Samsung Galaxy S9 News: Successor To The Galaxy S8 Already In The Works

#Samsung #GalaxyS9 – Samsung Galaxy S9 News: Successor To The Galaxy S8 Already In The Works : Reports of a new Samsung flagship device are already all over the internet and it’s not the foldable Galaxy X or the Galaxy Note 8. While the Galaxy S8 has yet to drop in stores and the two other Samsung devices are expected within the year, the Korean tech giant has supposedly started working on the Galaxy S9.

International Business Times cited some sources which said that the Korean conglomerate is already working on the Galaxy S9. The report came all the way from the company’s home turf. “The Bell”, a Korean news outlet, reported that Samsung has begun development on the display panels for next year’s flagship smartphone.

The reason why Samsung is around six months ahead of schedule as compared to its previous devices’ timelines is that it wants the Galaxy S9 to be fool-proof and to be even better quality-wise than the highly impressive Galaxy S8. The debacle that is the Samsung Galaxy S7 is still fresh in their minds which are why the company is taking every precautionary step possible. Furthermore, Samsung already has laid the groundwork for a much safer process in manufacturing its devices after the exploding battery fiasco. In fact, with the way things are going so far for the Galaxy S8, it seems like Samsung has finally succeeded on burying its demons or is at least off to a good start.

BGR reported that the team in charge with the Galaxy S9’s display is already set to supply some samples sometime in the middle of this month which is basically a week or so from now. This bit of news, if proven true, clearly indicates that the display team has been hard at work for some time now. The source also mentioned that development of other vital components of the Galaxy S9 will start a month after the display gets the go-signal.

A leak showing a prototype of the Samsung Galaxy S8 indicated that the company toyed with the idea of giving the flagship smartphone a dual camera set-up. It remains to be seen if the Galaxy S9 will get the feature.

The early start can also mean an earlier launch for the next flagship handset. The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus was understandably delayed because of their controversial predecessor and the company seems intent to get a good head start with the Samsung Galaxy S9.

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Samsung Galaxy S9 Could Include 7nm Chip

#SamsungGalaxy #GalaxyS9 – Samsung Galaxy S9 Could Include 7nm Chip : Samsung is all set to begin its 7nm chip production by 2018. Rumors are swirling that the Samsung Galaxy S9 – the successor of the unannounced Galaxy S8 – could be powered by the new 7nm chip.

Compared to the Snapdragon 835 chip which is built on the10nm FeT technology, the 7nm chip is expected to be more energy efficient. The powerful chipset will be available for all the smartphone makers by 2018.

As stated by Dr. Heo Kuk, the managing director of Samsung LSI Divison, the South Korean company will be introducing maximum ultraviolet radiation exposed equipment to aid the production process of 7nm chipset.

“We will maximize the advantages of EUV in the 7-nanometer process and secure competitiveness in terms of performance and power consumption,” says Kuk

However, if the production of the chip gets completed by next year, chances are there that it will be available in time for incorporation in Galaxy S9, Samsung’s flagship series.

Samsung’s rival TSMC plans to evaluate its own 7nm chip in Q2 2017. If everything goes according to its plan then TSMC shall upgrade to the 7nm chipset and supply Apple with the same for the iPhone 9 in 2018.

In a pattern similar to every year, Samsung announced the mass production of 10nm chips in November 2016 which it planned to use in the 2017 flagship devices, as a result of which the impending Galaxy S8 will be powered by Snapdragon 835. This chipset was manufactured with Samsung’s 10 nm technology.

Samsung Calls First Dibs On Snapdragon 835

As reported by Tech Times, Samsung is apparently on a spree to make maximum profit as it has already claimed the entire Snapdragon 835 chipset supply leaving LG with no other option than to house Snapdragon 821 on its LG G6. This was possible especially because Samsung was assisting Qualcomm in producing the chipsets. So it was able to obtain the entire supply giving a major disadvantage to the competitors.

With the competition becoming fiercer, the chipmakers are gearing up for the most efficient manufacturing process. As TSMC appears to be the sole chip supplier for Apple for its iPhone devices, Samsung seems to be one of the top contenders to carve a niche in the chip market.

Samsung has shared that the company looks forward to experimenting and introducing the stabilization of the nanometer process. The sole motive behind this is to try diversifying its smartphones, graphics businesses and networks.

The 7 nanometer process for instance shall secure Samsung’s’ chances of becoming one of the best chipmakers through performance and power consumption.

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Galaxy S9, iPhone 9: The Next Gen Folding Phones

#GalaxyS9 #iPhone9 – Galaxy S9, iPhone 9: The Next Gen Folding Phones : Tech giants are planning to develop new and unique design for smarts phones. Samsung is going to improvise the design of Galaxy S9. They are planning to make this model folded. It can be assumed that the design will be superb. Is Samsung will be the first or other tech giants also will launch this latest design?

Some information that reveals many tech giants are working on the foldable smartphone including Apple. Now the question is will Apple be able to release foldable smartphone within 2018? It can be assumed from the previous amazing designs that Apple definitely will release first and will be more popular within 2019.

It is essential to make the phone display flexible for foldable smartphones. LCD is not flexible whereas OLED is flexible and coincidentally Apple is going to launch their first OLED phone with a curved display in the next year. There is only one company all over the world who can make mass colorless polyimide to protect foldable OLED screen and that is Kolon Industries.

Kang Chung-Seok, head of Kolon Industries, informed that three to five tech companies are trying hard to produce foldable phones in 2018. This production will acquire 20percent of the total Smartphone market.

This famous company will produce the special OLED mass and supply to several tech giants. Apple is also included in the list. First foldable is expected to have a bend radius of 5 millimeters.

Kang Chung also added that the bend radius of the smartphone should be 1 millimeter, but it can create a safety problem. So the tech companies are trying to have the bend radius of Five millimeters.

Plans of making foldable smartphone are done, the process is going on. Now it’s the time to wait and see which tech giant complete their mission first and launch the most awaited phone in the market.

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