Microsoft Surface phone images leaked online; key design language, camera details revealed

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Microsoft Surface phone images leaked

#MicrosoftSurface #SurfacePhoneMicrosoft Surface phone images leaked online; key design language, camera details revealed : Though Microsoft is maintaining a stoic silence on reports of the Surface phone series, rumours of the device continue to flood the internet. Now, images purported to be of a Microsoft Surface mobile have emerged online revealing key design language and camera details.

As per leaked images (courtesy, Nokia Power User via Weibo), the device features a slim brick-like structure with snow-hued cover on the back with a very large circular camera having Carl Zeiss tag on it and also Microsoft engraving with LED flash.

There is a single-grille speaker on both top and the bottom of the phone, and in the middle, just below the module, it features Microsoft’s trademark Windows logo (four squares).

On the front, the company has placed Microsoft branding on the top with camera to the left. At the bottom, it houses three capacitive-touchscreen based buttons — back (represented by left key icon), home (with windows logo icon) and recents (represented by lens icon).

On the right side, it feature three keys — volume up (top), volume down (bottom) and power (center) button and an additional key, which many believe to be the dedicated camera shutter button.

On the top, it houses a lone 3.5mm audio jack and at the bottom it features just a Type-C USB port.

Though the images look authentic, we can’t vouch for their veracity as the devices in the picture may be prototypes. Further, Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, in late November (2016), claimed that the company didn’t want to rush things just to launch a product with top-end specs, instead it wants to take time to develop an “ultimate mobile device” that will blow consumers’ minds.

Microsoft is expected to wait until the second half 2017, if not in the first quarter of 2018 to announce the new Surface phone.

Source : ibtimes

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  • cr_buck

    Nice. Although a few things gives me pause.

    There is no slot for the earpiece speaker or anything to do with microphones showing. It would be nice if it has stereo speaker slots on the front like the Surface line. it would be sleek with good sound.

    Something else that seems strange is all the reliable speculation was that the Surface Phone would not be called Phone so that people can better understand it as a category defining device.

    Surface products try to hide all the FCC info whereas this has all of that showing on the back at the bottom. That doesn’t follow their typical design philosophy.

  • frankwick

    I don’t think this is legit. It resembles the Lumia line too closely.

  • Phillip Morales

    It says it has a type c usb bit it doesn’t it regular usb, this must be a canceled Lumia