Windows 10 Redstone 3 Could Bring Transparent Start Menu, Light Taskbar

#Windows10 #Redstone3 – Windows 10 Redstone 3 Could Bring Transparent Start Menu, Light Taskbar : The Windows 10 Creators Update (internally codenamed Redstone 2) is just around the corner, but all eyes already seem to be on the next OS update due in the fall as Redstone 3.

It looks like Redstone 3 will bring several visual improvements, and after seeing a bunch of universal apps getting the Project NEON treatment, it’s now the time to see how Microsoft could revamp the Start menu and the taskbar.

A screenshot published today by MSPU and allegedly coming from internal builds of Windows 10 Redstone 3 shows a facelift version of the existing Start menu that features transparent live tiles and the same blur effect that lets you see what’s behind it on the desktop.

Transparency and blue seem to be Microsoft’s next big things, and the Start menu will definitely look better with these visual effects, especially because they would create a more consistent user interface across the operating system. At this point, live tiles are solid colors, but starting with Redstone 3, Microsoft could make them all fully transparent, though it will also come down to developers to adopt this feature.

On Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft is yet to update all of its apps to feature transparent tiles, but hopefully everything would be faster in the case of PCs with Redstone 3.

Light taskbar also planned

Additionally, it looks like Microsoft might be working on a light taskbar as well, with users to be allowed to choose between dark and light, with a third version using the accent color configured in the OS.

A light taskbar has been spotted in several highly-praised concepts and it looks like Microsoft finally got the message, so the Redstone 3 update could bring it to PC users as well.

Redstone 3 is projected to launch in the fall, with early builds already being worked on behind closed doors at Microsoft. The first public builds are likely to ship to insiders shortly after the debut of the Creators Update, though it’s not yet clear if these visual improvements will be included or not..

Source : Softpedia

Microsoft Project NEON To Bring New Design Language To Windows 10 Apps In Redstone 3

Microsoft Project NEON To Bring New Design Language To Windows 10 Apps In Redstone 3 : Since the launch of Metro in Windows 8, Microsoft has iterated on its “Microsoft Design Language” a few times, with MDL2 being the most recent version to grace Windows 10. According to fresh rumor, it looks like a third iteration is en route for Windows 10, and it’s called “Project NEON”.

What NEON ultimately is likely to become is “Metro 2”, the overarching design of Windows and its apps (and the Windows Phone UI) that adheres to very strict guidelines. It’s modern, clean and attractive.

Windows 8

Windows 8

While we’re still a ways out from “Metro 2” making its debut, it’s rumored to iterate on Metro rather than dramatically overhaul it. Some sources say that new transitions and animations could be introduced. Basically, it should become even more beautiful and eye-catching.

While aesthetics are not the only important aspect of computing, having a fluid and slick interface can add significantly to overall experience and feel. For developers, one important aspect of Project NEON is that it won’t require much of a learning curve – what you already know isn’t going to go change much or go to waste.

Furthermore, Microsoft is apparently trying to get rid of a lot of inconsistencies between developers in MDL2, offering more definitive guidelines on app design, which should improve the experience across multiple device types.

Small Windows 10 Store

Small Windows 10 Store

Project NEON is estimated to arrive next fall with the Redstone 3 launch. However, initial preview builds of Redstone 3 could appear much earlier than that. Even at its launch, Project NEON might not be fully realized, so Microsoft could continue iterating leading right up to Redstone 4.

One thing that might not stand out too much is the fact that this is all based around Windows 10. These kinds of changes themselves could help warrant a major OS upgrade, but Microsoft is continuing to focus entirely on its latest OS. This approach so far lives up to the idea that Windows 10 will be the “last monolithic” Windows release. Source: hothardware

Microsoft Windows 10 ‘Redstone 3’ Latest News & Update : Chipping Away At Conveying x86 copying To ARM Processors ?

There were discussions that Microsoft was chipping away at conveying x86 copying to ARM processors since January 2016 and is being focused on towards telephones and maybe tablet or desktops. Sources reported that this amazing capacity is coming to Windows 10, however not until “Redstone 3” in the Fall of 2017.

The “Redstone” arrival of Windows 10 is eminent for a modest bunch of reasons, however, Redstone 3 could incorporate a standout amongst the most goal-oriented components yet: x86 on ARM64 copying.

So what is so excellent about this x86 ARM64 imitating? It implies that ARM-based gadgets running Windows 10 Mobile, for example, the Lumia 950 XL, could see a prompt help of bolstered applications.

The said goal-oriented update will make cell phones rise above its current normal limit. The x86 imitating could demonstrate critical for ARM-based Windows gadgets, as it would permit clients to run similar applications they are accustomed to running on their x86 desktops and scratch pad.


On the off chance that the copying functions admirably, it could drastically reinforce the quantity of applications Microsoft’s versatile stages could run, basically giving it the best of both universes, particularly when matched with Continuum, as indicated by Hot Hardware.