Windows 10 Creators Update to Launch on April 5 via Update Assistant

#Windows10 #Windows10Creators – Windows 10 Creators Update to Launch on April 5 via Update Assistant : Microsoft recently announced that the Windows 10 Creators Update would start rolling out via Windows Update on April 11, but today the company revealed that those eager to get it earlier would be allowed to download the new operating system update with the Update Assistant on April 5.

The Update Assistant has already received a beta update that paves the road for the Creators Update and launching this version allows computers running the Windows 10 Anniversary Update to install RS2 build 15063, but Microsoft will deliver the final bits starting April 5.

“For the those of you who are eager to get the Creators Update right away, you will be able to initiate the update manually, starting on April 5th, via Update Assistant. This option is intended for advanced users on devices running a licensed version of Windows 10,” Microsoft said in an announcement today.

The company hasn’t said anything about dedicated ISOs for the Creators Update, but there’s a good chance they are published on April 5 as well, as the Update Assistant uses a downloaded system image to initiate the update process.

Windows Update rollout to take several months

As for users waiting to get the new OS release via Windows Update, the rollout will start on April 11 and will take several months to complete, according to Microsoft, as the company ships the new bits in stages to computers across the world.

“Based on our experience and feedback from our customers, we believe a phased approach provides the highest quality update experience to the broadest set of customers,” Microsoft explains.

“The first phase will target newer devices, especially those we tested together with our OEM hardware partners. We will then expand the Creators Update release to additional devices based on the feedback we receive during the initial phase. We’ll iterate this process over a period of several months until all compatible devices running Windows 10 worldwide are offered the Creators Update.”

The easiest way to get the Creators Update will definitely be the Update Assistant coming April 5, and those who can’t wait anymore can try out build 15063 as part of the Windows Insider program which is said to be the RTM version.

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Windows 10 Creators Update Review: Critic Said Update Worth The Hype Despite Broken Promises

#Microsoft #Windows10 – Windows 10 Creators Update Review: Critic Said Update Worth The Hype Despite Broken Promises : The Windows 10 Creators update’s release date is getting nearer and nearer and Microsoft users can’t wait for its promised upgrades. With its promising offer on improving experience through its applications, was it able to deliver the hype?

In a review by Mark Hachman, senior editor of PC World, he said that the Windows 10 Creators update was able to bring an important upgrade in the system. He added that it is worth the upgrade and gave it four out of five stars.

With the new capabilities that Windows 10 Creators could bring like privacy tweaks, gaming boosts, Paint 3D, and Windows VR, Hachman said that PC was able to renew its commitment to its users.

The Verge has reported that the Windows 10 Creators update would bring new features like the action center, custom accent colors, themes for Windows 10 in store, and the People Bar. Other features also include full pen support for the Microsoft Word, Microsoft Edge Tabbing Browsing, and Windows Defender Update.

Hachman said that the Windows 10 Creators update on Paint 3D is “charming” and a “powerful” intro to 3D content making. Moreover, he said that the highlight of the update is the inking on photos and videos and the excellent upgrade on the Beam and Game Mode.

However, he also listed out the cons of this update that made him spare the one star for the Windows 10 Creators update. For one, the hype on 3D content making did not meet his expectations.

“There are so many features that Microsoft pledged and has yet to deliver on: apps to capture objects as 3D images, the My People experience, 3D objects in Office apps, mixed-reality devices from its partners. Windows Holographic, renamed Windows Mixed Reality, is present, Microsoft says, though available only to developers,” Hachman said about the Windows 10 Creators Update

Another reason why he did not give it a full five star is its accessibility to users who wants the upgrade to be free. If one is a new user of Windows 10 Creators, they will need to pay $120 for Windows 10 Home and $200 for Windows 10 Pro.

Other than that, Hachman believes the update is worth the wait and the hype. Windows 10 Creators update release date is on April 11.

Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update May Bring Baked-In Ebook Store

#MicrosoftWindows #Windows10Creators – Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update May Bring Baked-In Ebook Store : Microsoft is apparently working on building an ebook store into Windows 10, allowing users to purchase and read books in Microsoft Edge.

The new ebook store interface could become available with the Windows 10 Creators Update, aiming to make its “Universal Store” more appealing and useful.

The news comes from MSPoweruser, which was the first to report on the addition and offer screenshots of the upcoming Windows 10 ebook store.

Microsoft Windows 10 Ebook Store

“We were today able to get an early look at the new e-books store in an internal build of Windows 10 Mobile, but the feature is also going to be available for PCs and tablets running Windows 10,” reports the Microsoft-centric publication.

As MSPoweruser points out, news of an upcoming ebook store baked into Windows 10 is not all that surprising. Microsoft added EPUB support to its Edge browser last year, as part of its Windows 10 Creators Update test builds for Insiders, so it was already signaling the addition of ebooks.

While Microsoft has yet to make it official and detail just when the new ebooks store will hit Windows 10, the prospect is nonetheless exciting and could turn out to be a great asset particularly for the education market.

Microsoft has long been trying to better position Windows devices on the education market and compete against Chromebooks, and the addition of a Windows 10 ebook store could give it a good edge.

At the same time, adding ebook support to the Windows Store would give Microsoft another potential option to make money off Windows. The company currently monetizes its OS by allowing users to buy apps, music, games, movies and TV shows through the Windows Store.

According to MSPoweruser, buying ebooks would be just like purchasing an app or a game from the Windows Store. On the downside, it’s very likely that enjoying those ebooks would be possible only on Microsoft Edge and not on other browsers.

Ebooks On Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has been struggling to make its Edge browser more appealing than ever since it first launched it with Windows 10, but it’s still trailing rivals such as Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

The company has been aggressively pushing the Microsoft Edge browser, touting that it’s safer than Chrome and Firefox, claiming that it’s the best browser for battery life, and even pushing notifications prompting Chrome users to switch to Edge.

In this context, this move to make ebooks accessible only on Microsoft Edge could have two potential outcomes. In the first scenario, it could make Edge more appealing and drive adoption. In the second, it could make the ebooks store less appealing due to limited browser compatibility.

On the other hand, the Windows Store is just one storefront part of the Universal Store Microsoft has envisioned for its ecosystem. With its Universal Store, Microsoft wants to offer the transactions and digital licensing beyond Windows Store, reaching other Windows, Xbox, mobile, web, Office and MSN content, as well as the hardware, software and services sold in physical retail stores.

Microsoft aims to unify all of these storefronts to streamline the experience and make the Universal Store a one-stop-shop for more platforms.

The company is not commenting at this point, other than to mention that it regularly tests various features and functionality through its Windows Insider Program. That said, there’s no guarantee that the ebook store will actually make it to the Windows 10 Creators Update, but it remains to be seen.

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Details for Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update to be Disclosed Soon

#Windows10 #Windows10CreatorsUpdate – Details for Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update to be Disclosed Soon : Initially, the Redmond-based tech firm has targeted March as the release date of its Windows 10 Creators Update. However, sources reveal that the launching will be moved to April. Within this context, it is likely that new elements have been included.

With Dell, HP, Lenovo, Asus and Acer integrating Windows 10 as part of their virtual reality (VR) products, Microsoft will be introducing the holographic user interface into its software. The program is vital to Windows-supported VR headsets.

One noteworthy feature of the updated system is the Paint 3D design. The application has been incorporated into the operating protocols.

It should be known that a huge part of the Windows 10 Creators Update has been made to assist people who are working in industries where the 3D model plays a significant role. Microsoft has declared that the recent app is its most sophisticated procedure.

With the surface pen in place, individuals can create designs by drawing directly on the screen. This approach provides users the opportunity to make structures freely prior to sharing the designs online.

The 3D app has also extended its functional range with the inclusion of the PowerPoint. Presentations become more convenient since users are able to transfer the forms into the slides.

In addition, 3D animation images will get a far more detailed outlook. This is made possible by combining the 2D and the 3D contents.

For gamers, the Creators Update allows a vital link that will propel their experiences on the web. The Beam video sharing system is the significant component during the process.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has also installed a connective method that allows users to communicate with their contacts. Related to this is the Windows MyPeople application which makes it possible for people to share images and data directly without the need for a medium.

A key aspect associated with this feature is the intention of Microsoft to integrate communication services like emails, Skype and Xbox live into a single app. Moreover, the Redmond-based firm will also be presenting the Shoulder Taps procedure where people can use emoticons for quick messaging.

The Windows 10 Creators Update is actually a part of an enhancement approach codenamed Redstone 2 which was launched in October last year. It is rumored that the forthcoming software release, which has been dubbed as Redstone 3, will have graphical alterations under the Neon project.

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Windows 10 Creator Update News: Microsoft Chief Says 'Data Collection Reduced To Basic Level'

#Windows10 #Windows10Creator – Windows 10 Creator Update News: Microsoft Chief Says ‘Data Collection Reduced To Basic Level’ : Microsoft Windows 10 has been in the news for quite a long time now due to its security issues and privacy concerns in recent months. The company has responded to some of them but recently the Electronic Frontier Foundation has filed some allegation against the company. The company has accused the software maker of taking an unparalleled amount of private data from the user with Windows 10.

What Can Be Expected Further From Microsoft?

Microsoft has now been taking steps to make several changes in the upcoming Windows 10 Creators upgrade. They are trying to simplify the diagnostic data collection levels, so that reports can maintain on what kind of data is being sent to companies server. For now, the tech giant is planning to introduce three levels but in the new upgrade one can switch between basic and full data collection levels. “We’ve further reduced the data collected at the Basic level,” said Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s Windows and Devices Group Executive VP.

Also adding more to the upcoming Creators version Microsoft would add clearer options for disabling certain options like location, speech recognition, recommendations and relevant ads.

Microsoft’s Future Plans For Windows 10

Microsoft has also planned to introduce a new web based privacy dashboard. It would allow user to see any activity in their Microsoft account like location, search, browsing and Cortana data in a single view. The user can clear all the history location data from the new privacy dashboard which is available now. Furthermore, the company would be adding more features over time to the new windows upgrade.

As seen, the company has completely focused on fixing all the issues that the users are facing regarding the privacy matters and have promised to fix all the errors this year soon and provide a much better security focused product and would once again win over the Microsoft users around the globe.

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Microsoft's Windows 10 Creators Update To Come With Privacy Control Changes To Address Criticism

#Microsoft #Windows10 – Microsoft’s Windows 10 Creators Update To Come With Privacy Control Changes To Address Criticism : Part of the reason some users avoided the Windows 10 update (to no avail) is the way Microsoft has been arbitrarily collecting tons of usage data. Critics have also mercilessly savaged Redmond for this and the company seemed to have noted all the backlash.

According to Microsoft, the upcoming Creators Update will include changes to the Windows 10 privacy controls.

Windows 10 Telemetry

When the Windows 10 was released, Microsoft outfitted it with a mechanism that can collect what the company calls as diagnostic information or telemetry. This is currently in effect.

While observers believe that data collection practice is not entirely intrusive or illegal, the excessive nature practiced in Windows 10 has alarmed users, consumer groups, and even regulatory agencies.

The latest criticism coming from the Electronic Frontier Foundation effectively summed up all the stakeholders’ concerns.

“While users can disable some of these settings, it is not a guarantee that your computer will stop talking to Microsoft’s servers,” EFF wrote. “A significant issue is the telemetry data the company receives. While Microsoft insists that it aggregates and anonymizes this data, it hasn’t explained just how it does so.”

EFF further attacked Microsoft’s argument that it will not be able to provide security for users who are opting to use the lowest level of usage data collection. It pointed out that such policy is effectively creating a platform where consumers are given no other choice.

New Data Collection Levels, Privacy Controls

The Creators Update will purportedly simplify the data collection levels so that users will understand what information are sent to Microsoft.

This largely came as the diagnostic data collection levels have been whittled down from three to two, Basic and Full.

“We’ve further reduced the data collected at the Basic level. This includes data that is vital to the operation of Windows,” Microsoft explained in a statement.

Said data are also used by the company to keep Windows and apps secure, up-to-date, and running properly. The Basic option also still includes error reporting.

Privacy Dashboard

Microsoft has also introduced the so-called web-based privacy dashboard. It is now accessible through a user’s Microsoft account, where he or she can delete browser and search history, along with other data that document interactions with any of its devices, applications, and services such as the Xbox, Skype, and Office apps.

Some sectors will still probably treat the latest Microsoft pronouncement with a grain of salt. Previously, choices and options it embedded in the system have been deceptive. For, instance, clicking the X in the window prompting an update was interpreted as consent rather than a rejection.

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Windows 10 Creators Update To Be Rolled Out In April: What Does Microsoft Have In Store For Users?

#Windows10 #Windows10Creators – Windows 10 Creators Update To Be Rolled Out In April: What Does Microsoft Have In Store For Users? : At Microsoft’s Surface event held in October 2016, the company announced the upcoming Creators Update, which will be coming early 2017.

The Creators Update, codenamed Redstone 2, was said to add several new features to Windows 10 focused on creativity, though no specific date was then given by Microsoft for the update’s launch.

An exclusive report by MSPoweruser, however, claims that the Creators Update is just a few months away.

Windows 10 Creators Update To Be Released In April

According to the sources of MSPoweruser’s Mehedi Hassan, Microsoft will launch the Creators Update in April. Similar to the Anniversary update, the Creators Update will be gradually rolled out to ensure best experience to current Windows 10 users. However, users will be allowed to manually start the download and installation of the Creators Update, if they would want the process to start immediately.

The report stated that the April launch date for the Creators Update goes against the fact that the insider builds of the update carry the version number 1703, which meant that the upgrade was being prepared for a March 2017 release as the “17” stood for 2017 and “03” meant the month of March. However, the final version number of the Creators Update will be 1704, marking an April 2017 release.

Changing version numbers in Insider Preview builds is something that Microsoft has done in the past, such as when the company changed the release number of the Xbox Anniversary Update to 1608 from 1607 last year.

Windows 10 Creators Update Features

The Windows 10 Creators Update will introduce several new features to the operating system, perhaps the biggest of which is the addition of the Windows Holographic user interface for virtual reality headsets powered by Windows 10. Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, and Lenovo are all planning to launch their own virtual reality headsets based on Windows 10 with price tags of as low as $299, which likely boost the adoption rate of the technology among consumers, leading to further development in the field.

Other features said to be coming with the Creators Update are 3D versions for Paint and PowerPoint, built-in game broadcasting through the integration of the Beam game streaming system, and the MyPeople feature.

It has also been previously reported that Microsoft could be adding a dedicated game mode to Windows 10, which will implement optimizations to improve the gaming experience of users by suppressing applications that are running in the background. Instead of using up valuable CPU and GPU resources on background applications, a Windows 10 computer on game mode will instead allocate the resources to the video game that the user is playing.

Microsoft is said to be finalizing the features that will be included in the Creators Update, with the update expected to have its included features locked in by middle or late January. Microsoft will then continue working on the final touches of the new features before the reported April release.

Redstone 3 In The Works?

Microsoft is said to have already started planning the next major Windows 10 update, codenamed Redstone 3, as work on the Creators Update winds down.

Redstone 3 is said to have a targeted launch date of before the end of 2017 and will include an improved design language for Windows 10.

Source : techtimes

Windows 10 Cumulative Update KB3206309 Might Bring Windows Defender Improvements

#Windows10 #WindowsUpdate – Windows 10 Cumulative Update KB3206309 Might Bring Windows Defender Improvements : Microsoft rolled out Windows 10 cumulative update KB3206309 to users participating in the Windows Insider program earlier this week, but without official documentation, it was pretty hard to tell what exactly was new in this patch.

It turns out, however, that this cumulative update might include some under-the-hood improvements for Windows Defender, the antivirus that’s getting revamped with the upcoming Creators Update due in the spring. There are no visual updates, but only tweaks to the code of the app.

It’s important to know that cumulative updates typically don’t include new features, so it makes sense for this new one to come only with bug fixes and under-the-hood tweaks for the antivirus.

Under-the-hood improvements for Windows Defender

Microsoft has already implemented an early version of this new Windows Defender app in the latest insider builds, and with cumulative update KB3206309, more improvements are being made to the application, according to a notification displayed when launching the application.

“We’re working hard on adding new features and finishing our new look, so not everything is ready quite yet. Some features you’re looking for may not be available now, which is why the previous version of Windows Defender is still available on your device.

We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback on the improvements we’re making to Windows Defender!” the notification that was implemented in build 14986 when Microsoft rolled out the new app reads.

Microsoft’s Windows Defender overhaul also includes a redesign that brings it in line with the other apps available in Windows 10, and all users will be able to give it a try with the upcoming Creators Update that will be released to stable systems in early 2017.

Revamping Windows Defender is quite an essential part of the Creators Update, especially because Microsoft wants to boost security of the operating system, while the redesign certainly comes in handy to create more consistency across the desktop.

For the moment, only insiders can try out the new Windows Defender app, while more improvements, including visual facelifts and other features, should be included in the next Windows 10 Creators Update builds coming in early January.

We’ve reached out to Microsoft to find out if this cumulative update indeed improves Windows Defender or not and will update the article when an answer is provided. Source: softpedia

Windows 10 Creators Update build 14986.1001 revamps Windows Defender

#Windows10 #WindowsDefender – Windows 10 Creators Update build 14986.1001 revamps Windows Defender : Although there is still no official information regarding cumulative update KB3206309, released on Tuesday, Insiders have confirmed that the update, which bumps Windows 10 to 14986.1001 on both the Fast and Slow ring, revamps Windows Defender.

After installing the update, Windows 10 displays a message informing users that Windows Defender is making some improvements. More specifically, the update adds new features to Windows Defender, which will finish the antivirus’ ‘new look’.

Windows Defender is making some improvements. We’re working hard on adding new features and finishing our new look, so not everything is ready quite yet. Some features you’re looking for may not be available now, which is why the previous version of Windows Defender is still available on your device.

The new interface is taking shape, here it is from build 14986

The new interface is taking shape, here it is from build 14986

In addition, It appears that KB3206309 is mainly a security update, which is no surprise due to the message shown when updating build 14986. Microsoft still hasn’t added a knowledge base article for the cumulative update, and there’s nothing in the Feedback Hub.

The Windows Insider team is taking a break for the holiday season, so there will be no new builds until 2017. However, yesterday, Microsoft did release ISOs for 14986 which are now available to download. Source: neowin

Windows 10 Creators Update Fixing Bugs

#Windows10 #Windows10Update – Windows 10 Creators Update Fixing Bugs : Security is the most important matter these days, especially now since the internet is filled with hackers and scammers that are trying to get user information through malicious software. Using a secure operating system that keeps its security tight and doesn’t allow any breaches in its system is the best way to avoid hacker attacks. Microsoft knows that hackers are a real threat and because of that they are releasing a new Windows 10 Creators Update that will fix some important security breaches and enhance the ATP as well.

Last year Microsoft realized that their operating system is being used more and more by businesses and that prompted them to launch the Windows Security Center during the Anniversary Update. The Security Center is basically an Office 365 Portal that allows IT employees to defend all the desktops that are connected to the same network and this way IT personnel are able to fend off malware attacks and protect client’s emails.

The patch log also showed us that the Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection received some changes. The ATP is now able to investigate and respond to hacker attacks on its own by using the memory sensors to do that. Microsoft also combines the powers of ATP with third party members like FireEye so that the security system is able to detect malware on its own.

The most reoccurring security flaw is that Windows users tend to choose shorter passwords so that they can remember them, but this opens up the gate for hackers. In order to fix that problem, Intel announced that they are working on creating a chipset that will improve password safety but we still need to wait until Intel launches that gadget. Microsoft has also been trying to fix this problem for a while now and their solution was to implement the True Key application, which provides users with multi-factor passwords and right now this is the best option Windows user have.