; Austria, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. This device is also scheduled to be released on April 20.

With the Microsoft Surface Book extension, it may indicate that the fans of the Redmond-based company won’t see a new Surface Book 2 as of this moment. Reports already claimed earlier last month that the next Surface Book might have clamshell laptop design. Nevertheless, recent news is recommending that Microsoft will hold a Surface hardware event in the spring lacking the Surface Book 2.

Since the Microsoft Surface Studio will become available in other three regions it appears that the tech company would want to reach out other markets. In addition, there is also a sign that Surface Book 2 will not yet become available as of this moment.

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Xbox One's Latest Update Bring Tons Of New Surprising Features

#Microsoft #XboxOne  – Xbox One’s Latest Update Bring Tons Of New Surprising Features : Microsoft has been testing out a number of new features for Xbox One users to explore the Insiders Program. The March update for the Xbox One is bringing tons of enhancements to the console, as well as new thrilling features, to Xbox One owners..

A new home is one of the major features of this update is a new UI for Home. The new Home is speedier and looks sleeker. Microsoft has optimized the speed and prioritized gaming content for the users. Also, this new update also delivers backgrounds to your Home, which will highlight the game users playing, if owners don’t have a custom one set. More so, another change seems to be the quicker guide. If users will press the guide button, it doesn’t take to the Home page. Instead, it comes as an overlay on the left side. According to Microsoft, the new experience “puts the features and functionality that you use the most right at your fingertips”.

New Multitasking With Cortana, the multitasking features were designed to act more like the new Guide and prioritize specific features. Interestingly, Cortana will also come out as an overlay on the screen, letting users to access Party controls, set reminders and alarms, and play music with simple voice controls.The New Beam App is an app which will enable users to stream Xbox gameplay straight from the Guide and will include the ability to manage Beam broadcasts and also interact with other gamers or viewers in a chat overlay. A new Beam viewing app can also be found in My Games and Apps.

Also, Xbox has a copilot feature “which allows two controllers to act as if they were one”. Microsoft believes that this makes the console “more inviting to gamers who can benefit from playing along with another person, more fun for families by adding cooperative controls for any game, and easier for players who need unique configurations to play”. The Screen time limits( XBOX), a Windows 10 feature has already made its way to the Xbox One, enabling parents to set daily time allowance and limits for minors using the Xbox One. Furthermore, it will be enforced automatically and be can specific to each child..

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Microsoft Surface Studio International Release Details Revealed

#Microsoft #SurfaceStudio – Microsoft Surface Studio International Release Details Revealed : Microsoft wowed us with the Surface Studio all-in-one PC late last year and it has only been selling the computer in the United States since then. This is the first time that Microsoft has confirmed the Surface Studio international release details. The computer is initially going to be released in three additional countries outside the United States before it’s eventually made available for purchase officially in other countries across the globe.

Microsoft has confirmed that starting today, both the Surface Studio and Surface Dial are available for pre-order in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. The devices will be available for purchase in these markets on April 20th.

It’s interesting to note that no European market is included in the first international appearance of the Surface Studio. That’s not all. Microsoft is also releasing its updated Surface Book with performance base in additional markets.

It can now be pre-ordered in a handful of markets such as Austria, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. It will also be released on April 20th.

As far as a new Surface Book is concerned, recent reports suggest that one might not be coming in the near future. In fact, the hardware event Microsoft is expected to conduct in the coming weeks is said to be sans the Surface Book 2 notebook.

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Microsoft Surface Phone To Come Up With A Groundbreaking Foldable Design

#Microsoft #SurfacePhone – Microsoft Surface Phone To Come Up With A Groundbreaking Foldable Design : Now that Samsung Galaxy S8 is officially released, most of its competition are now on all fours in trying to steal its thunder. And as Apple’s follow-up to its controversial iPhone 7 is months away from its launch, all eyes are now starting to turn to Microsoft’s next flagship entry in the mobile world — the Microsoft Surface Phone.

Express reported that Microsoft Surface Phone will truly be living up to its scene-stealer moniker. Accordingly, Microsoft’s upcoming flagship iteration may go with a foldable design and other expected layers. This comes after a spotted patent, indicating that the device foldable functionality will arrive with a display that is made with multiple visual offerings. In addition, the phone’s panels are described to be curving at their edges, allowing the surface to create an illusory, unified image.

On the other hand, the Microsoft Surface Phone’s purported “unified image” will also resolve the permeating issue among foldable devices — the gap. All devices that are folded in half are evidently lacking continuity, unlike other sole mobile devices. As such, these curves should do be able to do away this noticeable absence.

The report on Microsoft Surface Phone’s foldable functionality is no news for most of its hardcore fans. The same publication reported that a similar patent filing was seen back in January. The filed patent showed designs that could provide the foldable device a more fluid look and functionality. Moreover, the designs affirmed that a hybrid between a smartphone and a tablet is now entirely possible.

Microsoft Surface Phone’s hybrid offering will also showcase top-of-the-line features and specifications. These may include the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and a storage tier offering of up to 8GB of random access memory (RAM). Meanwhile, Trusted Reviews shared that the next series of devices may go for a massive 500GB of internal storage.

Microsoft Surface Phone is expected to be unveiled anytime soon. Its official launching might also come alongside with the other Surface devices Microsoft is speculated to be working on as of late.

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Groove now lets you share playlists, and Movies & TV gets video overlay for Creators Update

#Grove #Update #Microsoft – Groove now lets you share playlists, and Movies & TV gets video overlay for Creators Update : Microsoft is pushing out a few new updates today for its core media apps including Groove music and Movies & TV. The latter’s app update mostly affects those on the Creators Update via the Insider program, but the Groove update is super exciting as it is for everyone. Both updates apply for PC and Mobile and are now live.

What’s new in Groove Music

Starting today with version 10.17012.1030 (up from 10.16122.1027.0) users can now share their personalized and recommended playlists to Facebook, Twitter, email, and more using the universal Share picker (including that new icon, natch). The feature works quite well, and when someone clicks the link, it opens Groove on their PC or phone and populates it with the shared playlist.

Other features with the Groove update include:

  • Not decided on Groove Music Pass? Previews for millions of songs let you hear what you’re missing
  • Text yourself links to install the Groove app on iOS and Android
  • Minor fixes and improvements
  • Please note, not all features are available in all markets

What’s new in Movies & TV

Turning to the Movies & TV app update, which starting hitting users late last night we can see a lot of new features for the forthcoming Windows 10 Creators Update expected in April. Those on the Insider program running “Redstone 2”, however, can start to use the features today.

New Compact Overlay mode in action with Movies & TV app

Those features, found in version 10.17012.1030, include:

  • Now your videos always stay on top while multitasking with mini mode (Windows 10 Creators Update required)
  • Play a broader range of video formats. For MPEG-2 videos, you’ll be prompted to download an extension containing the codecs you need. (Windows 10 Creators Update required)
  • Minor fixes and improvements

We’ll try to get a video up in a bit demoing the new “mini mode.” The addition of more video codecs is always welcomed too as it lets consumers rely on Movies & TV as their primary video playback app to streamline the media experience in Windows 10.

Download Groove from the Windows Store

Download Movies & TV from the Windows Store

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Microsoft Surface Phone Release Date, Specs Rumors: Late 2017 Phone Entry Might Be Able to Run PC Apps

#MicrosoftSurface #SurfavePhone – Microsoft Surface Phone Release Date, Specs Rumors: Late 2017 Phone Entry Might Be Able to Run PC Apps : Details are few and scattered when it comes to the Surface Phone, Microsoft’s newest foray into the handset market. It would look like Microsoft is taking its time with the device, with the goal of designing a device that will be its own category — similar to the company breakthrough that is the Surface.

With this goal in mind, it is to be expected that the rumored specs and release dates will be in constant flux. Trustedreviews has a round-up of the speculated features and timeline for the device. Nokiapoweruser reports of a trusted source confirming that the launch date has been pushed back to late 2017, in contrast to most unconfirmed reports that agree on a release within the first half of this year.

Sources, according to Nokiapoweruser, have reported about prototypes built with the new Snapdragon 835. These prototypes are also said to support Quick charging 4.0. Based on initial impressions, sources also claim a possible 5.5-inch quad high-definition (QHD) displays for the prototype. It is also rumored to have its own “Laptop Accessory” detachable keyboards. The inclusion of a stylus and other add-ons remain to be seen.

An interesting report is about one prototype with 6 GB random-access memory (RAM) that already has the ability to run X86 apps. In theory, this may allow the Surface Phone to run Windows applications — essentially becoming a PC in a phone.

Microsoft has just officially announced that they have made it possible to run Windows 10 on phone hardware — a concept that the company calls “cellular PCs.” This can have a huge impact on business users who depend on desktop applications for their work. It remains to be seen if the “cellular PC” implementations can run most of the current Windows apps.

At the least, it will bring the Surface Phone a step closer to its goal of differentiating itself from other premium phone offerings. Microsoft may yet reveal more details, as it was leaked that the company will be present at the Mobile World Congress 2017 (MWC 2017).

Watch below for Microsoft’s demonstration of Windows 10 running on a mobile processor.

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Redstone 3 Could Be the Last Update for Windows 10 Mobile

#Windows10Mobile #WindowsMobile – Redstone 3 Could Be the Last Update for Windows 10 Mobile : A new report that’s making the rounds lately, and which cannot be verified right now because it points to early Microsoft plans for its phone platform, indicates that Redstone 3 could be the last update for Windows 10 Mobile.

There’s a lot of speculation right now, and this is why it’s very important to take everything with a pinch of salt for the time being, but Spanish website OneWindows writes that Microsoft is currently discussing several changes aimed at its mobile platform that would make Redstone 3 the last major update for Windows 10 Mobile.

While at first glance this could sound like the end of Microsoft’s smartphone platform, there are a few other details that seem to point to a change of strategy rather than to a complete demise of mobile.

Windows 10 Mobile support

First and foremost, what we know for sure is that Windows 10 Mobile will still receive support until at least October 2018. According to Microsoft’s own data, Windows 10 Mobile build 10586 (also known as Threshold 2) will receive updates until January 9, 2018, while build 14393 (Redstone 1) will reach end of support until October 9, 2018.

With the Creators Update also landing on mobile devices, Windows 10 Mobile should be safe until at least early 2019, but specifics will be announced by Microsoft after the launch of the OS. Redstone 3 would obviously extend support for Windows 10 Mobile, but again, no details are available.

If the aforementioned report is accurate, then Redstone 3 would be specifically focused on improving the UI, performance, Continuum, Cortana, and other new features, but what’s yet not clear is who exactly is going to get all these features. Microsoft released Windows 10 Mobile only for half of its Windows phones, and it’s clearly too early to tell whether everyone on Windows 10 will get Redstone 3 as well.

What’s next?

So if Redstone 3 is indeed the last major update for Windows 10 Mobile, does this mean that Microsoft is done with phones? Not necessarily, as Microsoft could pursue other opportunities, including Windows 10 on ARM.

This implementation makes it possible for Microsoft to run full Windows 10 on ARM chips, and it’s believed that the company’s upcoming Surface Phone, if it really exists, could make full use of this technology. As a result, Surface Phone could unleash the full power of Windows 10 when connected to an external display with Continuum.

Windows 10 Cloud, a recently discovered SKU of Windows 10 and limited to UWP apps, could also play a role in Microsoft’s mobile strategy, but for the moment, it’s all about guessing and it doesn’t make sense since we don’t know for sure if this report is true or not.

But in the end, although Windows 10 Mobile might reach its end in the coming users, this doesn’t mean that Microsoft is leaving phones. For what it’s worth, it just seems to be a change of strategy and nothing more.

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