Microsoft Surface Pro 5: Dramatic Changes Not Expected

#Microsoft #SurfacePro5 – Microsoft Surface Pro 5: Dramatic Changes Not Expected : The latest in the line of Microsoft’s hybrid tablet, Surface Pro 5, is not expected to have any radical changes in its hardware. It will indeed receive updates, although those will be directed towards its software.

One of the rumors surrounding the Surface Pro 5 says that it will be shipped with Intel’s Kaby Lake as its processor. It turned out to be true, as it was recently confirmed by Microsoft pundit Paul Thurrott. Furthermore, the savant’s sources told him that the upcoming device will retain the power connector its predecessor had.

This could be in line with Microsoft’s promise to Surface Pro 3 users that their accessories would still be usable on Surface Pro 3. However, The Verge pointed out this does not mean that the company will completely forego a USB-C connection. If they opted to do that, then it would be a surprising choice indeed. That is because most Windows-compatible PC producers are now switching to the new-fangled port for their latest portable computers.

Hardware aside, Forbes wrote about Microsoft’s focus on their cloud services as well as the Windows 10 operating system. This way, Surface Pro 5 developers and engineers do not have to come up with innovative ways to pull in more customers. That is because the company’s partners also sell more of the operating systems than they actually do. And like this, they can show what existing hardware is capable of with the help software innovations and cloud services in Windows 10.

Aside from those things, there are no other details forthcoming. But it might not be a long time until Microsoft release official specifications for the Surface Pro 5. Company watchers still expect them to have a special launch event for their hybrid device during their annual spring affair. At that time, the Redmond company could also announce other updates. Nevertheless, as Thurrott already said, people should not expect any dramatic change to the device because none will be forthcoming.

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Surface Pro 5 might not be launching in April

#MicrosoftSurface #SurfacePro5 – Surface Pro 5 might not be launching in April : While there have been reports claiming that Surface Pro 5 will be launching in April, new unconfirmed reports from Microsoft’s supply chain have emerged recently that claim that the Surface Pro 4 successor will actually get delayed and will not be ready for April launch.

Surface Pro 5 has become a tale of never ending rumours and reports with report after report claiming that the tablet is all but ready and we will see it launch in Spring 2017. That’s not happening according to new reports because it turns out that analysts believe that Surface Pro line-up could be in for a rejig. Launching Surface Pro 5 after two years of Surface Pro 4 could be rather late if we look at it from the perspective of gadget updates that happen in less than a year now a days.

Having said that Microsoft will not abandon its one of the most successful lineup of hardware gadgets and that’s why we believe Surface Pro 5 is happening sooner or later.

It is also being said that Microsoft might launch new devices to show off the capabilities of upcoming major update to Windows 10 – the Creators update. Microsoft is also expected to announce Windows 10 Cloud Edition this Spring. This Cloud Edition is said to be Redmon’s equivalence to Google’s Chrome OS.

Despite the name, the Windows 10 Cloud is more on about restricing access on what softwares and applications could be installed on devices. This could mean that only apps from the Windows store could be installed through desktop UWP apps. What could this mean to Microsoft Pro 5 and Book 2?.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 and Book 2 might just be just another Windows 10 Cloud devices. If one is expecting the devices this month, just prepare for the worst. And while there is no confirmation that Surface Pro 5 will land soon

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release date, specs and features update: New hybrid device arriving in April?

#MicrosoftSurface #SurfacePro5 – Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release date, specs and features update: New hybrid device arriving in April? : Tech world is abuzz with rumors suggesting an early release date for the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 packed with exciting specs and features. Reports say the 2-in-1 device will come with significant upgrades from its predecessor.

Surface Pro 5 is expected to have a lightweight aluminum body and a 12.3-inch screen. The successor to Surface Pro 4 can be used like PC, thanks to the new feature Continuum that debuts in Windows 10.

As far as Microsoft Surface Pro 5 specs are concerned, the device is expected to be powered by the Intel Kaby Lake processor. This new chipset will not only improve overall performance, will also help save battery life of the device. The battery life of the Surface Pro 4 was not impressive, and many users had complained about it.

The new hybrid device could get a 16GB RAM and 512GB internal storage.

The Surface Pro 5 is said to come with the Surface Dial that Microsoft introduced for the Surface Studio, according to a report in The Christian Post.

In the new two-in-one device, the Surface Dial would be placed on the screen, allowing users to access shortcuts and controls – volume for music apps – as well as other menus and tools.

As per Microsoft, the Surface Dial is “a completely new way to interact with technology that allows users to store, customize, access, navigate, and reimagine physical tools in the digital world from concept to creation.”

There are also murmurs that the upcoming Surface Pro will get a rechargeable Surface Pen. The accessory is said to come with improvement in functionality.

Moreover, the tablet PC might sport 4K display. The Kaby Lake processor will allow the device to handle the 4K resolution.

Coming to Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release date, the company is expected to release the Windows 10 Creators Update sometime in the first quarter, so, it is safe to say that the Surface Pro 5 will be announced in April.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Hinted to be Launched at the MWC

#SurfacePro5 #MicrosoftSurfacePro – Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Hinted to be Launched at the MWC : The Surface Pro 5 will most likely see its UK release following the MWC as all the rumors regarding price, specification as well as other details lead to a 2017 launch which will possibly happen this February in Barcelona.

Following the huge success that the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 has enjoyed people have already started to raise some question regarding when a successor will hit the shelves. Everyone is waiting for Microsoft to issue an official announcement regarding their new device and it is most likely to happen this month at the MWC with an official release date scheduled for March.

Taking into account that the next Microsoft big update when it comes to their Windows 10 OS, namely the Creators Update is not going to roll out until Spring this year, Microsoft might hold down on the release on their new Surface Pro 5 until then to make sure it comes updates with the latest software right out of the box.

Microsoft is now trying to sell as many Surface Pro 4 units as possible as the UK has seen huge cuts in terms of its price which can be found now for as low as 609 Pounds down from the initial price of 749 Pounds for the basic version. The more advanced models are also encountering some price cuts and the special offer will end pretty soon if not taken advantage of it quickly.

Spec wise, the Surface Pro 5 will come with a 4K display and a Surface Pen which will be wirelessly charged when docked into the device itself. The first quarter of this year should prove to be an interesting one as more and more manufacturers are coming up with a lot of interesting devices which currently keep the market competitive between them.

Tech enthusiasts cannot do anything but wait for the MWC to start this month and not only will there be a lot of interesting announcements from Microsoft but a lot of software giants and hardware manufacturers are going to present the latest trends in terms of tech thus making the event one not to be missed.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 must launch soon; wait is getting unbearable

#MicrosoftSurfacePro #Surfacepro5 – Microsoft Surface Pro 5 must launch soon; wait is getting unbearable : Surface Pro 4 has impressed fans and critics alike and with a successful holiday season in late 2016, the stage is set for the launch of Surface Pro 5 and to take the two-in-one game to the next level for Microsoft.

However, with no official statements or reports releasing, the wait for Surface Pro 5 is getting unbearable considering that rumors and speculations do not cease to ‘torture’ us with what will the Surface Pro 5 have or what it won’t have. Surface Pro 5 will be the fifth in the Surface Pro line-up and is highly anticipated because of the range of options that Microsoft has in terms of equipping its Surface Pro 4 successor with top of the line hardware and features.

If we get to the point, the Surface Pro 5 is expected to launch in Spring 2017 – if we are to believe the rumours. As far as pricing is concerned, we believe it won’t be much more expensive than the Surface Pro 4, so it would be safe to bet that prices would be almost the same as its predecessor.

Why Spring 2016 launch? We believe Microsoft would want to show off the power and features of its upcoming major update to Windows 10 through something that it has built – in terms of the hardware. The delay in this major update to Spring 2017 makes us believe that Surface Pro 5 would be released during the same time and Satya Nadella would take the stage to flaunt the Windows 10 update running on the latest Surface Pro 5 and possibly even the Surface Book 2.

Soon after Intel launched its Kaby Lake processors, reports started flowing in that Surface Pro 5 will be powered by this particular processor. Patents then surfaced that claimed to show that Microsoft will have an upgraded Surface Pen stylus that features a rechargeable battery system. The patent points to a magnetic charging dock where the Surface Pen be charged – seemingly with connectors meant for a Surface Dock mounting.

Considering there has been no official word about Surface Pro 5, these are the features that we would like to see:

Surface Pro 5 with improved battery life

Microsoft claims that its Surface Pro 4 offers a battery backup of up to 9 hours and while real-life tests haven’t really achieved those marks, we believe that Surface Pro 5 can achieve those and beyond levels. To offer greater battery life, Surface Pro 5 will have to go for Intel Kaby Lake processors. Intel has claimed and even shown that its Kaby Lake processors offer a notebook a battery life of 9.5 hours while continuously looping video.

4K display on Surface Pro 5

Intel Kaby Lake processors natively support 4K and this effectively means that Surface Pro 5 could very well have a 4K display if Microsoft decides to offer stunning visuals to its customers.

Enhanced mobility with eSIM on Surface Pro 5

This is something of an emerging technology and will be nice to see Microsoft becoming of the first major hybrid manufacturer to adopt it. With eSIM, the SIM cards are standardized in mobile devices based on hardware. This effectively means that consumers more freedom and less obligation when choosing a data provider because eSIM automatically switches to the plan in the country where the user is located. While the average John Doe might not see this as a huge thing, business users among whom the Surface Pro 5 will be a hit will definitely find the technology useful and much needed.

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The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Might Be Coming Soon: Pro 4 Gets Discounts, Surface 3 Gets Phased Out

#MicrosoftSurface #SurfacePro5 – The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Might Be Coming Soon: Pro 4 Gets Discounts, Surface 3 Gets Phased Out : The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is yet to be confirmed by the company. Apparently, this tablet convertible has been awaited since last year for the sole reason that the Surface Pro 4 device is slowly getting outdated. Nevertheless, Microsoft isn’t confirming the arrival of the Surface Pro 5, but fans can just take hints from the market status of the past Surface Pro devices.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 On Sale Once Again

It wasn’t too long ago when reports came out about the unlikely discount given to the Surface Pro 4. Apparently, the said tablet was offered on a No Pen deal and at a lower price. Right now, Microsoft is putting the Core i5/4 GB model of the Pro 4 on a 20 percent-off deal while adding in the Pen accessory. This means that you can get the said Surface Pro tablet for just $799 instead of its usual $999 cost. As per Neowin, this offer will push through until February 4.

Microsoft Surface 3 Phased Out

As per ONMSFT, the Surface 3 is officially out of the Microsoft US Store. This is after the company released its earnings report that noted the unimpressive sales of the said tablet. With that said, the Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book are Microsoft’s latest Surface devices on the market. Needless to say, if the Surface Pro 5 doesn’t get released this year, the Surface Pro 4 will be two years old and will undeniably be outdated.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 News

The Surface Pro 5 has been a favorite subject of rumors in the past months. However, Microsoft hasn’t really been very generous in sharing information about its tablet line. The most recent rumor about the Surface Pro 5 is that it could get an MWC 2017 appearance as it could just be the right timing for the tablet to be unveiled. Needless to say, Microsoft hasn’t commented on it so fans need to wait a month more to confirm if this rumor is true or not.

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Surface Pro 5 updates: Discounts on Surface Pro 4 an indication of the upcoming Microsoft device's imminent arrival?

#SurfacePro5 #SurfacePro4 – Surface Pro 5 updates: Discounts on Surface Pro 4 an indication of the upcoming Microsoft device’s imminent arrival? : Given how the Surface Pro 4 impressed its users, it is but understandable for Microsoft fans to look forward to the release of the latest version of its laptop-tablet hybrid, the Surface Pro 5. However, as the Surface Pro 4 is now offered at discounted rates, the wait for the Surface Pro 5 may soon be over.

According to the latest reports, the Surface Pro 5 can now be availed at a much cheaper price in various parts of the globe. Reportedly, those residing in the UK can avail a 15 percent discount on the low-end version of the device if they enter a special coupon code on the brand’s official online store.

On the other hand, those who reside in the US are treated to a $100 discount on the Surface Pro 4 variant that does not come with its Surface Pen, while the same variant is being offered at a AUS $450 discount to those in Australia.

Because of the said discounts, many now believe that the arrival of the Surface Pro 5 is imminent. However, as not all discount promotions are to be equated to an arrival of the latest version of a device, others interpret the move of Microsoft as a way to send a message that it will be attaching more affordable price tags to its future Surface releases.

Nonetheless, as it is already a known fact that Microsoft is releasing an update to its Windows 10 this year, and the reason for the delay of its release is said to be because the company wants to launch it along with its latest Surface products, including the Surface Pro 5 and the Surface Book 2, the discounts offered for the Surface Pro 4 may, indeed, be an indication of its arrival. After all, it is also alleged that the Surface Pro 5 will be unveiled at the upcoming Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017 happening in Barcelona, Spain next month.

Is the Surface Pro 5 arriving soon?

Surface Pro fans can only hope so..

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Headline Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Slated In March; Device To Have Three Variants, 4K Screen And 3D Support Hinted [VIDEO]

#Microsoft #SurfacePro5 – Headline Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Slated In March; Device To Have Three Variants, 4K Screen And 3D Support Hinted [VIDEO] : The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 has been roaming around the rumor mills for quite some time. Now the 2-in-1 laptop is anticipated to make its first appearance in March having three variants and speculated to be boasting 4K screen and 3D support.

According to The Bitbag, a lot of Microsoft patrons have been waiting for the Surface Pro 5 to be released last year but doesn’t happen. Now, there are predictions that the 2-in-1 laptop will make its first appearance March this year. Based on some news, the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release will happen together with the launch of Windows 10 update. The next big operating system upgrade, which will be called the Creators Update, is supposed to be coming out by Spring of this year.

Meanwhile, for the specs, International Business Times noted that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is speculated to sport an Intel 7th Generation Kaby Lake processor. The device is predicted to come out in three processor variants namely, Core M (dual core), Core i5 (dual-core with two threads), and Core i7 (quad-core with eight threads). Higher processor speeds and better battery life are two highly-anticipated enhancements the company’s fans are expecting in the Surface Pro 5.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will also probably feature a 12.5-inch 4K screen that will offer 3D support at 60fps. The American multi-national company may also ditch the Super AMOLED screens in favor of an IPS touch one. The upcoming laptop may run on the Windows 10 Redmond 3 version. When it comes with the storage, there might be 16GB and 32GB versions. The Surface Pro 5 will likely support 512GB to 1TB storage SSD. Microsoft is also predicted to strictly improve Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and camera of Surface Pro 5.

Moreover, a fingerprint scanner and trackpad may be integrated into the device. It may also have an advanced Surface Pen. The stylus might boast a rechargeable battery capable of being recharged wirelessly when docked into the tablet.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is anticipated to hit the market shelves in March but Microsoft hasn’t confirmed that release date so it is still advised to take this information with skepticism. As for the price, the basic model of the 2-in-1 laptop might be tagged at US$899 (AU$1,200).

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Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Specs Would Be Worth The Splurge!

#Microsoft #SUrfacePro5 – Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Specs Would Be Worth The Splurge! : While some people may be worries about the cost of the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 it has been said that thanks to the specs it is coming with it is going to be well worth the price tag.

Microsoft beat Apple during 2016 when it came to sales of tablets and it looks as though they may do the same again thanks to the Microsoft Surface Pro 5, which is going to have upgrades over the previous version.

We have heard that we may see the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 come out in March and we learned about some of the features and the specs that it is coming with. If the device should keep the main features it will be more popular than ever thanks to it having new ones too.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is said to be coming with the 7th gen Kaby Lake processor of Intel and three different variations will be offered, the Core M, Core i5 and the Core i7. They should offer up a large battery life and high performance.

It was said that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 might have the 12.5 inch display and this is going to be 4K and have support for 3D at 60fps. Two different versions will be offered and these will be the 512GB and the 1TB SSD and it is thought that it will run on Windows 10 Redmond.

The device is going to offer up an improved Surface Pen and have a battery that can be recharged by docking the stylus with the device. It will also come with a fingerprint scanner along with track pad.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is going to come with a price tag of around $899 and this is the price for the base version.
Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Specs Would Be Worth The Splurge!

Here Are the Best Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Leaks Ahead of its March Release

#Microsoft #SurfacePro5 – Here Are the Best Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Leaks Ahead of its March Release : Microsoft Corporation might have remained secretive regarding its upcoming projects, but recent speculation suggests the company will unveil its next-generation Surface Pro during March 2017. Unsurprisingly, such speculation has resulted in an overdrive of rumors involving the possible specifications regarding the upcoming hybrid device, dubbed as the Surface Pro 5.

If you have recently used the current Surface Pro, also-known-as the Surface Pro 4, then you will know that the device is easily one of the most powerful 2-in-1 devices available in the market. However, Microsoft is surely aiming for perfection with its next model of Surface Pro. Previously, it was widely rumored that the Redmond-based company would launch its next-gen Surface Pro during the third-quarter of 2016, as the tech giant launched its current Surface Pro during a similar time frame. However, ongoing developments led Microsoft to delay the launch of its Surface Pro 5.

This was mainly due to Intel’s decision to delay the launch of its seventh-generation processor, Kaby Lake. Fortunately, Intel has recently confirmed that it is ready to mass produce its latest processing chipset which means that the upcoming Surface Pro 5 is in line to receive a significant boost in performance. Not only is Intel’s seventh generation processor faster than its predecessor, but the new chipset is also designed to be more efficient at power consumption. Hence, the next Surface Pro is surely set to offer a longer-lasting battery life compared to the Surface Pro 4.

Also, it is being speculated that Microsoft has already designed a new and improved stylus for its upcoming Surface devices, including the much-discussed Surface Book 2. Interestingly, this new Surface Pen is designed to charge directly from a port which will be incorporated into the upcoming Surface Pro 5. This is unlike the Surface Pen included in the current Surface Pro which needs separate batteries to operate.

Furthermore, the rumor mills are adamant that the upcoming Surface Pro 5 should be powered by the next big update to Windows 10 OS, Redstone 2. If this is true, then expect the 2-in-1 device to deliver a significantly enhanced performance compared to its predecessor version.

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