120 Million Business Users for Microsoft Office 365

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Microsoft Office 365

#MicrosoftOffice #Office365120 Million Business Users for Microsoft Office 365 : According to their reports revealed this October 26, Microsoft Office 365 added 20 million users to their 100 million user list from April 2017.

The officials of Microsoft informed that the company was making more money from Office 365 Commercial subscriptions than the Office sold through non-subscription licensing.

The company’s officials said that they expect the company to have two-thirds of its Office business users in the cloud in their financial year 2018-19 which begins on July 1, 2018.

The biggest contribution to Microsoft’s commercial cloud is made by Office365. Microsoft achieved its annual run rate months before the actual schedule.

Microsoft had acquired LinkedIn last year however, it is not a part of the commercial cloud bucket of the company. Officials did mention continuously that it contributed to the overall earnings of the company and the company analysts say that it is a growing segment of the company.

LinkedIn did face loss in finances but it was less compared to the past recent years – first fiscal quarter 2018. Microsoft has achieved $1.1 billion targets this year which makes them way ahead with their plan.

After their acquiring Microsoft did put in effect some plans with LinkedIn however, there are still many plans pending from last year which need to be put in place.

While Wall Street is eyeing the cloud the More Personal Computing section which is Windows and hardware section of the company is bringing in more money for the company.

Microsoft executives also confirmed that this is the last quarter when Microsoft is being pulled down because of its shut down on Windows Phone. The Surface business was $113 million up this quarter when compared with a year before. Surface Laptop has put up the business to 1 billion.

Source : musttechnews

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