Nintendo NX has 6.2-Inch 720p Multi-Touch Screen

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#NintendoNX #Gaming – Nintendo NX has 6.2-Inch 720p Multi-Touch Screen : Since Nintendo is yet to officially unveil its new console, the NX, the resulting vacuum means that we have to rely on insider reports for information.Recent reports point toward the NX being a portable/home console hybrid, but little more is known about the mysterious hardware. Well-known Nintendo blogger Emily Rogers, though, has shared some details she has heard about the NX, reporting that it will feature a 6.2-inch 720p multi-touch touchscreen, detachable controllers with force feedback, and two USB ports.

“This article about NX’s detachable controllers supporting force feedback and motion controls has truth,” Rogers tweeted. “NX prototype had a 6.2 inch 720p multi-touch touchscreen. Unknown if final product’s screen size will be larger / smaller than prototype.”

“Prototype for dock station has USB ports. I heard 2 usb ports, but I don’t know if this number will change in the final product,” she added. “MCV’s report about GameFreak being involved with NX has some truth to it.”

Since Rogers’ Twitter account is locked, we only have an image of her tweets (via Gamepur):



In her final tweet, Rogers refers to rumours that the NX’s launch titles will feature a Mario and a Pokémon game, the latter being developed by Game Freak, as reported by MCV. In the article, MCV confirmed that reveals from a EuroGamer insider – that the NX is a portable console with detachable controllers that can be docked with a TV at home – was “100 per cent accurate.”

While Rogers regularly reports Nintendo rumours, the accuracy of her information is spotty, at best, so take these tweets with a heap of salt.

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  • onstrike112

    I don’t know how Nintendo does it. They manage to disappoint me more and more with every detail that slips out about their hardware…

    • Cooe

      I actually think this is really good news. Rendering at 720p it becomes within the realm of possibility for third party ports to to become doable. This only if it has the new Nvidia Tegra X2 with Pascal, not the X1 though. With only needing render 1/2 (if the game was org. 1080p) to at most, 3/4 (if it was org. 900p) of the pixels as the other consolest should allow them to stretch the 750ish (IIRC) odd GFLOPS in the X2 GPU to be able to run the same games as the 1.3 TFLOP XB1, just at 720p vs 900/1080p and likely with some minor to moderate graphic reductions (XB1/PS4 games are usually roughly equivalent to medium settings on PC, if the NX gets traditional 3rd party support I imagine the games will be rendering closer to low settings ). Both of those facts together make Nintendo getting real 3rd party support for the first time in a decade an actual possibility which makes me ecstatic. If they would have gone higher res with the display, the already weak hardware would become even further behind. Not too mention 720p looks totally fine on a screen that small (the Vita’s not even 720p and it’s display looks fantastic), the relatively small jump in visible quality going to 900p or higher wouldn’t be anywhere near worth the GPU performance hit.

      • onstrike112

        Says you, but you’re probably someone who plays on a console, and not a pc. I play at 1440P for all of my games, maxed out, and I can tell the difference between 1080P and 1440P. Nintendo needs to get with the program and stop disappointing us on the hardware. If they can’t do that, then maybe they should stop making hardware altogether and make PC games.