Kodi to Launch on Windows 10 and Xbox One as Universal App

#kodi #Windows10 – Kodi to Launch on Windows 10 and Xbox One as Universal App : XMBC Foundation announced that Kodi media center app would become available for Windows 10 users as UWP app, adding among others support for Xbox One gaming console.

Kodi becoming a universal app can only be good news for Windows 10 users, especially because this is one of the best media center solutions currently available. Kodi can be downloaded as a Win32 program, and it’s also published in the Store as a port created with Project Centennial, but a full universal app with support for Xbox One will provide native support for the new OS.

There’s still no target date for the release of Kodi, but it’s also worth mentioning that the upcoming app, although it’ll be universal, won’t support Windows 10 Mobile, but only PCs and gaming consoles.

And in the case of Xbox One, this is one big launch, as getting Kodi to work on the console can already be done, but with more complex steps that for many could prove to be troublesome.

The existing store version

Previously known as XMBC Media Center, Kodi can turn a Windows 10 PC into a fully-featured media center, and the simple fact that it arrives in the store as universal app makes it possible to be installed on devices where Win32 programs would be restricted, such as those powered by the upcoming Windows 10 Cloud.

The official description published in the Windows Store provides more information on the existing version of the media center solution, but there’s a good chance that the UWP release would add new features to take advantage of Windows 10 capabilities:

“It uses a 10-foot user interface designed to be a media player for the living-room, using a remote control as the primary input device. Its graphical user interface (GUI) allows the user to easily browse and view videos, photos, podcasts, and music from a harddrive, optical disc, local network, and the internet using only a few buttons.”

If you want to give Kodi a try right now before the UWP arrives, you can download either the Windows Store version or the Win32 flavor.

Windows 10 UWP games arriving on Xbox One this year

#Windows10UWP #XboxOne – Windows 10 UWP games arriving on Xbox One this year : Prophets of doom who bemoaned Microsoft’s nefarious plans to unify its two gaming platforms was just given some ammo by no less than Microsoft itself. At its Windows Developers Day event, Redmond boasted of its progress on its Universal Windows Platform or UWP, some of which will already be experienced in the upcoming Creators Update. One aspect, however, might take a bit longer but will send ripples in Microsoft’s gaming spheres. Sometime later this year, you will be able to install and play the UWP games you have on your Windows 10 PC right on your Xbox One.

On the one hand, this was really a long time coming and doesn’t come as much of a surpise. Microsoft has long been pushing Windows 10 as a universal platform that powers its devices, from PCs to phones to HoloLens to, yes, the Xbox. The point of its Universal Windows Platform anyway is to allow developers to write an app once, more or less, and have it available everywhere. And what is true for regular apps will also be true for games.

But games are a very special kind of software, with its own context and culture. While mostly welcomed in the apps sphere, Microsoft’s UWP push has been met with some resistance and criticism in gaming circles. In particular, critics of UWP point to the platforms imposed limitations on how software uses hardware resources, which critical to games. There are also worries that Microsoft will use its clout to stifle the somewhat open competition among gaming platforms and distributors.

For now, however, those are still mostly theoretical worries. Microsoft might hate to admit it, bit its selection of UWP games is almost neglible. Most, though definitely not all, fall under what most would categorize as casual or mobile games. UWP games on the Xbox One do give game developers added incentive to use the platform to target as many players as possible, but it will take more than UWP to bridge the chasm between PC and console.

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Windows 10 Start Menu Redesigned with Project NEON Transparency

#Windows10 #ProjectNEON – Windows 10 Start Menu Redesigned with Project NEON Transparency : A concept envisions what the Windows 10 Start menu could look like when Microsoft rolls out the Project NEON set of visual improvements scheduled for Redstone 3 OS update.

Project NEON is one of the essential visual makeovers planned for Windows 10, and according to people close to the matter, it would be specifically focused on new transition effects, animations, and transparency/blur effects for running apps the desktop.

This concept published on DeviantArt by lukeled envisions some of these improvements implemented into the Start menu, which itself could get a touch of blur with the release of Windows 10 Redstone 3 in the fall.

As you can see by zooming in the photo included in this article, the concept imagines a transparency effect for live tiles, just like the background of the Start menu itself. This seems to create more cohesion in the Start menu altogether, even though the transparency level is so subtle.

New live tiles

The concept also envisions a new size for live tiles, namely 1×3, as well as full transparency for the Weather tile. And last but not least, the Edge tile has been updated to display a website currently running in the browser, while the Start menu comes with two new icons in the hamburger menu, namely full-screen and Task Manager.

Of course, remember that this is just a concept for the time being, but it’s very clear that users and concept designers alike are very excited to see Microsoft focusing on visual improvements for Windows 10. The blur and transparency effects were part of the Aero Glass pack available back in Windows 7, and many users who upgrade to Windows 10 actually miss them a lot on the desktop.

For the moment, the Redstone 3 update due in the fall seems to be the target for all these visual improvements, but since it’s all an internal project, everything can change overnight.

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Windows 10 Creators Update Comes With Interesting Interface Changes

#Windows10 #Windows10Update – Windows 10 Creators Update Comes With Interesting Interface Changes : The biggest update to hit Windows 10 operating deices dubbed the Creators Update will be issues somewhere in April and it will add a whole lot of programs which will enable users to create content such as music composing and painting apps but the main points which should be taken into account are new ways of interacting with the operating system. We’ve tackled some of these additions which enhance the way in which one interacts with the system as well as those which will make our lives a whole lot easier.

Automatic Lock

Notwithstanding the Windows Hello security feature, users will be able to automatically lock their device just by moving away from the screen. An official name has not been issued for this feature but it is rumored it will be named either Windows Goodbye or Dynamic Lock.

Windows 10 will sense that the users has stepped away and popular to general belief, the system will use the device’s webcam but one should be able to pair their smartphone to de device as well via Bluetooth. When stepping away with your smartphone the Bluetooth range will automatically tell the desktop that you’ve moved away from the device.

Blue Light Mode

Windows 10 Creators Update will come with a blue light mode which will adjust the color temperature of the device in order to improve everyone’s sleep by automatically dimming down as evening approaches.

Swipe Controls

If the device you are sporting comes with a Precision Touchpad, the new Windows update will enable everyone to come up with gesture controls in order to conveniently enhance the way you are controlling the device. These commands are customizable and for example one can swipe down with two fingers in order to open Cortana or check emails.

Virtual Touchpad

This tool will enable those who own a Windows 10 tablet to connect to an external display. If one does not have a mouse or touchpad connected to the tablet, this feature will enable you to pop up a virtual touch bar on the tablet screen which will control the content operated on the paired screen.

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Windows 10 Build 15019 Dismays Due To Several Bugs

#MicrosoftWindows #Windows10 – Windows 10 Build 15019 Dismays Due To Several Bugs : Microsoft starts rolling out the gaming-focused Windows 10 Insider build that the company promised. Allegedly it comes with Game Mode, Beam livestreaming and other features. It is officially known as Build 15019 for the Insider Fast Ring, and apparently, it also includes a number of wide-ranging improvements, that includes a version of Edge that will read ebooks aloud.

According to windowsreport, Windows 10 build 15019 did roll with the much-expected Game Mode but it also carries substantial bugs that probably will create an impact on the gaming experience of some game users. It is also reported that a new section called Gaming can be found in the Settings app. where users can find settings for Game Mode, GameDVR, Game bar and broadcasting and streaming. Ostensibly in this Windows Insider build, not all elements of the Gaming section will be visible. Nevertheless, it is reported that Microsoft will continue to deploy various Gaming settings over time. But apparently despite the fact that there’s a long list of bug fixes in this build, it is seemingly disappointing that there are still many bugs left.

As reported by pcworld,  Microsoft warned that some unnamed popular games may experience crashes or black screens when loading. Apparently, clicking on certain elements in a Win32 game may cause the screen to be minimized and cannot be played. Accordingly, the new Game Mode will show up as OFF though it is enabled by default. Reports also warned to be aware of one download anomaly, the problem Microsoft had with its progress bar is still there, wherein the download will show 0% completed even when it is actually still downloading.

It is also rumored that according to Microsoft, while the company recognizes the agony of clients wanting to try out the gaming features and also deliberated on releasing this build to Insiders, Microsoft decided to go ahead as the company needs feedback from Insiders on other areas of the OS.

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Windows 10 Cloud Expected to Compete With Chrome OS

#Windows10 #ChromeOS – Windows 10 Cloud Expected to Compete With Chrome OS : Microsoft wants and needs Windows to dominate as many mobile sectors of computing as possible. That includes the very low end where Chromebooks exist right up to the high end of the MacBook Pro $1,699.00 at Amazon. And it looks as though the low end is going to be catered for with a new version of Microsoft’s operating system called Windows 10 Cloud.

We don’t know exactly what Windows 10 Cloud is yet, and Microsoft is taking the line that “we have nothing to share.” But ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley believes, based on her sources, that it’s a new version of Windows 10 restricted to only running Unified Windows Platform (UWP) apps.

Such a restricted version could certainly be offered to manufacturers for a lower license fee, or even for free. But why call it Cloud? Well, that’s likely because you’ll be relying on Microsoft’s cloud services when using whatever hardware the OS ships with. That means Bing for search, Office 365 for productivity, OneDrive for storage, and Cortana for help.

There’s no shortage of cheap laptops running Windows 10 Home on the market. You can pick on up for around $200 if you don’t mind an 11-inch display that isn’t Full HD, RAM limited to 2GB (4GB if you’re lucky), and 32GB storage. But those laptops still have to factor a Windows license into the price.

Windows 10 Cloud could remove the license fee, meaning $200 laptops can ship with a larger display or more RAM. Or we could get the same products $20-$30 cheaper. In return, end users will have to deal with restrictions, for example, you may not be able to change the search engine away from Bing.

Whether this is what Microsoft plans has yet to be seen. We shouldn’t expect to hear anything official about Windows 10 Cloud until April when the Windows 10 Creators Update is set to be released.

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Microsoft Delays Windows 10’s Upcoming ‘My People’ Experience

#MicrosoftWindows #Windows10 – Microsoft Delays Windows 10’s Upcoming ‘My People’ Experience : For no known reasons, Microsoft has pulled the ‘My People’ include until the arrival of Windows 10 Redstone 3 this Fall. The feature was a standout amongst the most expected in the Creators Update. The feature being referred to is MyPeople, another taskbar range that would permit you in a split second communicate with your favourite contacts, share reports, send emoji’s and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

As a major aspect of its announcement about another Windows 10 Insider Preview build today, Microsoft uncovered that the My People feature will be deferred. In the event that you were looking brazen to some-more basically pity data with your loved ones in Windows 10, you’ll need to hold up a little more. It is currently anticipated to make a big appearance in the arrival of Windows 10 that will deliver in late 2017, Windows Central reported.

The Update is currently codenamed Redstone 3. ‘My People’ was originally expected in Redstone 2, which is branded as the Creators Update.

After a month, Microsoft affirmed the feature for release with the Windows 10 Creators Update. My People will consolidate Mail, Skype, and social networking into a taskbar symbol for every individual. Clients will have the capacity to drag and drop files to the taskbar, get novel notifications, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Sadly, it will be a while until we see this usefulness.

Sources propose this isn’t the first delay for the My People highlight. In the previous leak, Windows Central was told the component has been in progress since 2015. Obviously it’s a ton greater than it appears at first glance. Despite the fact that a straightforward taskbar symbol may appear to be simple, Microsoft needs to make a considerable measure of in the engine changes to make it work.

When it does arrive, My People will put an ability to bond with pivotal people on a taskbar, supplement contacts to a app-sharing discourse to make it easier to send calm to specific users, and harmonize calm discussions in a singular place in Windows 10. Filtering collection will also be supposing to safeguard that information overkill is kept to a minimum, Digitaltrends reported.

Windows 10 Creators Update to Bring New Windows Defender Security Center

#Windows10 #Windows10CreatorsUpdate – Windows 10 Creators Update to Bring New Windows Defender Security Center  : Earlier this month, Microsoft unveiled its Web-based privacy dashboard for Windows 10. Now the Redmond-based company has announced that its much-awaited Windows 10 Creators Update will feature a Windows Defender Security Center to help users monitor their security settings all in one place.

With the Windows Defender Security Center, users will be able to see and choose the security settings for their Windows 10 device and provide a better understanding the security features on the platform, Microsoft says in its official blog post. To clear any confusion, the company is not providing new security features but will help users see the already-available features with the Windows Defender Security Center.

“Windows Insiders can explore this experience now under All Apps in the Start Menu and provide feedback through the Insider Feedback hub,” Microsoft said in its post. The security centre essentially comes with five pillars namely Virus and threat protection, Device performance and health, Firewall and network protection, App and browser control, and Family options.

Virus and threat protection section provides users with updates on the antivirus present on the device. “If you’ve chosen Windows Defender Antivirus, your scan results and threat history will be displayed here, or you will be able to launch your third-party AV protection app directly from this screen,” the company said.

Device performance and health section provides users with a single view of their latest Windows updates, drivers, battery life, and storage capacity. Users will also get the option to clean install Windows using the ‘Refresh Windows’ feature from this section. The Firewall and network protection gives users information on the network connections and active Windows Firewall settings.

App and browser control enables users to adjust settings for SmartScreen for apps and browsers helping you be more informed and stay safer online by warning you of potential malicious sites, downloads and unrecognised apps and files from the Internet,” the company said.

“In addition, if your subscription or paid antivirus software should expire, Windows Defender Antivirus will kick in to provide protection by default until you take further action,” it added. Considering that Windows is still considered to be a relatively unsafe and vulnerable platform, it will be interesting to see if company’s latest addition will improve its reputation going ahead.

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Microsoft’s Killing Off Original Windows 10 but the World’s Ready for This

#MicrosoftWindows #Windows10 – Microsoft’s Killing Off Original Windows 10 but the World’s Ready for This : Microsoft will stop releasing updates for the original version of Windows 10 in March this year, but the majority of computer users are already ready for this, according to statistics.

As we reported to you a few days ago, Microsoft will no longer update Windows 10 version 1507 (the original version released in July 2015) starting with March 26, as the company’s Windows as a Service approach forces the transition to the latest two Current Branch of Business (CBB) versions 60 days after installation media for the latest update is released.

In other words, once Microsoft rolls out installation media for the Anniversary Update, the company will only actively service Windows 10 November Update (version 1511) and the Anniversary Update (version 1607), with support for the original release (version 1507) to be pulled.

The launch of installation media is planned for January 26, which means that on March 26, the original Windows 10 version stops getting updates.

Almost nobody using Windows 10 version 1507

And although for organizations this deadline might not be good news by any means, statistics show that the majority of users have already updated, not including here enterprises that are enrolled in the Long-Term Servicing Branch (LTSB).

Statistics provided by in December by AdDuplex reveals that there were only 2.6 percent of users running Windows 10 version 1507, while only 10.4 percent of them were still on November Update.

The Anniversary Update was powering 86.3 percent of the Windows 10 systems, while Windows 10 Redstone 2 (Creators Update) builds were installed on 0.7 percent of the PCs – most of them, however, are consumers who are participating in the Windows Insider program.

In other words, the March 26 deadline shouldn’t impact too many Windows 10 customers, although there’s a possibility that some companies might have to speed up their upgrade policies to make sure their systems continue to be updated.

But in the end, the Windows 10 version fragmentation barely exists, with Microsoft doing quite a good job when it comes to moving users to the latest version of the operating system whenever it becomes available.

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Google Chrome Users Still Have No Easy Way To Stop the Microsoft's Windows 10 Spam-Like Ads

#GoogleChrome #Windows10 – Google Chrome Users Still Have No Easy Way To Stop the Microsoft’s Windows 10 Spam-Like Ads : Microsoft has once again came under fire, but this time from the Google Chrome users who find themselves dealing with serious spamming issues as Microsoft pop-ups ads continue to plague Google Chrome users in Windows 10-powered computers.

Microsoft Is Under Fire For Spamming Google Chrome Users On Windows 10
According to Myce, which first spotted the Windows 10 spamming news, Windows 10 users are finding themselves dealing with aggressive kind of online advertising that aimed to get more Microsoft services and programs into the Google Chrome browser.

According to the report, Windows 10 users are complaining that the software giant has been spamming them to install Microsoft’s Personal Shopping Assistant (PSA) Add-on to their Google Chrome browsers. Microsoft is doing this aggressive campaign through insistent pop-ups from the Google Chrome taskbar.

The website also added that pop-up adverts promoting the benefits of Microsoft’s own extensions are regularly appearing and quickly reappeared after it closed. The Microsoft ‘s Personal Shopping Assistant (PSA) appear above the Google Chrome icon in the taskbar, showing a message that urges Google Chrome users to get the Personal Shopping Assistant.

This is not the first time Microsoft has used this kind of extensive ads campaign. The software giant has previously used similar marketing tactics to urge Google Chrome users to switch to its own Microsoft Edge browser, which Microsoft claims offer better power usage and battery life consumption than rival Google Chrome.

Still No Effective Way to Stop The Spam Issue
The Microsoft’s Chrome add-on has been around for a year but has not yet reached a level like this, where it pushed a spam-like advertising to the Windows 10 users.

According to Trusted Review, the Personal Shopping Assistant, which also available on Edge, Opera, and Firefox, is a Google Chrome extension that organizes visited product pages and favorite products.

Using the shopping extension, users will automatically receive updates on price changes and can compare prices using the Personal Shopping Assistant, which already been installed by almost 11,500 users.

In a newly released statement, Microsoft said the company has always been testing new features and information that can help users enhance their Windows 10 experience.

At this time, there is no effective way users can do to stop the spam-like ads, other than sounding off in their Google Chrome web store or directly contact Microsoft about the spamming issue.

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